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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 11th – The Rabbit Died … And No One's PG!

When she can compose herself enough to walk inside, Dani heads for the showers, still crying uncontrollably. Dick keeps hammering away at Zach, while Zach laughs loudly and almost maniacally. They continue to go back and forth while Dani gets out of the shower and gets dress, putting a long sleeve shirt on, then a coat, followed by a blanket. BB announces that three is a mechanical problem, but the competition will continue. The bunny still isn’t movie, but the rain continues.

Dani makes herself a a cup of hot tea or something similar, and heads outside. Dick tells her they have been forced to pick one side or the other, and not go back and forth. He has chosen his left side, since his right shoulder is screwed up. Dick tells the rain to hurry up, as he is now peeing on himself. Dani apologizes to BB for breaking their game. As Dick picks up the taunting of Zach again, Zach first laughs maniacally, then starts trying to taunt Dick right back, but he just … can’t. It’s just weird, and he seems like he’s losing it. He screams about having tattoos on his back, then BB comes over the audio and addresses them, and we lose the feeds.

When the feeds resume, both Dick and Zach are still holding on, and now Zach is shaking. The rain starts up and Dick runs in place on his stump, while Zach still shivers. He tries running in place as well, but not bringing up his knees as far. I think Jeff Proust needs to come out and offer them chocolate and peanut butter. Dick takes off his bandana and throws it to the side. Dani keeps encouraging him, telling him how good he’s doing. You know what he needs? He needs an “I love you,” that thing he’s been wanting to hear this entire time. That would be enough to give him probably 12 more hours. She does tell him to remember when one of them doesn’t do well, the other always comes through. Dani tells her dad he is rock steady and that Vincent is watching him and is very proud.

It’s been five hours, and Dick and Zach are both still up there. Zach almost touches his key with the other hand, but stops short of it. Dick wonders where Julie Chen is, if she’s in bed sleeping, and thinks he’ll drown before anything else. Dani continues to encourage him, as it looks like he is mouthing to her that he can’t continue, but she tells him he can, and to do it for Vincent. She tells the “old man” he’s doing good. She thinks his hair looks like Ben Styler’s in There’s Something About Mary, and after she tells him again he can do it it almost looks like she mouths “I love you.” C’mon, say it proud!

Dick takes a moment to tell Zach he’s doing a great job, and when he seems shocked, Dick says he’s serious; it’s not easy. Zach calls first dibs on the shower, and Dick replies, FU; there’s 2. Zach continues to jog in place, but Dick is perfectly still, and until he just spit out his loogey; I thought he was asleep. At this point, no one is going to voluntarily let go. They’ll probably just lose their focus and drop.

Dani goes inside to fix something for herself, then goes to the bathroom and is in and out of the refrigerator, periodically looking out the window at her dad. She finally comes out and tells him he’s doing good, and resumes her spot on the ground with her blanket. She asks if he’s doing okay and he says he is. It has to be said that in Dick’s soaked wife beater shirt, you can see the outline of his physique, and he’s pretty ripped for a guy his age. And no, I’m not cutting down people of his age, as he’s only a year older than me.

Continuing to encourage her dad, Dani mentions Vincent again and tells him to re-focus when he hits a plateau. She then goes inside and cries. Dick is seen bent over, still holding onto the key, and she watches from inside, saying that it’s okay, then goes back out to talk to Dick, and Zach keeps looking over at her, prompting her to ask, “What?” She tells her dad he doesn’t want to go out like Kail, but finally, when it is obvious he just can’t go on and is holding on for her, she tells her dad to do what he wants, and if he can’t do it, it’s okay. He finally let’s go, after 7-1/2 hours.

Zach stands a bit to make sure he really won before he lets go, then quietly walks away, while Dani goes to get warm towels out of the dryer for Dick. Zach tries to help Dick as well, and tells him that was incredible. Dick goes for his cigarettes, and is shaking really badly. Dani brings him some hot tea and tells him to go inside, but he stays out with his cigarette. He asks BB if he can go inside to warm up, then have a few minutes to come back out and have another smoke. They tell him to take all the time he needs. Dani makes tea for Zach as well and he thanks her repeatedly while shivering inside.

Dick goes inside to put multiple lays of dry clothes on and drops the F bomb. Dani asks if they’ll find out when round 2 of the HoH is, and she is told all they can say is sometime on Wednesday. She is asked to gather up the waterproof micas and drop them in the SR. Dick wraps his comforter around him, while Dani makes grilled cheese for both of the guys. BB asks Dick how he’s doing, as he clearly doesn’t look well, and we lose the feeds for a moment or two. When we come back, Dani is trying to convince Dick to not go back outside. He dries his hair with a blow dryer, and Dani hugs him, a nice warm, welcoming hug, telling him she’s proud of him. He doesn’t seem pleased with himself.

Dani now complains to BB about the comp, asking if it was to see who could get hypothermia first. She tells Dick about trying to jump over the bunny and says it didn’t move, but BB has told her it did. It doesn’t matter, though, she days, as she never would have made it as long as the guys did. Dick is just hoping to be able to do round 2 from a wheelchair. She tells him it doesn’t matter, as everything they have needed to get through, so far, they have. They wonder if they should have kept Eric and Jess, knowing they would have had an easier time beating them in this comp.


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