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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 1 (2nd half) – Dick in the Morning

After dinner, Zach and Dani are in the workout room together, and she says she keeps playing all the different scenarios and doesn’t know which way to go yet, to use the PoV or not, and who to take off and who to get rid of. Zach seems to be leaning towards getting rid of Jess, saying it makes sense on so many levels.

As the HGs leave, so does the alcohol. Instead of getting a 12-er and a bottle of wine, they now get ten beers and a bottle of wine. But in the place of those two beers, they get body paint. That could prove to be some fun. Zach the graphic artist will have fun. And they all painted up Eric one night with regular paint, so it will be interesting to see if he’s again the subject. There isn’t a lot of bare skin left on Dick. The HGs are told to check the SR, and Eric cracks maybe Janelle is waiting in there to slap him. Dick thinks BB is messing with them, knowing it will make a hell of a quarters game.

The quarters game rules are starting already. Jameka and Zach have to talk through sock puppets on their hands. Dick makes up a rule that Eric has to put his finger up his nose every time he talks. I think I’d rather talk through a sock puppet, or … put my finger up the sock puppet’s nose. Jess has to paint I heart Eric on her chest, and every time she talks, she has to do moosehands on her head. Zach the graphic designer is drawing a mouth and eyes on the sock on his hand.

Finally the quarters game starts to mix with the BB game. Eric makes up a rule that every time it’s his turn, Dick and Dani have to stand, walk up to each other and says, there’s a line in the sand … don’t trust the Donatos. Jess cancels out the moosehands rule. Zach then cancels his sock puppet rule, and Eric says it’s not any fun if everyone can cancel out all the rules they make up. Dick makes Jess write I heart Dick on her arm. Now, that’s funny.

The game ends, and Zach tells Dani they need to talk, but instead she goes to bed. Dick gets in the hot tub, and Eric, Jess, and Jameka stay at the table. Zach then comes out and joins Dick in the hot tub. They decide that Jess is going this week, and that Dick will go to Jameka ten minutes before live show and tells her if they keep her, her vote is their vote. Dick, Dani, and Zach and planning on final 3. Well, this ought to change 20 times before Thursday.

Jess is inside painting a pink bikini on Eric. When she goes to peel it off, it starts to rip Eric’s chest hair and pull at his nipple ring. When he complains, Jess calls him a baby. Jameka gets out some vegetable oil to make it go a little easier. His complaining wasn’t for naught. They did rip one of his nipples a little tearing it off, and it starts to bleed. Dick comes in a says good night, but Jameka is going to work out. She tells Jess and Eric to have a hammock date for 30 minutes, and she’ll then come join them.

In the hammock, Jess asks Eric what he t hinds is going to happen this week, and he says he thinks the noms will stay the same with Jameka going home. Jess talks about the possibility of herself leaving and asks how long she’d be there, if it’s just three weeks. Eric thinks if Dick and Dani had wanted one of them gone, they would he push to have them both on the block. Eric realizes they’ll discuss taking one of them out, just like they themselves did, but he thinks they’ll do the same thing they did and honor their alliance. Eesh. I’m not sure how this one’s going to eventually go.

Jess runs inside once she sees a bat, and Jameka is saying it seems like 1:45 PM, not AM. She’s not even tired. Eric tells Jess to go up to Dick and Dani tomorrow and tell them she can’t wait to go after Zach, and Jess says she really can’t wait to go after Dick and Dani. They go back outside on the couches and make out.

Jess goes inside to bed, and Jameka and Eric sit in the living talking, first about Oprah, then about sequester. They talk about being night owls, even away from the BB house. I think Dick obviously is too, just didn’t sleep at all last night, so needs to catch up now. Eric wonders if he’s the a-hole of the show this year after he insulted Janelle, and he thinks Zach, though he’s really a big goof, portrays himself as a mastermind in the DR. He and Jameka still can’t figure how he scored a high percentage as the sexiest bunny.

Eric and Jameka go into the kitchen, and Dani gets up and joins them. Eric tells her his horror story of the night, the pink bikini and peeling it off and ripping his nipple. Jameka complains about the ants, saying she just found about thirty of them. She and Eric go to bed, leaving Dani out there alone. She’s up alone for about a half hour, then goes to bed again, and a half hour after that, Dick is up. He has a cigarette in the backyard, then complains of a headache and gets some pain reliever from the SR.

Dick then gets up and washes the sheets from the other bed in his room, saying it’s gross, because Jen slept there. He walks around looking for towels to wash, then goes inside, making himself an omelette and saying he’s glad Amber is gone. He ends up pouring too much milk in, as well as spilling it on the floor, and hurts himself grabbing a paper towel to clean up the mess. He eats it anyway in the backyard and declares, “Bueno! Sunday brunch in the BB house … with Dick!”


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