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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 12 – HoH Comp Part Deux

We’re down to three hamsters now, and to be honest there really isn’t a whole lot to look forward to on the feeds. Today is one exception, since we’ll find out who will win the second part of the final HoH competition and go against Zach on Thursday night. Since there might be a car involved, my money is on Dick throwing it to Daniele so that, no matter what happens, at least she gets the car that she really wants out of the whole thing. Tomorrow, after the live show, should be interesting too. And then the aftermath of the jury questioning on the weekend. But the rest of the time? Snooze city.

BB lets our beleaguered hamsters sleep in today, after the marathon endurance comp last night. Gotta give some props to Dick. He’s a few years older than I am, and I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have lasted as long as he did. So my hat is off to him for a valiant effort.

Zach is up at 8:30, walking around the house looking sad. He gives up and goes back to bed. Dick gets up at about 11:30 and hobbles to the bathroom, quite obviously in pain. He goes back to the round room and puts in some eye drops. Are his eyes still bugging him from seeing Amber’s boobs? Back to the bathroom to brush his teeth, and he mutters that he’s tired of this shit being thrown in his face. I’m not sure what he’s talking about, but the guy looks absolutely miserable. He goes to the kitchen, complains about having no orange juice, and sits to eat his cereal, still looking unhappy and quite honestly, older than his 44 years. After breakfast he heads back to bed.

Still in pain, Dick tosses and turns in bed, muttering things like, “Ow! Ow! Fuck!” There’s some banging going on outside, probably setting things up for the next part of the competition, and Dick complains about that as well. He’s just not a happy camper this morning. He gives up the fight for more sleep and gets up, just as Zach is emerging from his bed as well.

After attempting to stay upright for a game of solitaire, Dick returns to bed again trying to stretch his body out a bit. But he’s still complaining and moaning. I really feel for the guy. That’s just gotta hurt. He eventually falls asleep though. Zach tries to go back to bed too, but then we get the Vortex of Doom a couple of times, and suddenly everyone is up. Dick moves from his bed to the couch in the bathroom, and talks to Daniele in there about how sore he is and some general game stuff.

The little while consists of Daniele putting makeup on and braiding her hair, Dick and Daniele playing cards, eating snacks, and talking about going to all of the Disney theme parks. There’s some cleaning of the kitchen, and Daniele appears to be washing last night’s muddy clothes in the shower. I don’t know – that’s what it looks like to me. Dick spends some time in the DR, and when he comes out he’s livid. What is he angry about? The magic blue ping pong ball from that veto competition Jameka was disqualified from. He’s saying with “50 million fucking cameras,” BB should have been able to review it that night and find out what happened, and then redone the comp. But Dick, it was live! They would have had to bring Eric back in, get Julie to hang around – just too much work for the production crew there.

Then we get to watch Zach sit on his bed, holding the shell that reminds him of his Sweets. He’s either deep in thought, bored out of his mind, or completely clueless. You choose.

After a while of watching either Zach sitting motionless, or Daniele doing her nails, finally Dick shows up to actually speak. This way I know my audio is still working. He tells Daniele that she can win this, that it will be easier than filling up giant teapots or standing on a carrot. Hee. It seems to me that he’s encouraging her to win this second part of the HoH comp and go up against Zach in the end.

Dick and Daniele go over the schedule. One comp today, a live comp tomorrow after which someone leaves the house. Jury questions via satellite on Saturday, and then the live finale on Tuesday night. They moan over how much time they still have in the house – all of those days with nothing to do. Which means that I have to watch whoever is left, all of those days with nothing to do. Blargh. They complain about having to pack their things today or tomorrow.

Feed number four shows us Howie and Kaysar. No, they didn’t bust into the house, but in a couple of days we’ll be praying for something like that to happen. They’re doing a live interview with some awkward dude, just like Janelle did last week. Howie has his light saber, of course.

Dick and Daniele are in the kitchen talking about various family members who are or have been in prison. Dick mentions a relative (his father?) who his sister tried to kill by putting something in his IV tube, so of course we get blue swirls during this conversation. I had a family member try to kill another once too. Weird situation.

The feeds go to trivia, but fortunately we have the Howie/Kaysar interview to keep us entertained while this goes on. I’m not going to recap the interview because it’s all up on You Tube. But it’s good to see these two again. After the interview, it’s another hour and a half of trivia, so I guess part two of the HoH comp is now underway.

When we come back, Dick is talking about how hard the competition was. Hopefully not physically hard, or the guy is going to need a wheelchair. Zach is sitting by himself in the kitchen. Daniele is in the small bedroom saying that she just wants to leave now. I guess that means that Dick won part two, and Daniele has no faith in him beating Zach at the end. Nice. Yep, Dick is saying that he can do this, he can beat Zach and give them their fairy tale ending. He mentions that there was no car given away this time.

Apparently the competition was in water, and there was a track with faces on a wall. I know, I don’t understand it either. But this is as much as I got of Daniele telling Zach about before we’re dragged to the Vortex of Doom again. Zach wants to play a card game other than War, but Daniele’s just not in the mood. She’d rather take her frustrations out on a dish of ice cream. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Zach goes back to his bed, quietly telling “Sweets” that he just has one more competition left, and that Dick can’t possibly beat him. We’ll see.