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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 8th – The Final Veto

Today is the most important day of the season so far: the final four veto competition. Whoever wins get to send someone home single-handedly, thereby preserving their alliance and giving themselves a better chance to move into the final two. In a strange turn of events, Zach has teamed up with Jameka and nominated Dick and Daniele. So it’s now two against two.

Dick is up and about at 7am. As far as I can tell, he’s finally slept through an entire night. He wanders around in true Dick fashion, hunting ants in the kitchen and then sitting down for some chow. He says that today is the day that he calls Zach out for being a racist, using his own quotes against him. I think this is a bit of a stretch, but whatever. If it helps Dick win the veto, I’m all for it. He tells the cameras that they might not want to follow him around all day because he’s going to say it over and over. What, does he already know about the Amber scandal?

Dick continues talking to the camera, adding a few gaseous body emissions to the commentary. He sits down to paint one of the plates from last night, then gets up to go to the storage room to change his microphone batteries. Then it’s off to the DR, and when he comes out he’s saying, “Don’t use that word!” He says that they’re in such a panic, so he must have been warned not to use certain words when he calls Zach out for being racist. Which I don’t think Zach actually is, but whatever.

After more chit chat with himself, Dick heads back to bed. Jameka gets up, uses the washroom, and then goes back to sleep on the bathroom couch. You know, if I had a couch in my bathroom I might just sleep there myself. Put a coffee maker and a laptop in there and no one would ever see me again. But I digress.

After a few minutes of the Vortex of Doom, everyone is up and about. Jameka’s eating her breakfast, Daniele is in the shower, Dick is outside smoking, and Zach is in his HoH room getting dressed. When the numbers get down like this in the game, the feeds can be a real stretch to recap sometimes. It’s either really important, like competition results, or really, really dull. Like right now.

Zach comes down and tells Jameka he’d like to talk with her in the HoH room. She says she’ll be there in a few minutes, so he goes back up alone to watch the spy cam and talk to himself. Must be contagious. He’s saying that someone had better be standing there waiting for him at the end, because she’s the light at the end of this tunnel. Must be talking about his ex-girlfriend.

Jameka arrives upstairs, and it appears that Zach has summoned her to do some Jedi drilling. They go over the comps and the winners and all of the major events in the house together. They’re not doing so well though – they keep correcting each other and then stopping to figure out who’s right. And for some of the things I’m pretty sure they’re both wrong.

After the rehash, Zach points out that the game is now good versus evil. Oh boy. Let’s not go there. He’s pumping both of them up, saying that he’s ready to fight to the end of the game, and hopes Jameka is as well. She says she is. When she can get a word in, that is. Jameka is called to the DR, so off she goes.

Dick and Daniele are downstairs preparing for the veto competition. Dick is ramped up – he’s in fast-talking, heavy-swearing, jittery mode. He’s telling Daniele what he’s going to say to Zach and Jameka before the comp to get them riled up. It’s pretty much the panty-munching racist stuff that we’ve been hearing for the last couple of days. Daniele laughs at him.

When Jameka comes out of the DR, Dick tells her that he knows she has a deal with Zach, but if one of them doesn’t win the veto she’ll be going home. He wishes her good luck, and she says the same back. When Jameka leaves, Dick tells Daniele that if they can’t beat those two morons then they deserve to go home. Daniele tells him not to say that, and I’m not sure if she means calling the others names or if she doesn’t want him to make any references to her going home.

Dick keeps talking, saying that this is the day that they win a half million dollars. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, Dick. I mean the odds are looking pretty good for you and all, but just take it one comp at a time. He tells Daniele that 12 people are gone, and that they picked this final four. He repeats it for emphasis.

Dick continues pacing and ranting, pumping his fists and getting revved up for some kind of confrontation with Zach. Zach comes out of the DR and tells them something about BB giving them advance warning before the competition starts. When Zach leaves, Dick wonders whether he should wait to say anything until they’re outside so that it gets shown on the TV show. Daniele seems to be both enjoying the frenzy and rolling her eyes at it.

Zach is up in the HoH room talking to himself again. He’s saying, “You’d better be here at the end of this, or all of it will be for nothing.” I guess that’s for his ex again. I would LOVE to know what she thinks of all this. Then he tells himself, “You always choke. You’re not going to choke today.” He dedicates his performance in the veto competition to the “little guys” out there who get stepped on, because he says he used to be that little guy. “I’m not taking his shit! That bastard is not going to win today!” sayeth Zach. He also says, “Cut the blue wire!” a few times. ‘Cause it wouldn’t be Zach without something completely random.