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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 8th – The Final Veto

Jameka comes upstairs to interrupt Zach’s conversations with himself and his ex-girlfriend. They decide to pray together, and Zach gets to go first. They hold hands while Zach says his prayers asking for god to allow them to defeat evil, and Jameka throws in the odd, “Yes god!” Then it’s Jameka’s turn, and she does her usual long but fast routine that we’ve heard on the feeds and on the show before. After prayers, it’s Jedi drilling time once again. And they’re still terrible at it. Zach can’t even remember stuff from last week when he was HoH. BB announces that the veto competition will begin in 90 minutes, which means at least two hours.

Dick and Daniele decide to take a nap. Not together, but at the same time. Zach gets out his letter from his family and reads the part about finishing with honour to Jameka, and tells her that he realizes that this means he needs to give her a chance to get to the end. Why do I get the feeling that Zach is totally misreading this letter? Maybe his family meant that he should honour the deals that he made, as opposed to the rest of the people in the house who routinely break their word? Or maybe they just don’t want to see him streaking any more.

Dick can’t sleep, which isn’t surprising in the least. He goes upstairs and asks Zach if he can borrow the CD player to listen to the CD that Dick got in his HoH basket. Zach doesn’t think that the player can leave the room, so eventually Dick brings up his CD to listen to it up there. Zach and Jameka end up downstairs talking. Dick does his air guitar/rock show thing while listening to Motley Crue.

Zach and Jameka go over the same old stuff. Every once in a while Jameka shouts out a plea to god to help them get vengeance or to fight evil or to give them the strength to be victorious. Because god cares who wins the veto competition, I guess. Dick keeps on rockin’ upstairs. Daniele eventually gets up and wanders through the house. It’s about the time that the veto comp should be starting, but we all know that BB doesn’t keep to its own schedules.

The next hour or so is full of more of the same antics from Dick. Pacing, swearing, bashing Zach, and getting all hyped up. Daniele is trying to stay calm, which must be rather difficult with her ADD dad coming to her for good luck kisses and hugs. Zach and Jameka are in the HoH room, making small talk and getting more and more nervous about the competition. Dick and Daniele are both annoyed with Zach’s sudden faith, and complain about the god-people in the house this season. I think you all know where I stand on this issue by now.

Zach and Jameka talk about how funny it’s going to be to send Daniele and then Dick out of the house with nothing. Zach is comparing it to Janelle sending Will out of the game last season. Oh boy. You two are no Will and Janelle. They have a plan to eliminate Dick if the comp is physical, and Daniele if it’s intellectual. Which is kind of funny, because Dick won both of his HoH’s on house questions. And why do they always assume that they’ll be able to eliminate people? Do they ever do that kind of comp with only a handful of hamsters left?

Finally we go trivia for longer than a few seconds, so the competition must be on. We’re back an hour and a half later, and … Dick is still hyped up, but this time he’s yelling, “Yes!” He shouts, “Fuck you!” to Zach. Did Dick win the veto? He gets in Zach’s face, calling him a racist and telling Jameka that what he said about Zach is true and she should ask Eric when she gets to the jury house. Definitely a Donato won. But which one? Jameka asks Daniele how it feels to win another one, so there we have it. Daniele won. Wow, good for her.

Jameka apologizes to her family, and says, “damn” a few times. Dick and Zach keep shouting at each other for a bit until Dick walks out to join Daniele in the small bedroom. She says that she can’t quite believe it, while Dick says that they’re almost guaranteed to win the game now. Daniele really looks as if none of this has actually sunk in yet. While I don’t think they should underestimate Zach in the next series of HoH comps, they’re in damn good shape.

In the HoH room, Zach and Jameka look rather disappointed. Zach says that he hopes Dick wins the money and then kills himself. He doesn’t know which one of the Donatos he would take to the end if it were his choice, and Jameka suggests that Dick is the least liked of the two. I’m sure Zach is thinking that taking Dick with his “tactics” would be less honourable, however. He honestly thinks that he can win the game over either of them though.

Jameka gets called to the DR, and on her way through Dick tells her that he’s sorry that she’s going to be leaving this week. She says that she’s okay with it, and says that she wouldn’t even have made it this far without their votes, so it’s all good. Dick and Daniele head to the kitchen, where they gloat about winning some more.

Zach comes through, and Dick tells him that he’s sorry for going off on him, but he broke their pact to get to the final three together. Zach tells him that it’s fine, and that if his dad were there in the house with him, he’d be kicking ass in the game too. This sets Dick off again, and Daniele as well. Zach says that Daniele carried Dick through the entire game, but Dick thinks he said that he (Zach) carried him, so that starts a whole new round of cussing and shouting.

Jameka comes into the kitchen, and Dick starts telling her about Zach’s “how very white of you” comment to Eric a few weeks ago. It sounds like he did bring this up during or just after the competition, and Jameka wants to clarify what happened. She starts to talk about the jury and how they might vote at the end. She says that Daniele was good at the competitions, but she hid under her father’s personality and let him do most of the dirty work. Daniele doesn’t seem to agree with this analogy, but it’s got more than a bit of truth to it.