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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 13th – Check Mate!

Now out of the DR, Dick plays cards with Dani and they joke about breaking down the HoH. Dick says he told her that one of them would be Zach, and he’s glad it was him. They joke about making their own shirts for the jury questioning, something along the lines of “Jenital Warts.” Continuing to bash the other HGs, Dick thinks Zach looked like the Joker when he was laughing at him during the comp, and he’s right. Zach did. He looked … crazed, for sure.

The two losing members of the 1st HoH talk about how the rules were changed when the bunny died, and if they hadn’t, Zach would have lost, and for some reason BB takes our feeds away for this. Back to bashing, Dick says Jameka was a bitch the first day, and jokes he’s not Dani’s real father. He just plays him on TV. Jen gets bashed for not showering and having a beard. Dani thinks Eric’s jury question is going to be vicious, because he’s a man of words, and that’s how he got on the show. She thinks the jury will mostly be asking Dick about his verbal attacks, and Dick notes they liked it when it was directed at Jen and Kail, but not at them. Zach takes another beating for his speech and for not believing that Pluto was no longer considered a planet. They aren’t pulling any punches, but what else do they have to talk about, other than the stuff Dani refuses to discuss about their relationship?

The game gets over, and Dick mentions he’s heading out to the hot tub, saying it helps his body feel better. He wonders if Dani wants him to instead stay and entertain her. Dani instead talks about the next few days being boring, and Dick notes the day after tomorrow will be very interesting with the jury questions. Dick gets into the hot tub alone, and Dani decides to go to bed.

Dick gets out of the hot tub, does some laundry, sets the table really nice, and covers up the hot tub. He notes Dani is sleeping really nice and thinks he will too. He hopes there won’t be a wake up call tomorrow. He takes a shower and says it’s been a hell of a year with both Pirates of the Caribbean and BB. After going outside for awhile, he heads back inside to play some solitaire. The camera keeps making moves and sounds, and he can’t figure it out at first, but then realizes the camera guy is helping him play solitaire. Dick mentions the Jameka question from tonight’s comp, and knows it’s going to piss his mom off. The camera is asked how mad his mom is, and it shakes its head yes. He tells the camera to get a shot of the chess board, as BB set it up to be on check mate, but yet Dick took responsibility for doing it. Zach said he didn’t want to be red.

In a more serious moment, Dick says he loves his daughter, and he always has and always will, whether she’s talking to him or not. Don’t tell her that. If she knows that, it will only encourage that behavior. Nah. I tell my kids the same things. I love them no matter what they do, so I understand what he’s saying here. He’s ecstatic that between them they have won $550,000. Dick goes into the kitchen to make a sandwich, and plans the meals for Friday while he’s there. He goes back to the comp question about Jameka and his mom and wonders if Jameka will apologize to her when she meets her.

Dick moves outside to fold towels from the crappy washer and dryer and wonders if this is the same crap that Bob Barker used to give away on The Price Is Right. Then he tells the camera he knows, they just work reality shows, not game shows. He attempts to go to bed, and for the first time in awhile, sleeps peacefully, not waking up every 15 minutes to an hour.

That pretty much shows he had some troubles on his mind, although I suspect it had as much to do with his relationship with his daughter as it did with game strategy. All that is over now. He doesn’t even need to worry if he’s going to be the one winning. Even if Dani didn’t share, he’d still have the joy that his daughter won. It’s all good.

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