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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 6th – Fast Forward Aftermath and Another New HoH

Dick comes back in and they discuss Mustard Gate. I don’t know why this keeps coming up, but it does. They’re all positive that it was Nick. Poor Nick. I’m sure he’s stressing over all of this needless blame being tossed at him all the time. (That was sarcasm.) They move on to talking about how confident Jessica was that she was staying. Jameka is shocked to learn that Jessica wasn’t even planning to pack her things. Now they’re talking about Eric, and Jameka points out that he always said that he’d get violent on people if they crossed him, and that put her off. It’s so true – he threatened people behind their backs constantly.

Zach mentions that he still hasn’t had much face time on the live shows with Julie. That’s true, eh? He even missed out on the HoH talk this week because of the Fast Forward. Daniele comes out of the DR, where she obviously answered some questions because no one could sit there silently for that long. They all talk about Eric and Jessica’s shomance for a bit, until Zach’s HoH room is once again ready for viewing.

Zach gets more candy and cereal and beverages, but no wine this time. He wants to read his letter alone, so he gets some private time. He seems to be getting choked up reading the letter from his parents, and he says, “finish with honour” out loud. Then he says to his dad (who must have written that little passage) that he’s right, and that’s the plan. He says, “Screw you guys!” a couple of times, so I guess this must be the fuel he needs to finally go after Dick and Daniele. Except that it’s totally out of his hands now, since all he can do is make nominations that won’t make any difference whatsoever.

Jameka is outside, by herself, on the couch. I know you can guess what she’s doing out there. That’s right, praying and crying.

Zach comes downstairs and tells Daniele that he’s amazed because his parents said in the letter that there are people from all over the country rooting for him, and that they’ve heard from so many friends and acquaintances cheering Zach on in the house. Aw. He says that people his parents haven’t talked to in years are getting in touch with them again, all because of Big Brother. Easy there, Zach. I’m rooting for you big guy, but let’s not get a swelled head here.

Zach moves outside to join Jameka, and tells her the same thing he just told Daniele. Then he tells her that, if she wins the veto, she needs to send Daniele to the jury house. He’s planning to put the Donatos on the block together, but really wants Daniele to go because she’s the stronger competitor. Then he says, in his somewhat strange and convoluted way, that if Jameka wins the game and wants to give him some money, even a dollar, he’s be grateful for that. Insert puzzled look here. What the eff is that all about?

Daniele comes outside and Zach goes back in. As soon as he’s behind the closed door, Daniele starts complaining about him. She whines about not being able to go to bed yet because BB wants to do some more DR sessions while things are still fresh. Dick comes out of the DR and Zach is called in, as if to prove Daniele’s point.

Jameka thanks Dick and Daniele for keeping her in the house this week. Dick goes in to get Jameka a glass of wine, and someone suggests that they play quarters. No! No drinking games people, they’re death to the feed watchers. Dick says that he and Daniele are now 0 for 5 in the jury votes, but Jameka thinks that they can still save themselves during the questioning.

Zach comes out and pulls Jameka into the gym. Well, not physically pulls, you understand. Because that would be weird. He says that the people in the DR just told him that asking for money in the game is wrong, and he shouldn’t have done it. Duh. He apologizes and says it was very unprofessional of him, and asks her to just disregard what he said.

And now it’s time for a rousing game of quarters. Dang. They’re pretty much drinking at will, so they’re just playing this to kill some time. And they’re asking each other questions about the game and the former hamsters, which may have been some of the questions from the competition. Or not, I have no idea. Daniele goes to start getting ready for bed, and Dick is back in the DR

Jameka tells Zach that she doesn’t want Dick to win the game because she doesn’t agree with his actions or the way he’s played it. Dick comes out of the DR and Jameka is called in, so Zach and Dick head outside. Thank goodness. No more quarters. Dick complains again that he gets nothing for his HoH. He tells Zach that they need to get Jameka out now because she’s done nothing in the game and doesn’t deserve to get to the end, much less win. I agree with this completely.

Back inside, Jameka tells Daniele that Zach took her into the gym to ask her what she would do with the money if she won the game. The thing about this is that it’s so completely random that it’s totally something that Zach could have done. All four hamsters are outside now, rehashing.