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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 2 – This Episode Sponsored By Skittles

Jessica gets into the hot tub and talks about her boobs being fuller this evening. Jameka notes that there is a camera focused on Jessica. Go figure. Jessica says that Eric is inside with the others, kissing butt like a little cry baby so that he won’t go on the block tomorrow. Wow.

Inside, Daniele and Eric are talking about how weird it’s going to be leaving the house, while Dick has lost the candy game to Zach. Zach joins the other two in the living room to lounge on the couches and discuss Janelle and her hatred for Eric. Eric says that he doesn’t care, but secretly his insides are in knots at the thought of America’s all-time favourite hamster not liking him. Zach wants to know if any of them would come back for another season. Daniele doesn’t know, but Eric says he would.

Eric goes outside and proposes the same question to Jameka and Jessica. Jessica says she would do it again, but Jameka isn’t too sure. Eric says that he’d do it for sure, but with a much different strategy. He’d go after people and not care about building relationships or any of that sort of thing. Jameka goes inside to make some sort of weird banana split thing, and Eric proposes to Jessica that they stop fighting and being mad. Jessica agrees, but still doesn’t want him to touch her. Interesting.

The hamsters now have booze, so there’s some chatter about which drinking game they should play. Sounds like it’s going to be a variation on beer pong. Zach goes upstairs after not finding anyone to play Frisbee with once again, and finds Daniele in there listening to his CD. He calls Jessica a bitch, saying that she’s not even talking to him now. Daniele says that she can’t wait for a double eviction, and would love to see both Jessica and Jameka leaving this week. Careful what you wish for, Daniele!

Zach and Daniele decide to go downstairs and attempt to be social with the rest of them. The drinking game is on, and it involves quarters and cups and seems to be kind of tricky. It’s still not all that exciting to watch, nor to recap. Eric, Jessica, and Jameka appear to be getting a buzz from the game though. Jameka keeps counting down the minutes until the Showtime thing is over. I wish they weren’t so aware of that show. Did BB really have to tell them about it?

Jameka keeps breaking into song, so we keep getting snippets of trivia. Gah. Jessica is talking about a naked calendar of herself, and what she’ll pose with each month. A pumpkin for October, a Santa hat for December, etc. Eric is keen on this idea, although I don’t think he’d be pleased if it were offered for general distribution. Now all three of them are singing, so we get feeds, trivia, feeds, trivia, feeds, trivia.

After a while, Jessica and Jameka end up outside talking game together. Jessica seems to have caught on that there’s a chance she could go this week because that would make it easier for Dick or Daniele to win the next HoH comp, since Jameka can’t play anyway. Jameka runs through three different scenarios that end in either herself, Jessica, or Eric leaving this week. She says that she feels horrible because they have no power at all. Jessica says that if she leaves, she’s going to only hug Jameka and Eric and tell the others that she won’t vote for them unless she has to.

Dick and Eric come out, but Eric is called to the DR. Jameka goes inside for a minute and Jessica asks Dick if Eric is going up on the block tomorrow. Dick looks puzzled and asks her who she thinks would be coming off the block. “Me!” she says. Silence. “Or Jameka?” she asks. Dick laughs and asks why Jameka would ever think she’d be saved with the veto.

Jameka comes back out and the three of them start bashing Jen. And Dustin. And Amber. And Jen again. Finally Eric comes out of the DR, new America’s Player task assigned. He comes outside and picks up one of Dick’s cigarettes and stands right beside him, repeating everything he says. It’s kind of funny, yet lame at the same time. Jessica and Jameka aren’t sure what to think about it, but Dick’s having a good laugh. Dick goes inside, and Eric tells Jessica that he’s going to keep doing this several more times. Jessica doesn’t get it and wonders why he’s doing this, out of the blue, all of a sudden. Eric says that it’s because Dick has a good sense of humour, and adds that it’s a good thing he’s not doing it to her or she wouldn’t find it funny at all. She agrees with him.

Jessica goes to get in the hot tub, and Dick asks her if she’s drunk. She says no, but wishes she was. Then he asks Eric if this mimicking thing was a bet from the DR or something, and Eric says, “maybe.” Daniele comes outside and says that she hates this place because no one ever goes to bed. Eric and Jessica are now canoodling in the hot tub, whispering to each other and I really have no idea what they’re talking about. Eric gets a warning from BB, so I wonder if he’s coming close to revealing his real role in the game?