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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 2 – This Episode Sponsored By Skittles

Daniele asks Dick to come inside with her so they can talk. That’s a first. But it’s all about game, of course. Daniele brings out the Skittles – she’s got six different colours there, one to represent each person still in the game. There’s still a lot of trivia popping up, so it’s hard to follow the exact conversation. What it comes down to though is that they plan to go to Jameka right before the live show on Thursday and offer her a deal: they’ll vote to keep her in the game if she votes with them the following week. Then they evict Jessica and beat Eric in the HoH comp. Dick stresses that they have to make Jessica feel very safe this week if they’re going to pull this off.

The following week, Dick and Daniele plan to go after Eric. Which personally I think is a mistake – they should take Jameka out before she ever gets a chance to play in another HoH. Anyway, Dick wants to just consider the idea of putting Eric on the block, but they both agree that doesn’t make sense.

Outside, Eric is asking Jessica what she likes and dislikes during sex. Aw, they’ve kissed and made up. Then they’re talking about the game, which is kind of a mood killer, no? Jessica thinks that Eric has been throwing the competitions, but he insists that he hasn’t been. She points out that he’s an actor, so he might be just pretending not to throw them. Heh. Once again, he’s not that great an actor. Just watch his eyebrows, people.

Back with the Donatos, Dick thinks that they should make Jameka look at the camera and swear to god that she won’t vote against them or put them up if they keep her. Daniele points out that swearing to god is a sin, but they can make her promise. They don’t discuss what they’ll do if she refuses, which may be a costly oversight. Daniele feels badly about going back on their deal with Jessica and Eric, but thinks that they would vote her out if the situation were reversed. And she’s right.

Dick and Daniele head outside, where Eric is still telling Jessica that he will do everything he can to keep her in the house this week. Y’know, maybe Miss Jessica should get off her own butt and stop letting Eric play her game for her. I’m just sayin’.

Eric goes for installment #2 of the mimic Dick plan. Dick gets up and starts spitting and shooting snot rockets, and Eric is doing the same thing. Well, he’s trying to do the same thing. He’s not all that proficient at projectile snotting. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing. Dick says that he hit Eric with a snot rocket, but I didn’t actually see this occur. You know, if you’re keeping score at home.

The four of them talk about Dustin and the awful things he did, like stealing money from his dad and dressing up as Jon Benet Ramsay’s killer for Halloween. Then they bash Jen for a while, because apparently that never gets old. Dick gets in a funny, saying that the only way Amber would ever be considered hot is if she were on fire.

Jessica says that Jameka is desperate to stay this week, which must make Dick and Daniele very happy. Jessica goes on to say that Jameka thinks that Jess is the real target, and Dick offers to shake her up a little so she won’t be so confident. Eric says no, she’ll be shaken up enough when she leaves the house.

Eric is standing in front of Jessica, and Dick comes over and whips Eric’s shorts down, telling him that it’s payback for imitating him. Hee! Eric is embarrassed and pulls his shorts up quickly, but Jessica says that she saw his package. He argues that she didn’t, but she insists that she did.

Daniele goes to bed, and Jessica and Eric go inside. Dick is alone in the backyard, smoking and laughing to himself. Eric is complaining that being pantsed wasn’t funny, but Jessica thinks it was. They head off to bed, and talk about Jessica’s safety in the game for a while. Eric seems sure that Dick and Daniele will keep her. Here’s the thing though. Is America cruel enough to make Eric vote for Jessica? Because if that vote on Thursday night is 3-0 to send her out, that will really f*ck him over. Have a heart people – vote for Jameka.

Now Eric and Jessica are kissing again. It’s sweet and all, but why does it always look so awkward? They keep kissing and talking, and more kissing and more talking. Jessica says she’s tired, but Eric gets up and sits behind her, giving her a back rub. Then they’re facing each other and kissing again. Finally Eric goes to his own bed, but he’s up a few minutes later saying that he needs to stretch his back. Where does he go to stretch? The side of Jessica’s bed so that he can lean over her and kiss her some more. They’re both saying that they’re “gay for” each other. Which is … odd.

After another round of cuddling and kissing, they’re both in their own beds. Jessica is going to sleep, but Eric? Apparently feels the need to take care of, er, unfinished business. And that’s where I’ll leave this recap, because really, what else is there to say?

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