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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 9th – No Porn Here!

It was a Saturday night the Big Brother house-guests weren’t used to, as everyone was in bed by 2:30 AM, and there wasn’t anyone that got back up, not even Dick, halfway through the night. He finally got up around 6:00 A.M. Well, okay, he only got 3-1/2 hours straight sleep, but for him lately, that’s doing pretty good!

Dick makes himself what I’m going to call a guacomelet, an omelet with avocado, sour cream, and cheese. After breakfast, he lies around outside talking to himself about his alliance with Daniele and his fears of an endurance comp in the first leg of the HoH. He says he hopes “she’s” sleeping really hard and really good, and that he’s glad. Dick can only be talking about Dani. Here come his strange sleep habits again, as he goes back to bed, can’t sleep, tries to do his own therapy on his injured shoulder, then gives up, puts his Motley Crue CD on again and rocks out.

Zach gets up, brings dirty dishes downstairs to the kitchen, then hops in the shower. Dick says again to the camera, for the umpteenth time, “Still here, MFers.” He stops to talk about the the bugs in the house, saying he can’t understand how they got in there, since everything outside is fake. He does a little laundry, grabs some O.J., and heads out to the hot tub. Zach comes outside and joins him with a bowl of cereal, and Dick fills him in on his morning so far. Zach says he didn’t know Motley Crue sang Girls, Girls, Girls. Dick can’t believe he didn’t know it, saying it was one of their biggest songs.

Zach asks about the final three HoH, and Dick explains the three different comps that lead up to it. Zach is apparently trying to make a point as he says that if Eric hadn’t have been such a dick (not Dick, dick), Dani would have been gone a long time ago. Dick explains something about coulda woulda shoulders Zach tells him to look at it this way … at least he’ll be able to fix the window in his Corvette. Dick says he would have been able to do that with the stipend money anyway. Did Zach just want to point out to the viewers that Dick is already affluent enough to have a Vette. Noticing that the giraffe has been fixed, Zach wonders the cost of re-sodding a giraffe.

Dick goes inside and utters a few FUs to Zach, and goes into his room to change. Zach goes back to bed, saying it’s nice to have the prize in the end, but the prize isn’t always cash. I understand that completely, and I think he’s talking about his girlfriend that he keeps demanding be at the finale, not his faith. Dick tries to go back to bed, then gets up again quickly, goes to the DR, then out to the backyard. Maybe he was just trying to rid himself off Zach’s presence. It looks like it as he calls Zach a few choice names, then heads back to bed again.

The girls wake up, and Daniele heads outside, while Jameka cleans the bathroom. It’s not Thursday! Zach gets up against and joins Dani outside, then heads in to the bathroom to watch Jameka clean. He tells her to think of it this way, that at least she got as far as Will last year. Jameka admits to regrets that she never had even one HoH. Well, you were the one that voluntarily gave it up, and you have to face the fact that had you not done that, you probably wouldn’t still be here. She still wants tapes of the show, and figures she can get the copies Eric has … after she’s through cussing him out. They make plans to meet up a little later in the workout room.

With Dani still laying outside and Dick still sleeping, Jameka and Zach make it to the workout room, and she asks him if wearing a hat while he works out makes him hot. Zach says it doesn’t really, but does hide the sweat, as well as making him look good on camera. Dani finally comes back inside to get dressed, then have some cereal. Jameka breaks the elliptical by working out on it too hard, and Zach finds that pretty amusing, and even comes out to share that with Dani. When she’s unresponsive, he continues on, saying she never broke anything in the house except hearts, especially his. She goes back outside to lay out, apparently unconcerned.

Zach and Jameka do the Jedi drilling thing, and she decides she wants to finish the plate she was working on last night. He leaves for the shower, but says he wants to see her plate when she’s through. He adds that he has always said if he couldn’t find another job, he’d teach kids arts and crafts. Okay, he’s obviously working her for a jury vote, but how does that sound … if I can’t find anything else … alright, I’ll do this. Sounds more negative actually than positive.

Dani is now back inside and talks with Jameka who is still waiting on her twist. They share a good laugh about Jameka breaking the elliptical. Dani now tells her she, too, would like to be a teacher and wants to teach 2nd grade. Can they just quit working the poor girl for her vote? Zach comes back downstairs and Dani heads in for a workout. Dick finally gets up and goes to the workout room to talk to Dani. They both say they are so tired of Zach, and they know once Jameka is gone he’ll be eating alone again. Dick is plotting his veto speech, wanting to call Zach a panty munching ogre, and wanting to mention the only muscle he has is in his pants, the one Dick describes as being about as big as a pencil eraser. Zing!

Later on, Zach is outside lifting weights, and when the Donatos come outside, he yells to them that it’s a nice day outside. They declare they are so over him and talk about his man boobs. I know Dani likes Sniffled so I’m surprised she didn’t mention him needing a bro or manzierre. They laugh about the ideas he had for the next comp, being buried alive or seeing how long they could hold their breath. This isn’t Survivor, and I don’t se Jeff Proust anywhere. Jameka just stays inside working on her plate.

Zach stops and asks Dani and Dick on the way inside if today is Sept. 11, and they say they don’t know. He walks in the house and declares Dick to be evil. Okay, I know he refers to himself as Evel Dick, but to use the word evil in connection with 9/11 just doesn’t seem right. That was true evil, and Dick Donato is nothing close. Jameka tells him it is definitely the 11th. Umm, off by 2.


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