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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 3 – Eric and Dick's Fling

Eric and Jess are finding their quiet time when others would be getting up in the morning, but they spend their time whispering sweet nothings to each other and making out, then she goes to sleep and he lets something slip onto the floor as he rolls over in bed. It certainly seems like he was a little sexually frustrated and decided to take care of business on his own, and it was a kleenex of some sort that fell onto the floor. Meanwhile, Jess is talking in her sleep asking, “What is that?” At least I think she’s talking in her sleep. Maybe she’s asking what that is that fell onto the floor.

The HGs are woken up for the day just a short time later, and you know it has to be boring in there when people are already planning their naps later in the day. All three girls are in the bathroom getting ready, and Dani can be heard off-camera puking or gagging. Jess says she feels the same way. Dick gets dressed in the bedroom, then plays a little air guitar. Jess thinks maybe she should shave, because she might have to raise her arms during the PoV ceremony. Apparently this would be if they can’t find her sitting over there on the nomination couch.

Dick goes outside for a smoke and finds a napkin covered with ants, prompting him to complain that no one ever throws anything away around here. He moves into the kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal with Zach. Eric comes in and sits down next to Dick and goes into mimic mode again. Dick decides to have a little fun with him and flings his generic Honey Nut Cheerios and milk at him via his spoon. Eric, mimicking, does the same, except there’s no one to fling it at, so it’s just onto the floor. Zach is laughing hysterically, and it just prompts them to keep doing it again and again, like every three seconds … fling, fling, fling. It’s honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Well, okay, in awhile, and it literally has me LOL.

Dick keeps asking Eric who he lost the bet against in the DR. He has been pretty close for awhile to what Eric’s role is in the game as AP, and he’s the only one. Dani explains to Dick that he didn’t lose a bet, and is just trying to get back at Dick for doing things to him like the flour in the shower, etc. Zach agrees with Dick that Eric must have lost a bet to be doing this to Dick. There is literally milk and cereal all over. Eric declares this round of mimicking over and gets up to change as Dani and Dick clean up the mess. They say that what’s funny is they’ve never seen Eric eat cereal and when they have, it’s never with milk on it.

An outside lockdown is called, and after a short while we lose the feeds for the PoV ceremony. When we return, we find, not surprisingly, that Dani kept the noms the same. Jess and Jameka are still on the block. Jameka thinks she sees the writing on the wall and predicts, “By a vote of 3-0, Jameka, you are evicted.” She says before a name is even mentioned, they’ll know who is evicted by the numbers. If it’s 3-0 it’ll be Jameka. If it’s 2-1, it will be Jess. Well, that all depends on who America decides to have Eric vote for. Jameka and Jess both hope that Julie doesn’t trick them with a Jameka … you are safe. Jess says it would make her want to slap her. They decide they should start planning now what they will wear.

Dick was outside by himself smoking, and comes inside and approaches Jameka, asking if they can go talk outside. He tells her he was talking to Daniele, and they decided it was only right to let her know what was going on. On Thursday they plan to evict her and keep Jess, and it’s because they don’t want to sit next to her. Jameka says she appreciates the heads up on her situation, and Dick keeps apologizing over and over and over. So much so, that if I were Jameka I’d begin to wonder what’s up, which of course there is. It was Dick and Dani’s plan to make Jess feel safe, then ten minutes before live show tell Jameka they’ll keep her if she votes their way. The good party about this is they can always change their mind and keep Jess, as they’re wan to in this house, and no one will be the wiser, except Zach. She asks if he told anybody else, and he says no, just her. that should be a warning flag right there.

Jameka gets called to the DR, assumably to talk about this turn of events, and Dick goes in and gives the news to the Jess and Eric. He adds in that if Jameka thought Dani was going to use the PoV on her, she was living in Fantasy Land. Eric asks for the same treatment when it’s his time to go. Jess asks if it means that she doesn’t have to pack now, since they know that Jameka is going, as she really doesn’t want to. It’s somewhat rude to Jameka to say this, though, as she thinks she’s leaving, but I’m sure she really doesn’t wan tot either.

A little later Eric and Jess are joined by Zach in the kitchen. She’s trying to find something she is better at than Eric, like how he is better than her at math. She suggests state capitols, but Eric knows them all, as does Zach. Hmm. Jess is better than Eric at comps. Zach moves outside and tells Dick that Jess is overconfident, and if they can pull this off and not let her find out all week, it’s a brilliant plan. Zach realizes the advantage it will be Eric is so shocked and surprised on Thursday that he can’t play for PoV with a clear head. Zach isn’t so sure Dani is onboard with this plan, but Dick assures him she is.

Zach says he’d rather lose to Dick or Dani because they’re cool, but would hate to lose to the others because they’re “f’ing tools.” Dick tells Zach that the plan is working so well, Jess asked if she even needed to pack her bag. Zach compares her to Kail, and Dick points out Eric did as well. Zach calls Eric a weasel, and Dick says that’s funny as when he voted to evict Eric before, he called him a weasel too.

Eric tells Jess that if she’s staying, then the deal with the Donatos has been honored, and they can work on getting Zach out next week. He also says if they make it to final 2, they should admit to their part in getting those on the jury out of the house, and own up to the deal they made with Dick and Dani. Dani walks by, and they tell her Dick told Jameka she is going this week. Eric gets called to the DR, and Jeff wants him to wear her sweater, but he refuses, so she calls him a big baby. Because he won’t wear a girlie sweater? Jameka then tells Jess that Dick told her she was leaving, and Jess feigns surprise. Jameka is still hopping for some type of special power to come through for her. Yeah, special power of 2, Dick and Dani.


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