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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 5th – The Gigglers, From Packing to Petting

Eric knocks and comes in (apparently he understands the rules of politeness), just to let them know what everyone else is doing, kind of like what Zach did, minus the knocking. The three of them bash Jameka, which was surely Eric’s plan, as they talk about her throwing things and slamming doors, because she’s leaving. Dick wonders what’s up with Jess’ bed, as it seems like something’s wrong, since there’s no one in it. Well, she’ll have plenty of time to sleep soon.

They leave the HoH, and heads outside for a smoke, only to find out they’re on an indoor lockdown. Jameka asks Eric and Dick if they have any messages for the people in sequester, and Dick has just one for Jen, that he thinks she should seek psychological help. He complains about the fish stinking. Jess is out of the shower and now examining herself in the mirrors in the workout room.

Eric talks about the HoH comp, and figures he’ll either be out first or come in last. He then talks about his habit of falling and insulting guest hosts, and says if a picture comes up Kaysar next week, he’s going to say how much he loves him. Eric bites his nails and throws them into the DR. How gross is that? He says, though, that he keeps hearing how gross it is that there is snot and spit all over he backyard, but thinks 14 people using one bathroom and the same dishes is just as gross.

Zach gets his HoH camera, and all the guys take turns taking pictures of each other’s tattoos and burping. Eric mentions that only Kail, Jen, Jess, and Mike didn’t have tattoos, and Zach says Kail had stretch marks and those are like tattoos. Well, they’re permanent, that’s for sure. Zach and Dick take a pic of Dani sleeping, and she doesn’t seem very pleased. Dick writes “I love Janelle” in mustard on the table. The lockdown ends, and Dick heads outside for a smoke, while Zach takes wildlife pictures of a spider, before he has to give the camera back.

Jess, who only cleaned the week she lost a beer pong bet, wonders who will clean the bathroom if Jameka leaves. She also talks about how dirty the bedroom floors get, but again, makes no effort to ever clean them. Zach talks about writing in his blog, and says Jess wouldn’t let him take a picture of her alone. The talk then turns to movies. Dick wants to see The Simpsons when they’re out of the house, and both he and Zach want to see Ratatouille.

Jess wants to know from Dick said to Eric about Jameka, and Eric fills her in, saying just that they’re tired of her feeling entitled to the money. As for himself, he’s a little put off by the fact she thinks he has to tell her everything, including what he talks to Dick and Daniele about. Eric says it’s hard when you know what’s going on and the other person doesn’t, and they ask you questions about it. You don’t even know the half of it, Buddy. He thinks everyone in sequester thinks it’s his fault they went home, and Jess points out it is. Eric thinks HoH this week will be between Jess and Dani, but thinks Jess can easily beat her. Yep, that’s why she’s leaving!

Jess is packing her bags and has everything laid out on Amber’s old bed. She’s having a hard time, as her mother usually packs for her. Oh brother. Eric offers his help, but she refuses. I’ve been packing for myself since I was half her age. Why is it hard to open a bag and put things in? Jameka comes in to offer her assistance to Jess, and eventually Jess is sitting and watching while Jameka and Eric do all the work.

Dani is on the treadmill and tells Zach she thinks she needs an Airborne because she thinks she may be getting sick. She misses music and Zach agrees he does as well. Jameka leaves to shower, and Eric tells Jess she is his 2nd favorite HG of all time. His first? Himself. He says if she were to go home, the next three would be the most miserable of his life. Well, brace yourself then. He moves in for a kiss and she rebuffs him again. They talk about what types of HoH comps they would do well in, and Eric tells her if she wins HoH again, he’ll visit and bring a present. They make plans to nap together after he brushes his teeth.

One of the feeds goes to Janelle and Real Networks’ Laremy waving. Does this mean she’ll be doing the HoH this week too? Or is this just an interview and she’s still wondering around the soundstage there? She holds up a sign that signs 6 PM, so apparently it’s just an interview and they want to make sure we check it out.

Jess and Eric are lying in bed together chatting about their possible future together. They both agree that if there wasn’t a distance between where they live, there would be a definite future. Eric says he does have a lot of airline miles to come visit her. It sure seems real between them.

Not sure where he dug this up, but Dick is wandering around the house with a red wig and devil horns. Eric has left Jess and has joined Dani and Jameka at the table, and soon he’s washing dishes, then leaves to go get the dishes he knows Jess has left on her night-stand. When Zach joins them, Eric head off to the DR, and no one can figure out why he is choosing to take a glass of water in there with him. Dani goes through ha the just washed, and c emplanes that they’re still dirty. Were my kids washing them? Dick is made because Eric exaggerates how much he actually washes dishes, and Dick knows he does it more than Eric.

Dani and Dick discuss there are many things about her that he doesn’t know, and she wants to make more cookies, saying that’s her strategy. If she makes a lot of cookies and people eat them, then they’ll get too fat to compete in comps. Dick and Jess are the only ones that haven’t done their DR today, and Dick says for Jess it’s because she’s been sleeping all day. Dick and Zach talk movies again, and Dani says she thinks they will have a fan question tomorrow, as they’ll have enough time. Won’t she be surprised.

Dick makes up some coffee and chocolate ice cream, saying he wants to be all jacked up when he does his DR, and he, Zach, and Dani continue to chit chat about several things, such as Jen not showering, and Dick gets a glass of water to pour down Zach’s butt crack if it shows up again. Dani mentions that Vincent has called her fat before, and it’s probably one reason why she does thinks like runs 6 miles to be sure she doesn’t show an ounce of fat. Dick says he was up to 200 lb. once when he quit smoking.


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