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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 9th – No Porn Here!

Dick says the DR told him it was Sept. 9, and Jameka doesn’t believe him. She goes to the DR, and they confirm. The three move into the kitchen and stare at the memory wall and discuss that Kail and Joe look very similar. The talk goes to when Jen removed the picture of her mom off her wall, and also the banner planes that said they loved Nick. They don’t know why Eric was so paranoid and upset about them. So in other words, the discussion tonight is of all the stuff they have talked about the previous two months.

Dick and Dani go to bed, and after sitting and thinking and brushing her teeth, Jameka joins them as well. Daniele gets up around 3:30 to make cookies, then as soon as they’re done and wrapped up, she goes back to bed. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s a little odd. Then again, I guess that’s what you do when you can’t sleep and have nothing else to do, and don’t have the excuse of going outside to smoke. Dick gets up right after she goes back to bed, sees the baked cookies and go wakes Dani up.

The two sit in the kitchen, and Dick talks about getting mad at Zach for throwing away three sponges when he did the dishes. Yes, people, it’s that exciting. I still prefer this to porn, though, yet now they think the internet people that are up all night on drugs are laughing their asses off about all this. Well, I will argue with that … as I;m not on drugs, but some No-Doz is probably in store for me. Dick talks about not even packing a bag this week and wonders if Zach’s ex is filing a restraining order after seeing him on the show.

They start to talk about comps, and Dick gets the idea to put Excedrin in his clothes for the comp, since they have caffeine in them. Dick wants to use the terms Panty Munching Perv and Racist SOB in his speech to not go home this week. He also plans to mention Zach having teeth like broken piano keys, and will tell the chess master that this is check. Moving back to the comps, Dick and Dani decide to pay very close attention to the weather the next few days to know how dress appropriately for endurance. Dick wants Dani to wear garbage bags to keep her warm, and she, for very good reason, doesn’t appear to like this suggestion. He asks her if she hasn’t ever worn a poncho before. Dani goes to bed, and after a few more cigarettes, Dick follows.

I don’t think the HGs know the next eviction will be Tuesday. It seems they’re still counting on it being Thursday. Won’t they be surprised? I wonder if BB will tell him this at a not so appropriate time or choose not to tell them at all? Until then, we’ll be in for feeds that aren’t too exciting. But I’m still not headed for the porn.

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