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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 9th – No Porn Here!

They continue to talk about Zach, saying they think it’s funny that he still thinks Jameka has a chance to win. Knowing that the first of the three part HoH/PoV is always endurance holding onto a key, Dick and Dani suggest maybe they should wait until Zach lets go, then let go at the same time to make BB watch the slow motion tapes to decide on the winner. They also know a new car comes along with that first win, and discuss what features they want on their cars.

The Donate discussion moves to after the show, and she says she wants to find all the I Hate Dick websites and join them. She figures MySpace is filled with them. He admits to wanting to go read all the message boards. Hope to see you over here at the Shack, Donatos. No hating from us, though, look at my good friend and fellow BB live feed recapper’s avatar and how many times I said “I love Dick.” And I still do. They continue to plan their veto speeches, with Dani wanting to say they dragged Zach so far in the game and should have kept Amber. Dick knows she won’t say that, but he continues to talk about calling him out as a panty munching ogre.

Jameka and Zach talk movies, and it’s mostly her doing the talking. She talks about The Notebook, Brown Sugar, and Titanic. Dick and Dani are now trashing HGs from past seasons, apparently tired of bashing Zach. Dick imitates Cowboy, then says he was as dumb as a shoe box. Zach joins them outside and tells Dick his secret about being a master chess player online. Dick isn’t very surprised, since he knew who Boris was. Obviously, I don’t play a lot of chess, as I have no idea who Boris is. Dick has his mind on Football Sunday again, wanting to know what the scores are of the game, and Zach is missing talking on the phone, saying he is learning to appreciate those smaller things in life.

Zach tells Jameka he wants to write a book about the things he knows, but he isn’t good at typing, and needs someone to do that for him. Need a ghostwriter, Zach? See my contact info at the top of the page. (Hey, you never know!) BB cuts Dick off, though, when he’s giving out contact info for himself. Now how am I going to contact him, huh? Dani joins him and they jokes that maybe in Zach’s hometown, they’re all wearing bunny suits. Dick thinks he hears a marching band somewhere off in the distance, and they jokes continue as he wonders if it’s a Christian ban outside waiting for Jameka.

The might be getting ready for the PoV ceremony, as Jameka comes outside to ask Dani if her hair is straight. Dick jokes around with her and asks, “What the hell is that?” meaning her hair. Dani tries to explain to him that he says things in a rude way. I agree with that, but at the same time, I find his rude honesty more refreshing than sweet lies. They’re wondering why there hasn’t been any beer in the house lately, and Dick thinks it’s because the people that were more fun are gone. One simple equation is all that is needed. No Jessica = no beer.

While Dick makes dinner, they think he’s burning it, but he’s not. That reminds me of my mom telling me I used to ask her if she was burning grilled cheese sandwiches again for lunch. I’m sure she was very appreciative. The HGs discuss Michael Vicki being in the news, and obviously they haven’t heard everything about it. Zach thinks it was something about burying dogs in his backyard, and sings California, prompting us to lose our feeds temporarily.

Everyone sits down to eat and the dinner talk is on families. Dick talks about his two great kids, and Zach asks if he’d ever get married again. Dick isn’t sure, and they all joke about him maybe getting married to Janelle. Dani says she wants two kids, a girl and a boy. After dinner, Zach does the dishes, the Donatos go outside, and Jameka … well, she’s not done eating yet, and they all just leave her there. Dani and Dick talk about their favorite TV shows, including game shows and forensic type shows. Dani mentions watching Cops one time when they showed a dead guy without blurring the face. Well, they have to get permission to show a face, and it would have been difficult to get his permission. Dani also likes Shark, which is a good thing for CBS, that she finally mentioned one of their shows.

Everyone goes their separate ways, sleeping, showering, reading the Bible, etc. Eventually Dick ends up in the bathroom after Dani showered and decides to take one himself. He claims he smokes too much in the house, then changes this to he smokes too much period. She says she could really go for a marguerite and says she only really drinks on Thursdays with friends and some of her regular customers. Here’s a question … why was she drinking with her customers before she was even 21? Dick starts talking about Kail while he showers, which I’m pretty sure will scare her. They think no one is watching the live feeds anymore, because it’s so boring, and suggest if we are, we should stop and pick up some porn instead. The thing is, I think the live feeds on BB have more of a plot than porn.

Dani and Dick go outside and are joined by a recently awakened Dick. Dani says she hopes one of the comps will be where they get to throw things at people, saying she’s been waiting for something like that. They also discuss their decision thoughts on anyone watching the live feeds, prompting Jameka to give a shout out to Vincent, and for Dani to say he needs to get a life too if he’s watching them. The talk turns to other HGs, with Dick saying he thinks Zach looks like Pig Pen because of his eyebrows.

Dani thinks Eric will be the meanest on the jury, saying he tried to always be so funny, but this isn’t Last Comic Standing. No one seems to think Jess and Eric’s relationship is for real, and they say Eric took credit for bringing her out of her shell while Zach claimed he had her wrapped around his finger. Oh, is that why he put her up? Dick says Jess never talked game, but Jameka argues oh yes she did. They’re pretty sure he threw all the comps on purpose. Amber’s name is brought with her overreacting, and Dani and Dick ask why Eric was always protective of Amber. Jameka claims to not know, and all think the Great Mustard Caper was either him or Nick.


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