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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 16th – Movie Night

Even though I complain about the feeds being dull on occasion, I have to admit that this final two isn’t as off-putting or difficult to watch as the past few seasons have been. Maybe that’s because this is the first time since season 2 that someone I’ve rooted for all season long is actually still there in the end. I know others have the same burning hatred for Dick and Daniele that I had for Erika/Booger, the Nerd Herd, and, to a lesser extent, Cowboy/Drew and Jun/Alison. I’m just not feeling the hate this season, which is refreshing. But bad for the snark value, I guess. There’s not much going on in the house now, but I’ll try to keep you entertained as much as I can. Let’s dive in, shall we?

This morning, Daniele is up at 11:30 and soon after heads outside to get some sun. She’s out there, silent, for about an hour before heading back inside and eventually back to bed. Dick is awake but not out of bed, talking to himself about Amber getting jabs in at Daniele during the jury questioning, and then wondering how his daughter could feel that she had the hardest time in the game out of all of them.

Dick gets up and checks on Daniele before heading to the bathroom. I’ll spare you the recap of his activities in there. Then it’s out to the backyard for a smoke, without a running commentary. He goes to swear at the washing machine, since there’s no one else in the house to yell at now, and then picks up the hose and sprays down the turf and the teacup. After another smoke, it’s time for breakfast.

In the kitchen, Dick finds a box of Bisquick and decides to make pancakes. The commentary is starting up now, as he reads the directions on the box and whips up his pancake batter. He doesn’t quite like the look of the finished product, however, and after a taste test pronounces them, “no bueno.” He eats a bit and trashes the rest, then complains about people putting the syrup in the fridge. I have to agree there. Cold syrup is just nasty. Time to do the dishes now, and then head back outside.

Dick wonders whether Daniele is actually sleeping, or doing the FSA thing since she’s mad at him. He talks about going to Dublin to drink Guiness and “party his balls off.” He talks some more, checks his laundry, and then pulls out a lounger to lay in the sun. Since it’s Sunday, he wants to know what the score is in the Jets game. Normally I wouldn’t recap Dick’s every move (and I’m leaving out the bodily functions because no one really cares about those, right?) but there’s absolutely nothing else to tell you.

Dick goes to the hot tub and sits on the edge, soaking his feet. He decides to actually get in, but needs to go put on his swimsuit first. So back in the house we go to change, along with a detour to the storage room where Dick asks BB to take out the garbage in there. Back outside, over to the washing machine to hurl a bit more abuse at it, and then into the hot tub we go. The running commentary now is about Daniele, and how she’s never happy and there’s no pleasing her. After a good soak, he’s out and adding water and chlorine to the hot tub, then over to fold his laundry.

This is so weird. Think about it – if you were on the show and puttering around trying to just put in time until the end, how would you feel about some goofball like myself sitting here and recapping everything you’re doing? Now imagine you’re the goofball watching and recapping it. It’s … awkward somehow. It’s not like there’s anything interesting to report on, but I’ve gotta give you something, right? Moving on.

Dick goes to the couch and wonders again about the football score. He can’t wait to get out of the house and get caught up on what’s been going on in the world. He wonders if Bush has been impeached yet. Hee. He reclines on the outdoor couch and ends up falling asleep, just as Daniele is waking up. These two have amazing timing.

Daniele goes to do her hair and makeup. As we know by now, this takes a while. She goes to the kitchen for a snack and some water. She’s completely silent, except for the odd sigh here and there. Then it’s back to bed for Daniele, which totally negates the need for hair and makeup, so we get to watch them both napping. An hour later, Dick is up again and back to his laundry duty. He goes inside to get changed and wonders if his daughter is planning to sleep the entire day away. He has a couple of cigarettes, hacks up a vital body organ, and tells himself that he needs to quit.

Even though it seems like the awful pancake breakfast was mere moments ago, Dick is now in the kitchen trying to scrounge up something for dinner. He says that Daniele’s gotta eat, so maybe this will draw her out of her room. He smashes up some avocado to make what I assume is guacamole, which is confirmed with the addition of onion, lemon juice, and salsa. Where’s the garlic, Dick? Can’t have guacamole without garlic.

As Dick moves on to chopping lettuce with his wee plastic knife, Daniele is once again up. Dick tells her that he’s making tacos for dinner. She’s silent. He asks her if she’s going back to bed, and she mumbles something and heads back to her room. And gets back into bed. Poor Dick, he’s really trying. The problem though is that he’s trying too hard. 21-year-old women are just not reasonable creatures. I know this, because I was one. Dick goes back outside to smoke some more.

Dick goes back inside and goes to Daniele’s room, where she’s just lying in bed. He tells her that it doesn’t matter what any of the jury people think, they’re both still there and will win the prize money. Daniele starts to cry and says that she just wants to go hoooooome! Dick tries to make her feel better by mocking the people on the jury. From the sounds of it, Dustin was a miserable prick with his jury questions, and Jen wasn’t very nice to Daniele either. While I certainly don’t think it’s a jury’s responsibility to be nice to the final two, this year’s group seems to be a particularly bitter bunch.

Dick tells Daniele that dinner will be ready soon, and heads back to the kitchen. She joins him soon after and sets the table.