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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 6th – Fast Forward Aftermath and Another New HoH

This Thursday started out like any other. The houseguests are given a wakeup call early, and a lockdown in the HoH room is called within the hour. Instead of the awkward silences or small talk though, everyone goes back to sleep during the lockdown. Zach and Dick are sharing the bed, while everyone else is on the floor. Aside from some comments on Dick’s gas problem, things are pretty quiet in there.

After watching the HoH room in night vision for what seems like (and could very well be) hours, we get the Vortex of Doom and then trivia. If there’s deal-making going on at the last minute in there, we ain’t gonna get to see it. There are some brief breaks in the trivia, and we get to see snippets of the hamsters cleaning the house. Even Jessica is in on the action this time, which I believe is a first for her. She’s cleaning the toilet.

Zach moves his stuff out of the HoH room and back into the small bedroom. He and Eric take a nap (not together, although that would be funny for some reason). And then … more trivia. The last bit we get to see before the live show is Eric telling Jessica that she will never be on the block again in the game because he will ensure it doesn’t happen. Well, he ended up being right about that one. It was her first and last time on the block.

After the live show, we’re still watching trivia for a couple of hours. It must be the HoH competition. Just as I’m starting to wonder if they’re going to keep us in the dark until Sunday, the feeds spring forth and it looks like Zach is once again HoH. Wow! Good for him.

Daniele is upset because apparently the competition was very close, and came down to one point at the end. Dick goes to the backyard for a chat with himself over a ciggie, and says that he needs to win the PoV now. Indeed. Zach’s got a crown on his head (uh oh – look what that did to Dustin!) and says that he came up with some averages for the last question and went with that. Must have been a tie-breaker of some sort. He’s called to the DR.

Daniele is complaining that she was rushed, but Jameka apparently got lots of time. I have no idea what the competition was about. Dick says that it couldn’t have been any closer, but somehow this doesn’t make his daughter feel any better. She says that if Jameka wins the veto, Daniele’s going home. She doesn’t seem to realize that HoH only means safety this week – the nominations don’t mean a thing. It’s the veto that’s the biggie. BB calls for an indoor lockdown.

Jameka is sitting with her head in her hands, likely trying to figure out what the hell just happened and how she managed to still be there. Daniele is still whining and complaining, calling herself stupid for missing that last question. Honestly, someone needs to tell her that it doesn’t matter all that much. Dick says that the nominations are tomorrow, and then the PoV comp will be on Saturday.

Daniele goes on about not wanting to see Zach’s “stupid” HoH room again, and how she’s so bitter because she was actually using her brain and trying to add things together, whereas Zach just averaged some numbers and somehow came out on top. She’s tired of people winning on guesses. I’m surprised Dick isn’t bringing up the 9 gallons of water in the teacup thing.

Dick leaves Alice in Bitterland and goes into the kitchen. He chats with Jameka a bit about how crazy the day has been. They’re planning to have something to eat and then go to bed, but we all know how this usually works out. Hours will go by before anyone is sleeping. Daniele heads to the gym to take her frustrations out on the treadmill, and BB tells her a few times to put on her microphone. She bitches back that she’s not even talking, and refuses to comply.

Dick and Jameka are making sandwiches. They mention something about the last question and their answers, and apparently Daniele answered 58 while Zach answered 59. Jameka’s answer was 56, so I guess it wasn’t a tie-breaker after all. Dick complains about always being taken out with the Nick questions. Seriously, what’s with all the questions about evicted houseguests this season? Couldn’t they mix it up a bit?

Dick and Jameka bond over their sandwiches, talking about the entire game up to this point. Dick is revealing a lot, including how Eric influenced Jessica’s HoH reigns. Jameka is saying that Eric wasn’t honest and that she knew that he and Jessica didn’t want Dick or Daniele out of the house. She couldn’t figure out why, but she was okay with it. They talk about Amber, and Jameka swears that Amber didn’t want Dick or Daniele out either. Uh, maybe Jameka had that impression, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the case.