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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 16th – Movie Night

Daniele starts up another game of “Which former houseguest?” They mock Amber for asking BB why her Xanax is even there if she can’t have some when she wants it. Hee. When Dustin and Joe are brought up, Daniele asks out of the blue if Dick thinks that Nick is bisexual. Dick seems surprised and wants to know why she asked that, and she says that she thinks they did a whole segment on the show about it. She’s right, although they didn’t exactly label it as such.

The discussion turns to former houseguests and their past criminal records. (As an aside, please don’t send me the link to that public record that’s supposed to be Dick’s. I’ve seen it.) Dick admits that he has a few mug shots out there. Daniele says that Zach has been arrested a couple of times, and so has Jen. They figure Kail probably hasn’t. Dick says that Mike has an arrest record, and Daniele wants to know for what – painting too fast?

Now it’s time to play checkers, and when Dick admits that he doesn’t know how to set up the board because he hasn’t played since he was a child, Daniele says, “Okay Amber.” I wonder if Amber will ever figure out how to find live feed recaps online when she gets out of the house, and how she’ll react to all of this. Or maybe, since Real is replaying the feeds all over again, she’ll sign up and be glued to them for a couple of months. She’d be a complete basket case afterwards.

After a few rounds of checkers, it’s time to decorate the topiaries. Except it’s Daniele doing it this time. She’s even got them pulled out from their resting place by the doors, and they’re getting the full makeover treatment. Dick is playing solitaire. They start talking about TV shows and what they like to watch. Dick enjoys Meerkat Manor, which I have to admit is a fun show.

Daniele gets out the latex paints and tries to paint a “line in the sand” on the floor, but BB tells her to knock it off. She goes for various other household knick knacks with the paint, but BB puts the kibosh on those ideas too. Hey Daniele, I’ll bet your dad would let you paint his arms and stuff if you’re that bored.

Time to head outside now, and they rehash the magic blue ball that appeared in Jameka’s tube. Dick think it would be funny to find out that Zach did it. Daniele says that Eric attacked and punched her during that comp, and Dick tells her she sounds like James. I will never forget James’ DR session after that “Janie stole my doll!” incident. Hilarious.

We get some trivia for a while, and then we get to watch Dick and Daniele reading a menu and picking out what they want to order for tomorrow night’s dinner, their last in the BB house. Daniele goes to the DR to place their orders, and there’s a bit of audio from in there. Daniele asks if there isn’t a Blockbuster within a few blocks, and the DR person says, “You think I can just go over to Blockbuster for you?” She mentions the gag reel that Dick had talked about earlier, and they seem to not want to address it. She’s told that there will be a gag reel, and it will be shown at the wrap party. Daniele comes out and tells Dick that he can’t have the steak that he wants, and then admits that she’s joking.

Daniele tells her dad that they’re waiting for him, because they’re going to watch a movie. She says that she’s waited 79 days for this. We’re back to trivia, because apparently we can’t watch the movie with them. The feeds come back up at about 4am, and it seems that both of them enjoyed the movie. They’re in the bathroom together, which sounds kind of weird. Talking about House Calls now, and they think maybe Eric will be the co-host next season. That’s entirely possible, you know. I’m sure there’s more work in store for America’s Hamster.

Daniele says that she wanted to buy a new car after the show, but since she’s only getting second place she’ll buy a used one. Dick tells her not to be so sure about that. There’s some discussion over the make and model that she wants. It’s a Volkswagen, but don’t ask me what the specs are because I tune out of that kind of talk.

They both head outside and talk about the drinking game that viewers could have made up during the season. Let’s see. We drank every time Dick said, “Period. End of story.” Or every time Daniele said, “It’s not fair!” or “It’s so frustrating!” or, my personal favourite, “It suuuucks!” If we really wanted to get hammered, we drank whenever Amber cried.

They talk a lot about the wrap party again, who will be there, if they’re allowed to punch people, and lots of other stuff. More about the jury questions, some chatter about Dick’s mom and whether or not she should go on a makeover show. Eventually they decide to go to bed, but soon after they’re both up and in the kitchen. Dick makes something to eat, and finally, at almost 8am, they’re both in bed and trying to sleep. But production is banging nearby, so they don’t have an easy time of it. Eventually we get four feeds of two sleeping hamsters.

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