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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 2 – This Episode Sponsored By Skittles

The three musketeers outside can’t remember most of the names of the people on Survivor that they want to discuss, so Dick goes in search of Eric, the resident reality TV expert. Eric comes out and they speculate over whether or not BB will have a final three facing the jury this season like Survivor has been doing.

Back inside, Jessica and Jameka are eating sandwiches in the kitchen, lamenting over the fact that BB has been boring this season without a double eviction or special powers. They haven’t even had an America’s Choice. Heh – wait until they learn about the whole America’s Player thing. After they eat, they decide to go and sit in the hot tub. In the heat. Makes no sense.

Outside, Dick is telling stories of his sexual conquests. Pretty detailed and rather vulgar stories, as a matter of fact. Zach wants to know how many women Dick has slept with, and guesses over a hundred. Dick says the number is actually higher than that. Zach eventually gets uncomfortable with the discussion and leaves, as does Daniele. Jameka seems right at home though, throwing the odd comment out and laughing along with Dick.

There’s some bustling about in the kitchen as people are trying to decide what to have for dinner. Eric goes to the storage room and comes out with loads of food, saying that he’s just going to make a bunch of stuff and people can have what they want. Zach offers to grill some hot dogs. Daniele and Jessica are in the kitchen with Eric talking about the game and how they probably would never have hung out together if they hadn’t met in the house. Ya think? Jessica says that she hopes the viewers don’t think she’s an alcoholic, because she’s not. I’d be willing to give her that one if she hadn’t said that the thing she was looking most forward to when she gets out of the house is going to a bar. As they’re having this conversation, Zach and Dick are discussing global warming in the backyard.

Dinner consists of pizza, hot dogs, tacos, and quesadillas. Jameka mmm hmmm’s about something and Dick tells her that she should be getting an offer from Sesame Street once she gets out of the house, to represent the letter M. Hee. She says she hopes so. They discuss The Biggest Loser, Zach’s bowling skills, whether or not Drew Carey is really going to replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right, and Mr. Bean. I love me some Mr. Bean. Dick tells a story about road rage, during which he threw a large cup of soda at someone who was driving a convertible. No one seems surprised.

After dinner, Jessica and Jameka do the dishes and agree that one of the reasons that Daniele and Dick’s relationship is so strained is that Dick has no respect for women.

Outside, Zach and Dick are discussing farting. Zach is lamenting the fact that he has no dried apricots, because those are his “gas food.” Which is probably more than we really needed to know about Zach. Daniele comes out and sits down with them, and Dick asks her to move over a bit so that he can smoke without it bothering her. She gets her nose out of joint because moving down on the couch would cause her to be sitting under a spider web, and we all know that this would be nasty. She gets up and leaves after exchanging a few whiny barbs. Zach says that she’s temperamental, which is a very politically correct way to put it.

Daniele and Zach go to work out, and afterwards Zach tries to convince Dick to play Frisbee with him. Poor Zach. He mentions that they could play a game called Pente, which I have never heard of but looked up. It looks pretty fun, except I’m not sure how they could play it in the house unless they were using Skittles or M&M’s. Anyway, if you’re curious, here’s the specs on the game: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/1295

Jessica is enthused over the idea of playing Pente, so Zach and Eric start sorting Skittles. Dick suggests that they make the board outline with Skittles as well, which would be confusing except that Dick has also come up with the brilliant idea of diving the Skittles with Nerds. So now we have a candy board with candies as the pieces as well. Zach is excited and thinks they’re starting a new trend. Daniele would rather make Skittle art than play, especially when Zach tells her that this is an intellectual game.

Dick and Zach end up playing the game as Eric and Daniele watch. Jessica, no longer enthused about Candyland Pente, has gone outside to commiserate with her fellow nominee. They discuss their hatred for Dick and Zach, and to a lesser extent, Daniele. Jameka has been praying for a twist or special power that would keep both her and Jessica in the house this week. They figure that, if this happened, then it would only be a matter of winning HoH and veto comps to get to the end. This is not strategy, people. Winning competitions is all well and good, but it’s not going to be enough. Just ask Janelle.