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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 15th – Everything Has a Price

Returning from their jury questions, Dick is alone, and says he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He wasn’t campaigning to beat “her.” He explains he didn’t think he could win or make her happy with anything he did or said, so he must b talking about questions to him about his relationship with Dani. He says it’s always a Catch 22 with her, and he should have known she’d get pissed now.

Dick goes to Dani and apologizes, and she says it sucks, because it’s always about her personal life. Everyone here is crediting her with nothing else than riding Dick’s coattails. She is upset that Amber could only talk about her personal life because she is a “good person” and had nothing else to say to her. She tells Dick she doesn’t think he had it the hardest in the house, but he counters he had the most to lose. Dani only wants to go home at this point, as the only thing anyone cares about is her personal life and being in Dick’s shadow. Everyone credits him for the things they did together in the game, and why she tried to point out the good moves she made, she heard them laughing.

Dani goes to the bathroom, and Dick lays down in his bed crying. When she comes back to lay down, he goes in and apologizes, then heads outside for a smoke. Outside of the BB walls, he hears a car wreck, and tells BB someone should call 911, because it sounded like a semi or something. He’s upset still about Daniele, knowing he can’t win with her. He had a better relationship with the rest of the LNC, because of her involvement with Nick. He warned her about that, but she did it anyway. As sirens sound in the background, he says he feels like he won the game, but lost with his daughter.

Dani sits crying in her bed, then starts picking her arm. Dick thinks it seemed like he was going to win, but he can’t be happy about it if Dani is upset. He’s very upset with Amber for going off on Dani. He goes in by Dani and says he wants to talk, but when he gets no response, he sits down to play solitaire. Dick complains Amber always thinks she is so much better than everyone else, then lays down on the floor, very upset. He gets up to fix a bowl of cereal. He makes the decision to not feel badly anymore about Dani, and goes back outside. Just an aside, as a parent, it’s impossible to let that stuff go.

After Dick comes back inside, eats more, does the dishes, does more laundry, and complains about Amber once again, it’s just like I said. He is back to worrying about Dani being upset. It’s impossible as a parent not to. Dick says she is 21 and still his little girl, no matter what. He goes to bed, still complaining and bemoaning everything, and can be heard crying and sniffling until he falls asleep.

Everything has a price, even victory.

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