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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 11th – The Rabbit Died … And No One's PG!

The sleep patterns seem to just get worse and worse on Big Brother. Well, Zach and Jameka’s don’t appear to be that off, but Dani seems to be synching with Dick, being asleep for a few hours, up for a few hours, repeat. Today they wake up after 4 AM, and it’s hard to determine whether this should be their official morning or not. Since breakfast is involved, I decided to look at it as their official makeup of the day.

Dani has been complaining at rapid pace lately about their availability of playing cards, saying they were always allowed before, why not now? After both she and Dick wake up, they finally get a deck of cards and start playing right away. I think one of two things, either A) DR was tired of Dani complaining or B) BB realized they wanted the show to be a little more interesting now that beer pong is pretty much gone. When Dick gives his speech to be saved and not voted out, he wants to mention something about Zach’s small penis and the shrinkage problem. Umm, yeah. Dick? It’ll be on live TV. Not that it wouldn’t be hysterical, but BB isn’t going to allow that. I think he’s having a lottery moment. You know how you play the lottery and you sometimes wonder if you’ll ever win and don’t know for sure, but you sure like to plan what you’ll do when and if you do? I think Dick is doing that with this speech.’

Dani makes ham and cheese omelets for her and Dick, and she says she’d like to go up to Zach’s room, wake him up and tell him to hurry, or he’ll be late for the PoV comp. She and Dick agree he’d be scrambling. Dani has a feeling when they get out of the house, there will be a lecture from her grandmother for both her and Dick, and it might possibly include the pastor as well. Isn’t his mom a pastor? The two discuss The Amazing Race, and that only reminds me that we never did see Janelle and Will on there. They joke about killing Zach as a fan request, and his ears must be ringing as he comes walking through the kitchen after a DR session, and goes back to bed.

Dick and Dani finish their game that they thought would never end, and head off to bed about 7 AM. Dick tells her she’ll see him tomorrow, unless she votes him out. There is no activity at all, until Jameka gets up just before 11 AM, and moments later, BB is waking the others up as well. Everyone is ushered into the HoH for a lockdown. Jameka and Zach talk about violence on TV and video games with things like WWF, and Jameka adds in her experience from being a teacher. Dick and Dani sleep through it.

Jameka talks about still getting carded sometimes, and Zach says he knows he’s getting old, as they hardly card him anymore. I know the feeling. It still happens, but only at those places where they card everyone, even if they qualify for AARP. Jameka also complains about a $3000 phone bill that took a long time to clear up. I’m sure many of us feel that pain.

Once everyone is out of the HoH lockdown, Dani informs Dick that she was told everyone was to pack tonight. Everyone? I can see Dick and Jameka, but everyone? He’s upset that since the PoV ceremony/vote will be live, he won’t be able to do his speech, and Dani tells him he still could if he shortened it up some. Zach tells Jameka, who is crying while she does her hair, that he’ll be fighting for her tonight. She says 2nd place is not an option. She wonders if the HoH comp will have something to do with 9/11 to commemorate the anniversary, but knows it might come off as insensitive.

Dick asks Jameka if it bothers her that Zach is hanging around her so much after no speaking to her for two months. She answers that it was reciprocated. We lose the feeds for about an hour, and when they come back Zach is watching Jameka pack. What fun! Dick must be upset about not being able to get his full speech in tonight, as he starts in on Zach now, calling him out for being a piece of shit and a racist, and tells him to just wait for his speech tonight. Dick goes on to say it’s obvious he is working Jameka for her vote. Dani tells him to relax, and he tells her he is relaxed. Zach is pressing the button for the DR, trying to get in, and when it unlocks, he hits Dick in the face with it as he goes in. Intentional? You make the call.

When we get our feeds back, we’ve got the final three on their carrots, jumping over a bunny. It’s hard to catch much of it, as the feeds keep freezing up. I imagine everyone wants to check out how this one is going. Dani is already suffering, whimpering and shivering a little when the rain kicks up. Zach sits perfect still, and Dick seems focused. Daniele said she was willing to get hypothermia, and it looks like she’s well on her way. Dick tries to warn Dani every time he sees the rain coming.

Dick keeps going back and forth with his hands on the key, but never loses his grip or is without a hold. His shoulder is probably really bothering him with this one. Another torrential downfall hits them, and Dani shakes even more and cries very loudly. Dick advises her to go into her zone. She seems to get to that zone, then we lose the feeds, and when we come back, everyone is covered in mud. Dick and Dani talk amongst themselves , with her telling him to distract Zach.

Dick calls out to “Sweets,” and talks about everything here that he wanted to in his speech and didn’t get a chance to. He says Sweets is going to file a restraining order, repeats the panty munching perv and racist “it’s so white of you” lines over and over. He also talks about Zach’s penis size saying it was so small, it was almost an innie instead of an outie, and says Zach must be an inspiration to sex offenders everywhere. Zach just appears completely unaffected, even with the comments about his “big ole piano teeth.”

Dani runs in place in between hops, and it seems she’s just trying to keep warm, yet looks horrified when Dick offers to show “Sweets” what a real penis looks like. When the rain appears again Dani cries even more loudly. Suddenly the rabbit appears to do a little stutter step in front of Dani, causing her to lose her momentum and when she comes down, she’s hopping directly on the bunny and falls. She lays on the ground crying hysterically and the bunny stops and appears to not be working.


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