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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 6th – Fast Forward Aftermath and Another New HoH

Dick and Daniele go back inside, leaving Zach in the hot tub and Jameka on the couch in the backyard. Zach and Jameka talk about the five HoH’s that she gave up, and how huge it is that she’s still in the house after that. Zach talks and talks about how he doesn’t want the game to have anything to do with a bloodline, and how Daniele needs to go because she’s strong. He tells Jameka that he feels he’s god’s instrument and that he has to play the endgame honourably. He’s right that he needs to split up the Donatos if he wants a shot at final two, but … maybe we’re going a little overboard here?

Jameka is on board with Zach’s loose plan to get to the final two together. Basically, the plan is to win the veto and take out either Dick or Daniele, and then win the last HoH competition. Gah. That’s not a plan people, that’s how you play the game. It’s pretty much standard. They bag on Dick and Daniele for making deals with everyone in the house so that no one would nominate them. Zach promises Jameka that her key will be in the box. Which, strategically, isn’t the best plan in the world. See, Zach could nominate Jameka and she would understand, and then just leave it to the veto holder. If he wins the veto he can change it up, but if he doesn’t then he’s not pissing off Dick or Daniele and keeping their possible jury votes if he gets to the final two against Jameka.

All four happy hamsters are together again, making and eating hot dogs. Nothing too exciting happening now. After his meal, Zach goes up to the HoH room and listens to his new CD. The other three continue talking about former hamsters, the upcoming wrap party, the Power of 10 show, and Julie Chen, among other things.

Dick has had a busy day, and is off to bed. Daniele and Jameka get ready for bed too, and actually make it to their room, where they end up talking for the next few hours. They discuss the fan reactions to them when they get out of the house, and wonder if they’ll be loved or hated. Funny thing is that I don’t think I remember a season where fans were so divided on who they love and hate. They talk about Kail and Carol, and the whole enemies twist this season. Lots of talk about the relationship between Jessica and Eric, and speculation once again over if it was real or not.

Daniele tells Jameka some of the bad things that Eric said about her (but fails to mention that she was involved in this as well), and Jameka says that she’s going to confront him at the wrap party and make him admit it isn’t true and take it all back. Now see, why can’t the wrap party be televised? Not that I think it’ll happen, but still. It would be more fun to watch than most days on the feeds.

Finally Daniele and Jameka are settled in and not talking. They drift off to sleep with visions of Golden Vetoes dancing in their heads.

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