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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 5th – The Gigglers, From Packing to Petting

After Zach packs up his HoH room, the lockdown is over, and when Dick goes out for a smoke, he, Dani, and Dick look at the comp building, and figure it won’t be Q/A, as it looks like something with balls and a slope. Since they talked about it, they’ll back on indoor lockdown. That’ll teach ya. Dani asks Dick if he has any ideas what they were setting up and he says yep. She asks “later?” and he says yep. Dick is the only one allowed out now, and it’s only because he needs his smokes. That’s pretty generous. They never did that for April, but then again … she didn’t really smoke, just hid behind couches with lit cigarettes in her mouth.

Obviously they all have nothing to do, as they rehash the iced tea incident and burning with a cigarette once again, as Dani says she thinks it would be funny to have a whole show of people making fun of other people. They have that. It’s called Big Brother Live Feeds.

Zach asks Dani if she wins HoH again, who will her ether be from, and she says she doesn’t want to win again. He asks if she’ll get another hoodie and she again says she doesn’t wan tot win. Dani turns to talking to Dick, and he says that the spy with the loud pants is coming. That would be Jameka. He goes on to tell her what he wanted to earlier, that what they were setting up outside looked like a PoV because of the “letters,” whatever that means.

Jameka tells Eric she’d almost rather have Jess stay this week so that she can compete and get the Donatos the hell out. He tells her he will be voting for Jess to stay, and she says she understands. He assures her he still loves her. That’s all great, but during this, he has a tissue sticking out of his nose. A litter later he talks to Jess, minus the tissue in the nose, and says that he told Dani how weird it seemed to have Jess’ area empty and all packed away, and Dani had assured him it would be all over the place again on Thursday night. That was reassuring to him. They talk about their wedding plans, with her brother being her maid of honor (huh?), no poofy dresses, and no strippers at the bachelorette party.They’ll be married in the Catholic church, and Jameka will get them a blender as a gift.

Dani is doing her nails, and going over the recited BB facts while she does it, accentuating some of the words with the nail clippers. Eric again complains about Jameka to Dick, who again complains about her sense of entitlement. Jess and Jameka talk about comps, and Jameka is not feeling comfortable with Eric on their side, because he sucks at comps. Dick goes out for a smoke, and Eric joins Jameka and Jess, saying he’s blind right now, because he took out his contacts.

Jess and Eric go to bed, and he wonders if they make it to final 2 together, if BB will show the jury a video montage of them kissing. He says they did that for Boogie and Erica last year, and also showed them saying terrible things about each other. Jess says they don’t do that, but they’ll show Eric being a devil, and her innocent and sweet. She tries to plan her speech for tomorrow and wants to do the usual it’s been a great journey blah blah, has grown close to everyone but Zach. She’ll then tell him his ass is grass the following week.

Dick and Dani again talk about the comp and want to be sure they’re standing next to each other. They know Jen and Kail got away with talking to each other, and didn’t get disqualified. Eric is moving on top of Jess and she’s unresponsive … again. He asks what’s bothering her, and she says that she might going to the jury house with three people she put there. He adds in that she’s also losing the love of her life, and she admits to thinking of that once or twice. He tells her he needs to adjust his shorts as they’re riding too high, but it’s very obvious he’s just trying to get comfortable as he’s getting a little too excitable down in the nether regions. In one embarrassing moment for them, the covers move in such a way you can tell his hands are on her boobs.

Eric keeps trying to get Jess to talk about their relationship and she finally says she wonders how it’s going to work outside the house. She admits she thinks Dustin was just using Amber. She won’t say what she truly feels for him, though, as it seems she doesn’t wan tot commit to that here. She says if she goes to sequester, she’ll be drunk until the wrap party. And this is different than you being in the house how?

Dick wakes up to go to the bathroom, and also heads outside for a smoke. Dick tells Jess there are a ton of ants on the dishes in the sink, but he didn’t want to deal with it. She says she doesn’t want to hear about that stuff. Why, it’s not like you’re going to clean or anything? Dick heads back to bed, and walking past Eric and Jess, says good night to the “the gigglers.” They stop the giggling, and while Jess wants to go to sleep, Eric wants nothing of it, and pretty soon she succumbs, and there’s a lot of moving around and heavy breathing. He excuses himself to “compose himself” and we wait for him to get done in the bathroom. He then goes in by his stuff, cleans himself off with a towel, and changes his shorts. A little obvious there, Eric.

This all makes you wonder what’s going to happen with these two in sequester, once cameras aren’t on them all the time. They have to finally do it. They have to. It doesn’t seem like their felines are going to change once they’re out, like they did for Will and Janelle. And it has to be eat the alternative to hanging with Dustin, Amber, and Jen.

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