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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 15th – Everything Has a Price

I guess when it comes down to it, what makes Big Brother fun is the conflict. We don’t really enjoy watching people do their hair and makeup, smoking, eating, doing laundry, and workout out. We enjoy people plotting against each other, confronting each other, lying to each other, etc. There’s no reason to do that in final 2, especially when they don’t really care so much which one of them wins. With Dani, though, she’s always finding something to at least bitch about.

Dick is back to his odd sleeping habits, although far be it for me to talk about someone else’s sleeping habits. I’m known in these parts for having the oddest of them all. Dick is up at 4 AM playing cards, as Dani lays in her bed, obviously wake. He moves outside for only a short time, complaining of how cold it is. Once he’s inside cooking bacon and eggs, Dani walks by and he offers her some as well. While they eat, Dick says he thinks this summer will be a proud one for Dani’s grandfather. She complains about her dad chewing loud, the air smelling like puppies, and puppy breath in general. C’mon! How can you not like puppy breath? After breakfast, Jen, I mean Dani, gets a bowl of ice cream.

The two have nothing to do after breakfast/ice cream, and clean the house, while they once again complain about others either not doing a good job of it or not doing it all. Dustin doesn’t fall into that category, though, as he insisted on vacuuming, and he and Dick would trade off weeks with it. This moves into an overall bashing of HGs, as they talk about Eric not being a good-looking guy, and Dick wonders what’s worse, Amber giving advice or Nick taking it. Dick is trying to remember why he brought food to Dustin in bed, and figures he was just being nice. Dani says she doesn’t remember her dad ever being nice in the game.

They discuss playing one of the games in the 9 in 1 box, but Dani wants no part of it, especially if she has to learn how to play. This leaves Dick to talk about the one time he ate a Chinese checkers marble, and after he pooped it out, his mom saved it. I’m sure that’s great news to anyone that has played Chinese checkers at that house. Eventually Dani gives in and plays Chinese checkers, and they laugh about Zach saying, “Now that the strategy part is over, I can tell you …” and Dani finishes it with, “… that I’m a professional douchebag on line.”

Dani goes off to bed, and Dick plays solitaire by himself, then goes off to bed himself. He’s up a half hour later, smoking in the backyard. Outside, Dick overhears a woman announcing an annual Run/Walk in L.A, and makes fun of ther for kissing the city council’s ass. He lays in bed, but can’t sleep because of the noises going on inside the walls of the house, and gets up, changing into his jeans. As Dick goes outside again, he can hear music playing from the Run/Walk and complains that he final gets music, and that’s what he has to hear. He goes back to bed once again.

It’s several hours later, after noon, when Dani gets up, showers, and does her hair. She fixes a snack, goes outside, then back inside a short time later. As Dani starts baking cookies, Dick wakes up and hops in the shower. Dani goes back to bed, complaining about not feeling well, and Dick heads outside for a smoke. He wakes up Dani asking if she needs anything (no, she’s sleeping!), and she gets up again. She tells her dad that she just heard that they’re waiting until it’s dark out to film the jury having a pre-question discussion. She doesn’t know why they’re making a big deal out of it, since it’s her and her dad this year, and it doesn’t matter that much.

Dani wonders who will have the stupidest question, and while she thinks it will be Zach, Dick thinks it will be Jen. Dani thinks they won’t have any questions for Dick other than why he’s such a jerk, yet he thinks Eric and Jess will ask why he turned on them. She thinks Eric will ask why they lied. Dani figures many of her own questions will be about secluding herself with Nick, and Dick thinks Jen will ask Dani why she told her she had her back, but didn’t. Dani thinks her response should be, “Well, Jen, since you were the best competitor, what was I supposed to do?” Zach’s question, Dani figures, will probably be something about himself, and both of them think that if anyone has an off the wall question, it will be Jen.

They both take naps again, and sit around waiting for this to get going in the backyard. While he waits, Dick has a hoho. The constant BB music that has been on for at least an hour is driving Dani crazy. If you think that’s bad, try watching the feeds every time a comp happens. By mid-September, I’m always happy to not hear that theme music again for several months. Father and daughter play cards once again, and she makes some macaroni and cheese.

Still waiting, Dani and Dick continue to bash the very people that will be deciding their fates this week. He asks what her favorite moment in the house was, and while she at first said he would have to wait and watch the show, she relents and says it was the time she spent with Nick. Dani lost a button, and no, they aren’t playing preschool games. Her dad offers to sew it back on for her. Once a parent … Dani wonders why this all has to take place in the dark, and figures it must be so that we can’t look at Jen’s face. After another round of cards, they get tired of waiting for the jury thing to happen and go to bed. Shortly after, they’re woken up, with the DR telling them they need to be awake and perky when the jury questions start in a little bit.

They are a little restless sitting in the living room waiting for it to start. Dani says she doesn’t really want to see anyone again. They evicted them, and now it’s over. Dick thinks Dustin’s question will be snotty, and Dani says, “Duh.” If she wouldn’t have said it, I would have. We lose our feeds for about an hour and a half.


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