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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 3 – Eric and Dick's Fling

Eric and Jess discuss what Dick told Jameka, and have to question it a little bit. He thinks Dick is feeding his ego or looking for Jameka’s vote should he make it to final 2, and either way, still thanks Jameka is leaving this week, as he doesn’t see the point of Dick lying. Jess says she’ll believe if wholeheartedly on Thursday when she stays. Neither one think that Jameka would be in a scheme with Dick. Eric is considered that Jameka wouldn’t understand him voting to get rid of Jameka, and Jess explains to them that they’ve already discussed the vote either being 2-1 or 3-0 and what it would mean.

Get out the mats, because it’s nap time on Big Brother. Every is sleeping in their respective beds. Dani is the first up, and changes clothes as she heads to the treadmill. Dick is up next, and he brings the garbage from the backyard to the SR, then stops in to tell Dani that with everything happening in the game lately, he hasn’t had a chance to tell her he loves her. She tells him “that’s random,” and he says he knows with a smile and leaves.

Dick goes back and lies down again in his bed, and Dani goes to the kitchen and does her vote scenarios with Skittles again. She also plays with the plastic-wrapped bowl like it’s a bongo. Dani cooks something with butter and brown sugar in it, and the cameraman shows us there’s an ant inside the bowl she is using, but she doesn’t notice it. It saves it’s own life and crawls out before becoming part of her delicacy. Zach gets up and Dani asks if Dick told him that he talked to Jameka about leaving. She also shares Jess’ question wondering if that means she doesn’t have to pack. BB asks her to move her micro … and gets interrupted with something. Dani asks, “BB, please don’t choke on your announcement.”

Zach reads the candy bag, “You may win a trip to Hollywood for the season finale of American Idol. Prizes must be claimed by May 10th.” Why are they buying food for this summer show in the spring? Now that the ant has saved himself, there’s a fly buzzing around the cookie batter in the bowl. Zach talks about drinking milk at school that was sour. Great, it was probably after that that he was picked last for P.E. As Dani rolls the cookies into balls, Zach wonders if his boss is watching him. He knows one of his bosses doesn’t even like reality TV. The horror!

Dani burns her hand taking the cookies out of the oven, and Zach talks about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Seinfeld. He mentions how much he loved the series finale of Sniffled but can’t remember what it was about, so Dani gives him the details, saying it was her favorite show. Zach would love it if BB put a couple stakes in the ground outside so he could play horseshoes. After more talk about books and playing Monopoly, he heads upstairs to change to work out.

Jameka gets up from her nap and goes outside to lay on the hammock. Such is the life. Dani goes and joins Zach working out. They finish and head to the kitchen, as does Jameka. She makes a pasta thing for dinner, and Dani offers to help her out, but no go. Zach and Dani talk about going to the beach and chocolate, and Jameka contributes nothing to the conversation. Zach goes up to HoH to clean up, and Jameka an Dani talk about when they applied for the show. Scintillating stuff here.

Eric gets up and joins Dani and Jameka, and Zach rejoins them as well. They talk about bananas, evicted HGs, fighter pilots, and buffalo wings. Dick gets up and gets into an argument right away with Zach about Hooters wings. Dani tells Eric she made him some snicker-doodles, and Jameka isn’t in the conversation as she prepares dinner. Eric wakes Jess up so she won’t miss it. The talk is about Times Square on New Year’s Eve, and Dani makes a comment in the format of BB, “Jen, please return your bloody panties to the SR. The dog needs snacks.” What the …? Even Dick was grossed out.

The talk changes to the week they had all the strange visitors in the house, like the barbershop quartet, bunnies, pirates, etc. Eric asks how everyone is shaving and suggests they do it in the kitchen for the warm water. Of course, that’s what All Stars did last year. I remember it starting a water fight between Will and Janelle. He also talks about Mike and the dates he had in the house, and tries to make a comparison to the fact that those girls are the ones that are gone. He asks Jameka to join him and Jess in the hot tub, but she declines his offer, still eating her dinner, although there is a lot left of the pasta, and Jess thinks it will last them all week.

Zach shares another odd story, saying he broke a glass table he had made while he was chasing his girlfriend around with a pot of spaghetti. Dick is only shocked that Zach made his own glass table. Eric shares once again about being on Carmen Santiago, then notes it’s almost time for the Show-time show to start. They wonder if there is a narrator saying things like, “Eric ate 10 cookies today.” Jameka wonders if they make it into a fashion show with what they’re wearing. You betcha. Especially with Jen’s unitard, Jess’ Boo-Yah shirt, and Dick’s wife-beater shirts.

Everyone talks about if their families are watching the show, especially their grandparents Dani shares with Zach and Dick that Jameka came in packing had throwing things in her back when Dani was sleeping, and she thought that was kn. of rude. She also shares their conversation about applying for the show and now worried about the money. Dick wonders if they’re just supposed to hand her the half million. He hates the way she and others act like they deserve the money, and Dani sarcastically points out, “But, she’s a good person!” They also talk about expectations for Julie’s questions to him during the live show this week. Zach thinks she’ll ask who he is, and both Dani and Dick think they’ll be asked about Janelle.

Eric is worried about missing the debuts of all the new fall TV shows. He likes Mark Burnett creations such as The Contender, The Restaurant, etc. Wait until he founds out what happened to Pirate Master. Jess and Jameka both like Hell’s Kitchen, and Eric talks about watching all the Food Network shows. I like the fact that they actually watch these shows, instead of the people that appear on these shows and have never watched a reality show in their life.


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