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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, September 2 – This Episode Sponsored By Skittles

After Dick’s early morning cleaning spree, he goes back to bed just as Daniele is getting up. They briefly cross paths in the bathroom as Daniele is getting ready to go outside and tan. After watching her sit in the sun for an hour, finally Zach is up and downstairs.

Zach runs outside and jumps in the pool, yelling, “I’m awake!” He doesn’t stay in there long, however. He’s out and drying off, and moves a chair over to where Daniele was sitting. She’s inside eating a banana, and Zach goes to join her in the kitchen. Daniele complains about the heat while Zach gets himself a bowl of cereal. This leads to a discussion about cereal, and then buying food and not sharing with roommates.

Daniele tells Zach about Eric’s painted bikini the night before, and the painful bleeding nipple that followed. They decide to brave the heat and go outside to tan some more. Zach says that he thinks it would be a good idea not to use the veto this week and Daniele agrees. She’s hesitant still about the plan to vote Jessica out. She thinks that watching Jessica leave will fuel Eric to go after HoH with a vengeance, just like she did when Nick left. Zach disagrees and thinks that it will stun Eric so much that he’ll be out of it during the comp.

Daniele says that she knows for a fact that she and Dick will go on the block together if Eric wins HoH, and the only thing that can save them would be Zach winning the veto and taking one of them off so that Jameka is nominated. Zach is absolutely sure that either Dick or Daniele will win HoH, and nominate Jameka so she can go before she has the chance to play for HoH herself.

When Daniele says something about losing Jessica’s jury vote if she leaves this week, Zach is put off and says that she doesn’t seem to care that he’ll be the target next week if she stays. Daniele gets a little huffy about this, so he backpedals and compliments her on her game play and maturity for her age. Daniele is done with the conversation and the heat, and goes inside to shave her arms in the kitchen sink. Zach jumps back in the pool for a swim.

Daniele heads off for the gym, while Zach does laps in the pool. Finally, by 3 in the afternoon, BB gives out the wake up call. 3 o’clock, BB? Really? Is this what it’s come to? How about giving those of us with completely messed up sleep schedules a break here, and wake ’em up good and early so they’ll go to bed before 7am?

Dick is up and telling everyone about his early morning activities with the grill and assorted other cleaning projects. Eric and Jessica head outside, where Eric talks and Jessica sits. She’s not participating in the conversation at all, and it looks like he’s getting the silent treatment. After being peppered with questions, she finally admits that she’s upset because she’s on the block and thinks she may be leaving on Thursday night. She goes on to say that she didn’t want to put Amber up last week, and seems to be blaming Eric for her situation right now. Even though they’ve already been through all of this and he’s apologized profusely.

Eric apologizes yet again, and it sounds like he’s getting choked up over this. He assures Jessica that he will do everything in his power to make sure that Jameka is the one leaving this week, but Jessica thinks that she is Zach’s target and is scared that Dick and Daniele will flip on them. Which is understandable since she wanted to flip on them last week, and plans to do so if she’s still there after Thursday.

To make matters worse, Dick comes out and tells Jessica to be careful what she says around Zach, because he’s starting to compare her to Dustin with the over-confidence in staying thing. Dick leaves, and Jessica is even more miserable. She wonders if “they” will use her actions this week as an excuse to vote her out like they did with Dustin, and refuses to worry about every little thing she says in front of Zach. She thinks that it shouldn’t matter if she’s staying. Eric wants to know what he can do to make things better for her, but she says there’s nothing. She goes inside to mope by herself in the bedroom.

Of course Eric follows Jessica inside, after sitting by himself for a few minutes in the backyard. They whisper a bit and then start joking around about the painted bikini and Eric’s injured nipple. Jameka is upstairs reading the bible on the couch outside the HoH room, and this bothers Dick, Daniele, and Zach, who are in the kitchen. They think she goes up there so that she can spy on the others and listen to their conversations.

Back in the moping room, Jessica is telling Eric that the banner was true – he was indeed lying. (He admitted all of this hinky votes and the Great Mustard Caper the other night.) Eric tries to get out of it by saying that he’s never done anything to throw a wrench in her strategy or to upset her. He really doesn’t know what to do with a girlfriend who’s in a bad mood. Want proof? He asks her if she’s expecting her period soon and if that’s why she’s not happy.

Daniele, Dick, and Zach are outside discussing previous seasons of Big Brother and Survivor. There’s not much to report here except that they don’t understand how Howie made it on All Stars. Come on people! Howie was a Jedi Beefcake! Dick thinks that Lisa should have been there instead. Now I get that he’d enjoy watching Lisa in her bikinis, but honestly, having both Lisa and Erika in the house at the same time would have been like an audio-visual sleeping aid for the rest of us.