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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 1 (2nd half) – Dick in the Morning

Back inside after he ate, Dick realizes he left the burns on on the stove, and asks himself if he’s retarded. He doesn’t answer, but I think it was a rhetorical question anyway. He goes inside and shaves, and declares “All’s well, balls smell.” He goes back outside and says to himself that he thinks Jameka has no choice but to take the offer, and wants her to take the F’ing Bible she rode in on, and do something with it, although that isn’t really clear. He takes the sheets out of the dryer and puts them on the outside topiaries to look like togas. He goes to the DR, and we get a little leak at the beginning of, “Sorry to disturb you this early this Sunday morning, but I can’t sleep this morning, so F U.”

Out of the DR, it’s outside for more cleaning. He puts him swim trunks on, tells BB to turn the pumps on as he wants to clean it. He washes more sheets, and then turns to cleaning the grill, griping about how Zach never cleans it when he uses it. He yells at a bug and tells it to get “the F out of here and go find Jen.” He wonders to himself who is the biggest threat, Jess or Eric. He’s upset still about the last HoH, but thinks it turned out okay. His next cleaning target is the sliding glass doors with paper towels and glass cleaner.

I could really use you here, Dick. He goes back to cleaning the grill, this time with rubber gloves on, saying they must have been for Joe and Dustin. He’s spraying so much cleaner on it makes him gag and cough, but he keeps going until it’s absolutely beautiful. He jumps in the pool, talking about going for the plutonium veto, then complains again about the washer when it buzzes. He realizes it’s the first day of football, but I think that’s next week, and wants to know if the Jets won. He figures it’s about half-time. It’s just preseason this week still, Dick. But the Jets did beat Philly this week, and just in case you’re wondering, the Bears lost to Cleveland. Just because you had the Raiders, I’ll tell you that they lost to Seattle.

And that’s it for Saturday night, Sunday morning, as Dani is starting to get up, making it an actual start of Sunday. It’s hard to tell sometimes with their sleep hours, and Dick’s seem to be just as messed up as mine. I definitely know the feeling.

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