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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 5th – The Gigglers, From Packing to Petting

With the hours that the HGs are keeping the past week, there is no more “off” time. All Night Dick is having a hard time sleeping, so generally lays down for only a little while at a time, get up for a smoke, to clean, or to eat, then go lay down again, and repeat every 15 minutes to a few hours. Eric and Jess are finding their only private time while everyone else is sleeping, so they are up until 7 or 8 AM, and by that time Dick is finally resigning himself to not being able to sleep.

Today we pick up right after Eric and and Jess have finally gone to bed, and Dick is getting up and going out to the back yard for a smoke. He also lets go with a barrage of GD, F, MF, and C words about not being able to sleep. Dick declares he’s stressed because he has to win this next HoH and that his farts are F’ing smelly. Honestly, this is more interesting than the others when they’re talking. I’d rather hear Dick talk about his smelly farts than hear the others talk about the “good people.” With the loud cover today, he doesn’t think there will be any Kansas banners for Jess. He grabs something to eat, then heads back to bed.

And hour and a half after Dick appears to finally be asleep, BB sends out the morning wakeup call, Friends in Low Places. If that doesn’t tell these people something about trusting each other … We lose the feeds then for a half hour or so, and when they return, Dani and Dick are sitting outside on the couches, Zach is swimming, and the others are still sleeping. The talk is of when Zach gets his HoH camera, and Dick tells him he should streak in front of Nick’s picture on the memory wall, but he can’t stay away with his lack of sleep, so tells Dani to wake him up when Zach gets the camera.

Dani changes into her suit for tanning and Zach makes some eggs, because the fish he likes to eat when he gets up is still frozen. He joins Dani outside tanning and asks if she thinks it will be a double eviction. She says no, as it’s too late, and that they’ve already discussed it. If they only knew they have to be doing something, as the show is ending a week earlier than they think. Dani says she has to workout for 6 miles today. 6 miles? It’s not Jen proportion, but I can’t imagine doing that long on a treadmill without music or a TV.

Zach reminds me more and more of my son as he asks Dani if she could have any super power, what would it be. I swear my son has asked me that same question at least a handful of times. She doesn’t know, but Zach says he’d like to be able to fly. He wishes he would get the camera for longer than thirty minutes, as this graphic designer already has several special shots planned out with it. He talks about writing in his blog as well, and they both laugh about Dick wanting him to put a message to Janelle in the blog. She wants a message to Nick, as well, and she suggests talking about the trip to the Serengeti. Zach asks what that is, a person or a place. Sigh.

Jess finally gets up and has a bowl of cereal. Dani says she doesn’t want HoH this week, and if it comes down to between her and her dad, she will throw it, although she claims to have not thrown anything yet. This brings up the comp where Jameka lost playing for several HoHes and Jen agreed to 30 days on slop. Dani says that would have been stupid to give up that many HoHes, especially when she was such a target to begin with. While Jess is going in and out of the workout room, Zach decides to shower, wanting to look good for the HoH camera pictures. Daniele goes in to get something to eat.

On the way to the bathroom, Dani stops in the workout room and asks Jess, “Working out? What are you?” She replies she’s the girl she used to be. Hmm, sounds like someone is having a few regrets while she’s on the block. When Jameka gets up, Jess tells her she doesn’t want to take a nap today, as she wants to be able to fall asleep tonight. Zach rejoins Dani in the kitchen, as whatever she fixed up was for both of them. She says she hates soda, but wishes they had root beer. Zach says he likes that too, along with cream soda. He also blurts out that he hopes he’s not a target. They also talk about Halloween costumes, as Dani wears a tutu, because she prefers cute over slitty and Zach tends to agree. Oh, really? He seemed to be on a different wavelength than that towards the beginning of the show. Zach wants to be a creature with mechanical appendages for Halloween this year. I don’t even want to go there.

As Jess goes outside to lay out, you know after the night of sleep, followed by a nap and a few minutes of working out, she just needs to relax. Dani talks to Dick in his bedroom, and they talk about the facts that BB keeps repeating and wonders if they’ll be in a comp. Dani wants Eric to go next week, saying she’d rather compete against Jameka and Zach. She says that Zach keeps asking if it’s a double eviction, and Dick interrupts and says they would have done it already.

Dick wonders if Zach has done his blog yet, and she says she doesn’t care, as she is so over that and the camera. She’s taken enough pics with the peoples likes, anyway. And the people she likes would be who? Dani talks about going back to bed, and her dad says then thanks for waking him up. She goes on to complain that Zach is following her, Jameka is wearing an ugly hat, Eric is sleeping, and Jess is working out, which she thinks it’s because they were discussing who has gained he most weight. Zach opens the door and interrupts, telling them the SR has been restocked, and is told he should have knocked. He shuts the door and knocks to come back in. He’s like that annoying little brother or something.

Dani tells her dad bout Eric being blasé, and saying he’s only there for the money, but she thinks he’s a liar. She’s nervous about the HoH comp on Thursday and says the have a 75% chance of winning. Wouldn’t it be 66% if they take out Jess since Zach and Jameka won’t be competing? Dick is worried about what to say to Jameka tomorrow and what to do if she doesn’t want to take the deal.


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