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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 13th – Check Mate!

This is an important day on Big Brother. Someone is leaving, and when they do, they’ll leave behind them the final 2. It’s the last eviction, and the final part of the three part HoH. Dick and Zach will vie for the HoH title and the right to decide who gets to sit next to them in the final 2. If Dick wins, it’s a no-brainer that he’ll take Dani. If Zach wins, he’ll most likely evict the more likable Daniele and evict Dick, but that’s not written in stone.

It’s Zach that’s the first one up this morning, and despite the fact that he had his choice of spots to sleep, for his last night, he chose one of the small beds in the same room as Daniele. He could have easily slept in Amber’s or Jess’ old beds. Maybe he’s afraid he’s leaving and wants to sleep in the same bed he slept in the majority of time.

BB wakes the other two up as well shortly after this, and makes them go to an outdoor lockdown. I’m not sure why they aren’t doing an HoH lockdown like they usually would. Zach already has laundry in the washer, and Dick is carrying his dirty stuff out as well, assumably to clean so he can pack it up, since all three have a chance at going home tonight. Dick goes inside to change his clothes and BB keeps bitching at him to hurry up and get outside. Interesting stuff this late in the game, huh?

Once everyone is outside, Dick and Zach complain about the various infections, eye, ear, etc., that everyone has had during the show. Dick didn’t even get time before he was pushed outside to put his eye drops in to help his eye infection. Dick also puts in a complaint about the hammock pillows smelling like manure. What? Why in the world would they smell like animal dung? Can someone answer this for me? Do the topiaries go around pooping when no one is looking?

It’s really nothing exciting for awhile with no talking as Dick appears to be sleeping, Dani is giving herself a pedicure and manicure, and Zach is checking on laundry and doing odd picking of his eyebrows with his fingers. You can almost see what he does later on in the live show tonight. He seems to be missing the outer edges of his eyebrows. When Zach gets up to check his laundry again, Dani whispers Jedi drilling questions to Dick, which he answers correctly. Dani falls asleep, and Zach eventually switches his laundry. Thank God it’s not Showtime II time.

The feeds police goof up and show us a quick glimpse of a bunch of staffers waiting in the SR room, assumably to be let out so that the lockdown will be over. Shortly after, the lockdown is indeed over, and Dani pronounces it the longest ever. Zach says it was only about an hour, but it was really closer to 2-1/2 hours. Dick and Dani go inside and go to bed, while Zach works on packing. Dick is laying on his bed with pillows over his head, and for awhile, there’s separate closeups of his arm sticking out of the covers, with clear view of his intricate tattoo.

Zach lays down and Dani gets up, beginning to get ready, and Dick rolls over, complaining of all his aches and pains. Zach gets up, and we lose our feeds, save for a quick glimpse of Daniele dressed and ready to go slightly before the live show begins.

When we return, the final two are in the kitchen. Dick jokingly suggests that BB should now clean the worm junk outside and do the dishes, because he’s done and not doing it anymore. They’re eating a special final 2 dinner of sushi and champagne, and Dick makes fun of the cheap bottle they’re drinking. Dick toasts to “winning, plain and simple” and Dani toasts to Zach leaving. I have a fear it isn’t going to get any more interesting than this.

Dani figures Jen is waiting every day for her to walk through the sequester house door, and Dick figures Zach’s family is pretty upset with him after the verbal abuse he endured. They both think the other will win in the finale, Dick thinking his daughter will win because she’s the lesser of the two evils, and Dani thinking her dad will win because everyone on the jury hates her.

After dinner, Dick and Dani go to get their bags from the SR, and when Dani goes to move back into her bed in the small bedroom, she’s told it’s finally being closed. She moves then to the empty big bedroom, but isn’t very happy about it. When finished, Dani sits in the kitchen, and Dick heads out for a smoke and an early Dick at Nite show. He caps it off with a “Check mate, Bitch!” He also yells F yes and MF several times. He comes in to join Dani who is nearly laying down in a bar stool and asks how she can be so calm. She replies, “Because I’m not a freak.”

Dick tells Dani if someone asks something she doesn’t like during the jury questioning, just answer however she likes, because who cares? They complain about the horrible way Zach washed the dishes (after everyone complained for weeks that he never did it), and Dick figures he’ll just redo all the dishes. Dani gets called to the DR, very much to her dismay, and Dick goes outside to yell again, this time to Vincent that they F’ing did it. He also asks how many people threw their beers at the TV tonight. Not me, I was celebrating right along with you, yet I know there are some out there that were tossing the beers. (What a waste … do I sound like Jess?)

Dani comes outside and talks about being ready for bed. She wonders what question Dustin will ask, and Dick says she should say “Sit down, Princess” or “Silence! You didn’t raise your hand!” Dani bemoans having to be there another five days, and her dad tells her to say hi to her grandmother, but she doesn’t think she watches the show. He tells her she’s mean, then says hi to his mom himself. Dani tells him to quit saying she’s mean, and he apologizes. Same ole same ole.

Dick says he’s going to take the champagne glasses unless she wants them, and she asks why. Why? It’s a memento! She says that’s fine, she’ll just take them when he dies. Sometimes you do have to appreciate her dark, dry humor. It’s probably why she did get along with Zach occasionally. Dick heads off to the DR, and Dani bakes some cookies and does some cleanup. I’d put on 50 pounds if I made cookies every day.


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