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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 3 – Eric and Dick's Fling

They discuss their Julie interviews when they leave the show, and Jameka wants to grab a hair follicle off Julie’s face, but is afraid she’d karate chop her. Nice racial profiling there, Jameka. Eric tells Jess he would like her to beat up a woman in his honor, so s he tells Jameka Eric wants her to beat her up in his honor.

Dick really wishes he could get Jameka out this week, if for no other reason, just that sense of entitlement she has. Umm, you can. Just vote for her and she’s gone. She’s now his new target for verbal abuse. He knows if she stays she’ll thank God for keeping her safe, but he suggests instead that they use her like a $5 whore and toss her to the curb. Mmm-hmm.

Just when everyone starts asking why they didn’t get their alcohol until after 10:30 last night, BB tells them to check the SR. Jess says to tell her she isn’t like a dog when the light goes off for the alcohol. Maybe BB forgot that Amber left, as the HGs have 12 beers and a bottle of wine, which is the amount they used to receive last week. They look for their quarter, and when Zach opens up a beer, Eric gets upset, as he wanted him to save it for the game. While they all look, Dick says he washed the dishes last night, and there was no quarter left in them. Zach suggests St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, can help them find their quarter. Would St. Anthony really approve of this?

Dani asks for a quarter from DR, and as everyone sits down to wait, Dick and Eric argue over assigned seating, and Jess thinks the cup she is using smells like B.O. jameka complains that she’d like to listen to music during this. BB took pity on them and gave them a quarter. I suppose they aren’t stupid and know the quarters game gives them lots of good content for Showtime. The talk moves to Kail cheating in the challenge where they had to hang upside down, and Dick pronounces that she’s gone and can go back to her mayoral duties. It’s interesting, isn’t it, that he comes pretty close to everyone’s secrets, but doesn’t get them exactly right?

As they finish up the last of the beer, Dick yells they should get more beer, because it’s Labor Day, but no go. Game over. Jameka, Jess, and Eric go into the bedroom, and then the bathroom, trying to all fit on the couch at the same time. Eric yells out, “She sliced my Weenie!” Dick is outside for a smoke, Zach is looking for something to eat, and Dani is saying she wants to go to bed. Seems like the first three are having the most fun.

Dani joins Dick, talking about how Jameka doesn’t act her age, and thinks that’s pretty funny, because the others don’t think Zach acts his age She thinks Jess is very annoying after drinking, and the next time they play the game, she wants to keep the alcohol away from her. Zach joins them, and after Dick talks about Jameka singing into her microphone, he says he’s still upset that they’re leaving her in this week. Dani says he should send her home then, but Zach doesn’t think that’s the way to go. Think think America’s Choice is tomorrow, and laugh at the thought that Eric and Jess think their the most popular players. They also talk about Amber saying that her mom had a vision that she was going to win the game. Dick thinks her mom has been doing too much LSD.

Jess gets mad at Eric, because she thinks he’s making fun of her. Jameka, just as drunk, points at Jess, looks into the camera, and says this is my friend. jess adds they’re both on the block and one of them is going home. She’s planning on drinking every day in sequester. Why should sequester be different than the BB house? Jameka talks about playing a hitting game with a boy in school, and on his turn, he hit her so hard he knocked her out.

Outside, Zach is a little miffed at Dick for making fun of his speech about rabbits and mad-hatters, and says he was just trying to be poetic. Dani tries to smooth it over, but he then starts asking how many books they’ve read. They move on to talking about getting tired of “the three” and the annoying things they do. Dick is trying got figure out where the house is located, and Dani says she’s going to bed at 12:00. Fifteen minutes before, she gets up and leaves, with Dick saying she never says goodnight. Zach wonders what they should do tomorrow, and Dick answers the same thing they did today.

In the bathroom, the talk with Eric, Jess, and Jameka is about his friend without a penis. Jess wants to know why Eric would be friends with him. Make a note of that, Gentlemen. If you have no penis, Jess will not have anything to do with you. Jameka leaves to go work out, as just before midnight, and Eric caresses Jess’ leg. She tells him she never had a steady boyfriend in high school, and he wonders if it was because she was a tough catch or tough please. They continue to flirt and cuddle.

Dick tells Zach again that he would really like to get Jameka out this week, and Zach says again they can’t do that. He suggests they just get out the shank knife next week and do it again, that’s an odd analogy. Dick feels America’s Choice has to be coming, as they never go without one … unless we have America’s Player. Zach asks him if he’s really going to get a BB8 tattoo, and he says he will, and if Eric is still talking to him at the wrap party, maybe they can do it then together.

Going into the kitchen, Dick finds Zach’s mess that he left, and gets upset, calling him a “f’ing dild.” Jameka comes in for something, then goes back to the bathroom, telling Jess and Eric they should be thankful she gave them some quiet time. She proceeds to shave her legs in the sink. Well, that’s a mood-killer. Dick walks by and sees the other two canoodling, shakes his head, and goes back to the kitchen to dry the dishes. Zach and Dani are both in their respective beds.

Jess heads out to the hot tub, and Dick asks if she’s drunk. She says there isn’t enough alcohol for that, but maybe when there’s less people. He says that’s not going to happen, but she doesn’t seem to catch why. She proves him right when she’s out at the hot tub, and can’t even get her shirt off. Dick comes out and hops into the hammock, and Eric joins Jess in the hot tub, then looks at Dick and asks what the hell he’s doing. He says he’s just relaxing, which is pretty evident, I would think.


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