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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 31st – Waiting 'Til Midnight

Zach and Daniele are chatting about all sorts of things, from the amount of time Jessica spends sleeping to their favourite characters in Heroes. They’re sharing food from Zach’s HoH basket, pondering how the ratings are for BB this season. Zach seems surprised to learn that the show is generally pretty popular, and is happy to know that they have fans. I wave to them, but of course they don’t see me.

Eric is up and telling Jameka that he feels totally responsible for the situation they’re in this week. He says that he’s having a nervous breakdown over it all, and that he wants to help Jessica but can’t. He feels that he’d rather go to the jury house and sit by the pool than to stay there and feel horrible about what he’s done to Jameka and Jessica. Jessica didn’t want to nominate Zach or Amber, but he feels that he made her do it. Jameka tries to give him a little pep talk, telling him not to give up after making it so far in the game.

Our hamsters have been on indoor lockdown for a while now, and it’s starting to get to Dick. He wants to go outside and sit in the hot tub to relax his aching muscles. And, likely, for a smoke. He then casually mentions that the veto comp is coming up tonight at midnight, and everyone wants to know how he knows this. He says that they told him in the DR because he’s a smoker. Makes sense to me – you don’t want to have a lengthy indoor lockdown without letting the smoker get some nicotine in his system first.

Eric has crawled into bed after going to the DR. Jessica comes in and says she’s done being upset and bitter, but Eric drags her right back down by telling her that he’s having a nervous breakdown and just finished spending time with the shrink in the DR. How much do you want to bet he asked if he could get out of the whole America’s Choice thing? Jessica climbs into bed with Eric and they chat a bit until Jameka comes in to interrupt. Jessica suddenly remembers that they have leftover cheesecake and is suitably distracted.

Dick is making tacos for dinner tonight. They have tacos a lot this season. He and Zach are discussing the lockdown and how long it will be. Dick is sure it’ll be over at midnight, because that’s when the veto competition is going to be. No one seems to believe him though. There’s a lot of activity with people going to and from the kitchen for food, but not much going on in the way of interesting conversation.

Zach and Eric pass each other in the bathroom, and Zach says that he took what Eric said to heart and plans on keeping his word. So I’m not sure if that means that Zach would not put Eric up if the veto is used or what, but there it is. Eric doesn’t respond because he’s busy brushing his teeth. He ends up going back to the little bedroom and getting into bed with Jessica again. They both decide that it will be an early night for them. See? They don’t believe that the veto competition is actually happening soon.

Dick comes into the room eating ice cream, and they talk about the live feeds. I love this, because the majority of hamsters don’t know what the feeds are like before they go into the house. To me, that’s idiocy. How can you agree to be on a show like this and be live all summer long without knowing exactly what you’re getting into? Dick has had the feeds before, and Eric peppers him with questions about what they’re like. For example, Eric wants to know if people only get to follow the action that is in the one room they’re watching. Dick explains that the cameras can follow people around the house, and that you get a lot of boring stuff on the feeds. And that people whisper and it can be hard to hear. Yep, Dick understands the live feeds all right. I’m surprised that Eric didn’t.

Dick leaves, and Eric is telling Jessica about his conversation with Zach earlier. Except that Eric’s version is nothing like what actually happened. Eric is making it sound like he was very threatening and ominous, and told Zach that he shouldn’t put Eric and Jessica up together or he’d be done for. He says that Zach ended up nervous and afraid of Eric, so he’s sure that Jessica will be safe this week. What the hell?

Dick and Zach set up a water pong game, since they have no booze tonight. They make small talk and play as Daniele watches them. Jameka is sleeping, and Eric and Jessica are getting ready for bed. It’s nearly midnight, but still no one seems to think the veto competition is actually going to happen. Even Dick is saying now that they’d better let him out right at midnight for a smoke.

Eric and Jessica are now getting into bed. Again. They playfully smack each other in the ass a few times. I go between thinking that they’re cute together, to thinking that Eric is a complete romantic disaster, to thinking that Jessica really isn’t all that into him. Right now they’re riding that fine line between cute and nauseating.

The water pong game ends and Zach heads up to the HoH room for some sleep. I have no idea where Daniele is. Dick is waiting for the outside door to open so he can smoke. Jameka gets up and sits in the living room, where Dick asks her if she was having trouble sleeping. The answer is affirmative.

Suddenly we get trivia, and it looks like Dick was right after all. The trivia lasts for three hours, so it’s definitely something. Want to know what happened? Check out Laura’s recap for the results and the following day’s events.

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