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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 11th – The Rabbit Died … And No One's PG!

While Dick goes outside for a smoke, Zach says he tried to look and see how Dick was doing occasionally and he thinks he was incredible to do this at 44. Zach then does the dishes, against Dani’s wishes. He tells Dani he thought one of them was going to die out there, and Dani thinks that was their ultimate goal. Zach is also c impolitely honest here, saying the stuff Dick was saying was really hard for him to listen to.

Dani goes outside to tell Dick to come inside, and he tells her he is really sorry about the comp. She complains about the bunny stopping on her again, saying that he broke by her is totally unfair. She know sit would have been over much sooner had that not happened. Yet, she says now all tat matters is round 3, whichever on of them wins round 2 against Zach. They also know that a car is included in round 2, so know that one of them just won a car. Yet, Dick says if they don’t win the comp in a certain time tomorrow, the car goes to Zach by default. They know they should have kept Amber. Well, that’s that hindsight thing, but in reality, Amber would have done better than Zach in the puzzle and Q&A things, so you really can’t say for that.

Everyone takes their turn in the DR, although Zach had said they “better not” call him in there, and Dani emerged calling them jerks. Dick asks Dani for a kiss, and she says no, a hug. He says he loves her very much and asks her to say the same, and she says “Nope.” Wait until final 2, Dick. You know she does. She showed you that giving you the PoV yesterday. Maybe we’ll finally hear it with final 2, although it did seem like she mouthed it to him earlier. C’mon, Dani. The guy just went through hell for you!

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