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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 8th – The Final Veto

Zach is talking to himself now in the HoH room, lying in bed with the lights off. Dick’s outside smoking, and Jameka and Daniele are still talking about the game, the jury house, and all of the strategy going on all summer that Jameka apparently had no idea about. Seriously, even after Amber was voted out, she thought “the group” was still together.

Jameka decides to paint another plate, so Daniele and Dick watch her as the conversation carries on. It looks like Zach has gone to sleep now, but he left the CD player in front of his door for Dick to use.

Dick goes to the round bedroom to rock out to his Motley Crue CD for a while. Then he comes back out and goes outside for a smoke and another session of “woohoo, we’re going to win this game and Zach’s going down.” He goes back into the kitchen and whips up some food for the three of them. They eat and talk about the game some more, and Dick points out that they should have kept Kail in the house as well as Jameka, since she gave up HoH’s too.

Daniele and Dick go outside together. Jameka holds up her plate, and it says “Jameka, Summer, BB8” with a pretty decent rendition of the logo. The names of all of the other houseguests are there too. She gets up and leaves the kitchen.

Dick and Daniele are talking about the final HoH comp, and how, if Zach ends up winning one of the first two parts, they’ll still be able to smoke him in part three. Daniele tells Dick not to get too confident, and that they haven’t won the game yet. Seems I’ve heard that before. Of course they really want to each win one of the first two parts, so that the third part won’t be stressful for them. After some more chatter, they go back inside to get ready for bed. By about 2:45am, all of the hamsters are in bed and asleep, which is a nice little break. The all-night sessions can really wear a person down after a while!

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