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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 12 – HoH Comp Part Deux

After eating potato chips, cookies, and a pita bread with garlic butter, Daniele heads to the bedroom to pack her clothes. There are a lot of them, so this could take a while. Dick must be in the DR, because I haven’t seen him since they came back in from the comp and he had to convince his daughter that he had a chance at winning the final HoH competition.

Zach gets up to make himself something to eat. Dick finally comes out and asks if Daniele has gone to the DR yet. I have no idea where Dick has been if he wasn’t in there himself. Zach says that Daniele is packing, so off Dick goes to find her. She complains about the packing and how it’s going to take her six hours. God, I hope not. They talk a little about the jury members, and where they’re from and what family they have, etc. I guess this is a bit if Jedi drilling to delve into the minds of the jury. Not that there’s a lot to work with there, of course.

Dick goes to get a drink, saying to Zach in passing that it’s all about tomorrow. Zach agrees. Dick heads back to see Daniele, and they find one of Zach’s shirts. It gets hidden under the mattress. Old habits die hard, apparently. Daniele gets called to the DR, so Dick goes to his room to pack his stuff. Lots of swearing and complaining that he has laundry to do in there. Zach returns to his bed to sit there looking at the walls. Dick is telling himself that Zach better be worried because Dick is going to kick his ass tomorrow. I sure hope so. Zach doesn’t look too concerned, however. He looks … vacant.

Daniele comes out of the DR to complain some more about packing. It hurts her arms. Wow, is that even possible? I’m happy that she has a chance to get to the final two with her dad and all that, and I really hope that’s the way things work out, but damn this girl can complain like nobody’s business! She says that she’s considering not packing, and letting someone from production do it for her when the show is over. Heh.

Dick finishes putting his stuff into trash bags and heads out to the kitchen to make burgers. He offers one to Zach, who declines. Daniele would like one, however. I have no idea where she puts all of this food. She’s already eaten licorice after her chip/bread/cookie/ice cream fest earlier. Daniele follows Dick, leaving her packing behind, to ask him questions about the eliminated hamsters. Things like, “Which former houseguest liked to tan with his pubic hair sticking out?” Answer: Joe. Aren’t you glad you know that now? Every time Dick gets a question right, Daniele says, “Ding!” It’s kind of funny and more than a little cute.

Zach, who earlier was trying to sleep, comes out to the kitchen as the “which former houseguest” game continues. Dick is making french fries to go with the burgers, and they’re real ones. Like from potatoes, not from a bag in the freezer. Colour me impressed! Zach heads for the ice cream and joins in the game. I’ve never seen people eat ice cream as much as they do on this show.

Ten minutes later, Zach is back in bed and we’re no further along than we were before he came out. Dick finally finishes cooking dinner, so now we get to watch the Donatos eat. After dinner, they head outside where Dick smokes and Daniele complains. She has a headache now, in case you were wondering. More talk of past houseguests, which movies they liked, and that kind of thing. Zach appears to be sleeping, no doubt dreaming of winning the final HoH and surprising the Donatos by choosing to bring Jameka back into the house by the power of the magic ping pong balls. Or something.

For the next couple of hours, there’s more going over the info about the former houseguests, speculation on the setup of the last HoH comp and where Daniele will be sitting, stuff about the wrap party, wondering if Zach is stressing out like Dick is starting to, and other various topics. The conversation isn’t all that interesting, but they’re getting along well and talking like they’ve never had a problem with each other.

They do some laundry and Daniele goes in to work on her packing. Dick joins her and helps, making fun of some of her clothes. She laughs with him instead of snarking at him, which I’m guessing won’t continue if they end up being the final two. After the jury questions, they’ll have nothing but the finale to look forward to in the game, and the whining and snarking will be back in force. That’s just a guess, however. I hope I’m wrong.

At about 6am, Daniele and Dick finally say goodnight to each other (complete with hugs and kisses) and go to bed. 20 minutes later Daniele is up and asking her dad a few more questions about the jury that she just thought of. She tells him not to stress about tomorrow, and goes back to bed. Looks like everyone is sleeping for the next few hours now.

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