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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 6th – Fast Forward Aftermath and Another New HoH

Dick asks what we all really want to know: Why weren’t Daniele or Dick considered to be one of the “good people?” Jameka refuses to make a comment on that for some reason. I guess there’s no point in alienating the guy you struck a deal with to end up staying in the house after being on the block twice in one night. Dick is putting a lot of the blame for the destruction of “the group” on Eric, saying that he turned on Dustin to save his own ass in the game. Can’t wait until they find out that Eric didn’t turn on Dustin – we did.

They talk about the Eric/Jessica relationship and who was playing whom. Dick thinks Jessica was playing Eric, which surprises Jameka. He says that she’s a hot girl and Eric is, well, Eric, and that she probably played a lot of guys to get what she wants in her life. Jameka thinks that Eric knew the game so well and knew that a shomance would help him along. She says that they probably played each other. She’s seriously questioning Eric’s character, wondering if what Jen said about him was true (about his girlfriend).

Daniele finishes her workout and walks through the kitchen. BB keeps telling her to put on her microphone, but she won’t do it. She flops down on her bed, moaning about something, and then gets up again and goes to the storage room. She comes out and says that she’s “already getting nominee treatment.” What the hell does that mean?

Daniele sits down and discusses the competition with Jameka. From what I can gather, they were shown pictures of the hamsters in various stages of the game, and then had to answer questions about the pictures they just saw. Jameka is wondering why Julie never answered her about the blue ball in her tube during the veto comp, and Daniele says that Julie wasn’t even watching – she was getting ready for the next segment. Hee. So true. I’m going to resist the “blue ball came from god” comments because I’m sure they’re being made all over the place. But I’ll admit I was thinking it as soon as it happened.

Dick goes outside for a cigarette, and he still seems completely surprised with the events that have unfolded this evening. Daniele comes out to join him and whine about the competition a bit more. They both agree that the veto is important, and that they’re in a good position because it’s three of them against Jameka. Daniele is worried about having to pack her things because she has so much stuff, and says that two handlers had to help her pack when she came into the house. Good grief people – why does no one in this house know how to pack a bag?

Daniele tells Dick to make sure that he tells Zach that there’s no way he can win against Jameka in the final two, and to tell him to fight like hell for the veto. I’m sure Zach will take that well. Daniele says that she genuinely likes Zach, but can’t stand the thought of being beaten in the game by a floater.

Daniele gets called to the DR, and much like the microphone thing, she refuses. She says that she doesn’t want to say mean things about people in there while she’s upset, and asks them to call her dad instead. Dick even offers to go in first, but BB calls Daniele again. She gets up in a huff and says fine, she’ll go, but she’s not going to answer any questions. Ah, to be 21 and think the world revolves around you again.

Zach is out of the DR, and says that they have to pack up Eric’s things for him. He asks Jameka to help him because he’s not sure where all of Eric’s stuff is. They go to the bedroom and begin packing, and all I can think of is that I hope no one picks up that sock. Dick comes in and is helping with the packing action. Zach mentions that he’s getting 13 straight days in the HoH room now, and Dick replies, “Okay, Kail.” Heh.

Dick and Zach go to the kitchen, and Zach is reflecting on the awesomeness of winning both PoV and HoH on the same day. Dick says that no one will remember his second HoH now, and complaining that he didn’t even get a letter from Janelle. Hee! They should give him his HoH basket, methinks. He earned it. Dick says that Daniele is stressing out because Jameka could win the veto and then she’ll be gone. Zach only says that it’ll be a toss up. Hmm. Dick is proud to be the oldest houseguest to have made it this far in the game. He’s only 44!

Dick goes outside again, so Zach wanders back into the small bedroom where Jameka is still packing Eric’s stuff. She says she doesn’t need any help – this is giving her something to do. After a brief silence, Jameka says that they’re both going to be picked off now by Dick and Daniele. She adds that she would like to help Zach to get to the final two. Ruh roh. Zach says that he has so much to tell her.

Zach goes on to say that the one thing he learned from Jameka this summer is faith. He’s feeling like he wants to return to his faith now because of the example that she’s set. Oh please. He says that he knew all week that Jameka was staying, and that he’s sorry that he couldn’t tell her that. He knows that Dick pulled Jameka aside and made a deal with her, and she confirms this saying that he probably did the same thing to Zach. Zach tells her to play hard for the veto.