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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 16th – Movie Night

Dick says something about Eric asking him why the people on the jury deserve to be in the final two. He says, “Amber doesn’t deserve to be here. Jen doesn’t deserve to be here,” etc. He says that Jessica’s question was stupid, and that she didn’t believe him when he answered her. But of course he doesn’t care if she believes him or not. Daniele says that Amber was the one who swore that she wouldn’t vote personally, but then made everything completely personal and “had the audacity” to call Daniele “pathetic.” First of all, I can already picture Amber asking what “audacity” means. Second, there’s no reason in the world that anyone should be offended by Amber calling them pathetic. I’d take it as a compliment, myself.

Looks like Dick left something in the oven, as BB calls for a fire extinguisher because whatever’s in there is in flames. Oops. BB calls an outside lockdown so they can check to make sure everything is okay, and Dick says he understands. BB tells them that their safety is important to them, and Daniele calls out, “Liar!” Brief Vortex of Doom before we’re back to talking about the bitter jury and their horrible questions.

Daniele seems to be upset because Dick had said that he wouldn’t play to the jury, but instead she feels that he did. She feels that his answers to their questions made her look bad and made it harder to sell herself to them. Dick apologizes, even though I don’t think he should have to. Sure, the relationship with his daughter is more important than the money or winning the game, but these apologies just aren’t warranted.

Daniele says that she doesn’t understand why he said that he had to do all of the dirty work. She feels that she had to play the game itself, and also run damage control for everything he did in the game. To be fair, Daniele did plenty of “dirty work” in the house, including putting Eric on the block, campaigning for Dustin’s ouster, getting rid of Jen, and voting Jessica and Eric out. Anyway, Dick says that he wasn’t planning on explaining anything to the jury, but then the questions came and he felt that some of them deserved answers. He’s very surprised at how bitter Jessica was, and says that she attacked Daniele.

The lockdown is over, and they go back into the kitchen to eat. Daniele says that she can’t believe that Jen said, “I don’t respect either one of you as human beings, and I wouldn’t vote for either one of you except that I have to.” Yep, sounds like Jen all right. They trash Jen as they finish up their tacos and clean up the kitchen. Dick wants to know if Jessica’s strategy if Eric had been evicted would have been to sleep all day.

Dick says that he was hoping that Daniele would make cookies tonight, and she says that this is her last batch. Dick goes outside for a smoke while Daniele gets the cookies ready. Dick returns and says that they should spend the three hours of Showtime talking shit about the rest of the houseguests. Because that would be different from the rest of the day, how? They’re both called into the DR together, and we get to watch trivia for a bit while they’re in there. Why? We can’t watch the empty house? It’s not any less exciting than watching people nap. Feeds are back now, but no one’s there. Did they hear me? Daniele comes out momentarily to take her cookies out of the oven, then returns to the DR.

When happy family DR time is finished, it’s time for cookies and ice cream. Yum. What goes best with cookies and ice cream? Trash talking, of course! Daniele wants to know if Zach will stay in touch with Jen, because she wants to know if Jen’s going to be fired from her nanny job and figures Kail wouldn’t tell her if that happened. Heh. They discuss how hopeless Amber is, and Dick thinks fans hate her. Wait until he sees the big kerfuffle that happened after her anti-Jewish remarks. He’ll have a heyday with that. They laugh at her thinking that she could be a model. Apparently Eric told them during the jury thing that they should be grateful it was a fast-forward week so they could get him out. They laugh about this as well.

Dustin’s question was, “What have you learned from each of the jury members?” Ugh. And apparently Jessica asked who each of their backup people were in case one of them were evicted. Dick says that he didn’t have a backup plan, because making backup plans means that you don’t believe your main plan will work out.

Dick, in all of his wisdom, says that the message board people are all middle-aged housewives. Hey! Not all of us! Ahem. Daniele starts talking about Amber again, and this time it’s pretty funny. She says that Amber told her that, during the testing for the show, she only answered 4 out of 30 questions in the math part, and then for the rest she had to keep getting up to ask what some of the words meant. Hee! How the hell did she get on the show then? Daniele adds that, during the Power of Ten trip, Amber kept asking for her meds and flipped out when she didn’t get them. She says that someone in the DR told her that they’ll be joining all of the “I Hate Amber” internet groups once the show is over. That’s our Amber, offending Jews and New Yorkers everywhere.

More talk now of the wrap party, who will have the fewest friends once they get out of the house, and whether or not Dick will get his ass kicked by a relative or boyfriend of one of the other hamsters. I’m betting on no, but I guess we’ll see. If Erika’s brother didn’t attempt to murder Booger, I think Dick will be just fine.

Daniele paints her toenails and fingernails in the kitchen, while Dick goes outside to smoke and talk about all of the people he’s known who have died. Apparently there have been quite a lot of them who have OD’ed, had heart attacks, or committed suicide. Back inside he goes, and they discuss whether or not Amber’s boyfriend will propose at the wrap party. Daniele asks the Showtime people watching them to go and look for the I Hate Amber pages at MySpace. What do you want to bet that someone caught this and started one up in hopes that these two will visit after the show?

Daniele thinks that her grandmother will be angry at Jameka for calling her a bitch, but Dick says no, she’s not judgmental like that. They talk about their friends and family members who will be in attendance at the wrap party (have fun, Vincent!), and more about Jen and Jessica and Zach and their families. Daniele wants to know what time the live show will be on Tuesday night. She thinks it’s at 8pm, while Dick says no, it’s on at 9. He says he’ll bet her half of the $500,000, and she laughs and says that his tune has changed since he sold her down the river to the jury. He jokes that was his plan all along. Daniele goes to the DR to find out what time the show will be on, and as it turns out, Dick was right. But we knew that already.