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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 8th – The Final Veto

Daniele and Dick go outside, and Jameka says to herself (or, I guess, to her family) “I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” Outside, Daniele is complaining that Jameka said she flew under the radar and let her dad do all of the work. And she has a headache. And it suuuucks. Dick is on cloud nine though, repeating that they won the game now. One of them will win a half million dollars. Daniele says no, not yet, the game isn’t over. But she really wants to make sure that Zach doesn’t get to the final two.

Jameka comes outside and asks a lot of questions about the evictions and alliances. She wants to know exactly what went down, especially when Amber was sent out, so she can make her jury vote count towards the person who played the game the best. Surprisingly, she seems to be leaning towards Dick being that person. Dick and Daniele head inside to do a DR together, and Zach comes out. It’s his turn to tell Jameka about his game, even though she tells him that she knows it already. Heh. He goes into a lengthy description of the Mrs. Robinson alliance and how he stayed true with his votes even though it was disintegrating. See, Zach’s strategy starts with the first couple of weeks which completely messed him up, then disappears until the last couple of weeks when he won a couple of competitions. It’s not solid by any stretch of the imagination.

Zach says that he doesn’t want to reward Dick’s behaviour by allowing him to get to the final two. He also tells Jameka that his own game was much stronger than either Dick or Daniele’s, and that if he can get to the final two with either one of them he can win. Either he’s banking on the jury hating them and voting personally, or he’s completely out of touch with reality. There hasn’t been a single week in this house that Zach has had a good handle on the dynamics of the people in it, and this one seems to be no exception.

And now Zach is talking about wanting to create an alliance with Jessica, Jameka, Eric, and himself, but that never got a chance to happen. What? He also says in one breath that his strategy was to make one-week deals with the HoH for his vote, and then in the next breath he says that he was used by whoever was in power each week and that no one really had his back. Argh.

Zach says he has a secret to tell Jameka. Oooh, secrets! His big secret is … that he’s a professional online chess player. Oh Zach. Even Jameka isn’t surprised. He says something about what he really does for a living, and that she’ll find out at the wrap party. He says that the most important thing for him now is to get is ex-girlfriend back, and that if he wins the $50,000 for coming in second, he’ll buy her a wedding ring. He says that he could probably get all kinds of beautiful girls once he gets out of the house, but he doesn’t want them. He wants his ex. But wait, he also wants a chance to pitch his idea for a reality show, and some commercial airtime from CBS. Good luck with that. Cowboy wanted a sitcom, remember? And we all know how that worked out.

Dick comes out and Zach tells him that it’s been an honour to play the game with the best players. Oh boy. Dick says that’s all well and good, and he wouldn’t be mad at Zach, except for that speech when he put Dick and Daniele on the block. He says that he understands the need for strategic moves, but that speech was utter bullshit. They keep rehashing all of the evictions and alliances in the game, and Jameka still seems unclear as to Eric’s role in the house and how he managed to do everything he did. Zach gets up and goes inside.

Jameka says she felt that she and Jessica were close, but then the week that they were up on the block together, she knew that Jess had made side deals because she was so confident she was staying. That’s why she agreed to the deal with Dick and Daniele. She’s mad at herself now for not playing for herself in the game, and for not studying dates and events until the last minute. She’s shocked at how two-faced Eric was in the game, and plans on calling him out once she gets to the jury house.

They start talking about how much money they’ve made in the house, and a BB voice comes on asking them not to talk about production. Dick asks if he means the stipend, and BB says yes. Then Jameka asks if they have an answer about how that blue ball ended up in her tube, and is told that they’re still looking into it. Methinks they really don’t care, because it wouldn’t take that long to review the tapes, if it even got caught on tape at all.

Zach is upstairs, getting out of the shower. He sits at the table in the HoH room by himself, eating some of the food from his basket. He’s silent though – no chatter to himself, his ex, or anyone else.

Downstairs, the hamsters have found beer and wine in the storage room. Somehow I don’t think this will make them any more interesting, but it can’t hurt. They talk about the crappy appliances they have in the house, how Jameka wants to take her key with her when she leaves, and other random things. Zach is lying on his bed upstairs, staring at the ceiling. Please let them go to bed soon. I’ve had enough, er, excitement for one day.

An indoor lockdown is called, and Dick says something about the internet watchers not knowing about lockdowns because, when he had the feeds, it always went to fish during lockdowns. That was season six, no? With the fish? And, uh, we understood lockdowns just fine. Dick’s called to the DR, and then when he comes back, everyone except Zach continues talking about the entire summer in the house. Rehash, rehash.