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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 3 – Eric and Dick's Fling

Dick asks if Jameka has said anything to Jess or Eric, but they say she hasn’t. Eric says he’s not so sure Jameka really believes it, and might think it’s just a tactic. Dick heads to the DR, and Eric talks about playing another drinking game, this one with insults. Eric kisses Jess, but she is definitely not into it, asking where Jameka is and wiping her face off with her towel. Dick comes back out and says Jameka w don’t even look him in the eye. Eric and Jess both get out of the hot tub and join Dick on the couches.

They talk about who needs the money the most, and Jess is sitting far away from Eric. It could be she’s mad at him for scaring her when she came out of the toilet area right before she came outside. Eric mentions his and Jess’ life in Wichita, saying they’ll keep the same schedule there as they do here. She says nothing and just lays there. He asks where Jameka is, and Dick suggests with a glass pressed up to the window like Mike. Eric suggests she might look for a deal to stay.

Jess goes in to use the bathroom again, and Eric changes clothes. He waits for her to get out, and they both go lay down. Dick falls asleep in the backyard, and BB yells to wake him up, scaring the crap out of him. Eric and Jess are back to their canoodling, her saying she’s hungry, him saying he’s not. Dick goes in to snack on nuts and complains about the ant problem. He takes off his boots and goes to bed, complaining about his noisy neighbors, Jess and Eric.

Eric keeps asking Jess what’s wrong, and she says nothing, but every time he goes to kiss her, she turns her head. She does tell him her catch phrase, though, that she’s gay for him. She’s clearly upset about the game, and he talks about how he’s so good at the game. His exact words were, “I f’ing rock at this game!” Jess says if she gets evicted, she’ll stand up and slap Dick. She doesn’t think she needs to campaign at all. Out of the blue, she asks Eric if he likes Christmas carols, and wonders if there’s such a thing as Hanukkah carols.

Dick walks past them, and goes back outside, while Eric and Jess continue to canoodle. Dick comes in to go to the bathroom, and restocks it with TP as well. He moves into the kitchen a a midnight snack, and eventually goes back to bed. He gets up again a few hours later and fixes a bowl of honey nut cheerios like he was flinging on Eric earlier. He’s really pissed, though, as there isn’t enough milk, and BB didn’t restock the SR yet. It looks like he uses some half and half along with the milk. When he’s done, he cleans up and talks the trash to the SR. Not being able to get in there, they’re probably putting the milk in or something, he just leaves it. He goes outside, then comes back in, goes to the bathroom, and goes back to bed.

Poor Dick, I don’t think he’ll ever get any sleep! At least with Eric and Jess they’re having a little fun together, and for Eric fun when when they’re not together apparently. Hopefully Dick will get a huge nap in on Tuesday.

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