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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 31st – Waiting 'Til Midnight

Daniele goes to the kitchen for some food, and meets up with Eric. He wants to know what Zach’s plans are, and she tells him she has no idea what he’s doing because he’s flip-flopping all over the place. Eric goes up to the HoH room to talk with Zach. I think we know how this is going to go, don’t we?

Zach says that he’s trying to figure everything out, but his main plan is to get Jameka out this week. Eric agrees with this idea, and says that taking her out of the equation puts the rest of them on a more even playing field. Zach stresses that Eric and Jessica are tight, and Dick and Daniele are tight, so he’s trying to do what’s best for him and gives him the best chance at moving forward as the game progresses. Eric points out that if he wanted to, he could have teamed up with Amber, Jameka, and Jessica instead of voting Amber out of the game and splitting up his group. He says that he voted to keep Zach in the house, so that should speak for itself.

Eric says that he gave Zach his word last week in the gym that he wouldn’t vote to evict him. Zach had promised at that time not to put Eric up if he won HoH, and Eric took him at his word then. Zach seems to be convinced now to put Jessica and Jameka on the block. Eric says that all of them will fight for the veto to keep Zach’s nominations the same. Well, all of them except Jessica and Jameka, of course.

Eric suggests that Dick and Daniele could go on the block this week. Zach says that he would rather stick with the people who didn’t try to start a relationship with him on day 40 in the house. Ha! You go Zach!

Zach mentions that he’s having a hard time trusting anyone, because he knows that Eric told Dick and Daniele about his trying to get one of them nominated last week. Eric says that Dick told him the same thing about Zach wanting one of Eric or Jessica out this week. Zach isn’t sure if he can actually lean on any one side in this game, and Eric says that it’s a good idea to get Jameka out then and put himself in a better position with both sides. He guarantees again that he will vote to evict Jameka, and asks Zach not to put him on the block against Jessica.

Eric leaves and Zach asks Dick to come up and talk to him. Dick says that the more he thinks about it, the more it doesn’t make sense to him to nominate Eric and Jessica together. Zach agrees. He says that Eric was really scared up there during their conversation, and he enjoyed it. He calls Eric a “sniveling little rat” which cracks me up. Zach also mentions that Eric offered up Dick and Daniele as possible nominees, and didn’t like it when he refused. He wants to know who will leave if Jessica and Jameka remain on the block, and they throw out a few possibilities for either scenario. Zach decides that he’ll nominate Jessica and Jameka, and then wait until after the veto to figure out where to go from there.

As Dick and Zach are talking, Eric goes to the small bedroom and tells Jessica and Jameka that it’s no use, Zach has decided to put two of them up and he doesn’t know which two it will be. Jessica says that she’s sure she’ll be one of them, and the other two seem to think she’s right. Eric whispers to Jessica that the best case scenario is that it’ll be one of them against Jameka. He says he knows that Dick and Daniele are both campaigning hard for Jameka to go up.

Back upstairs, Zach wants assurances from Dick that, if he doesn’t nominate him or Daniele this week, will they keep him off the block next week if they win HoH. Dick says absolutely.

Eric goes back to talk to Zach once more. Zach wants to know if there’s anything Eric can offer him going forward. Eric says that he gave Zach his vote last week, so he thinks that this week the debt will be repaid. Zach understands this, but wants assurances for next week. Eric doesn’t actually make any solid promises, but talks in circles about guaranteeing votes and taking Zach’s offers into consideration if he ever wins an HoH, etc. Eventually he says that he wouldn’t put Zach up, but then he keeps talking and making absolutely no sense at all. Big difference from Dick’s quick agreement.

Zach is called to the DR, and we are treated to a few rounds of trivia as the nomination ceremony takes place.

When we return, Daniele is happily chatting with Zach in the HoH room, while Jameka and Jessica are whispering to each other in the other bedroom. Zach is saying that Jessica never once came to talk to him about nominations, so he doesn’t feel badly for putting her up. Daniele says no, she let Eric do the talking for her. And look how well that worked out. Zach is surprised that Jessica never thought that he would put her up, and Daniele is saying that the reason she wanted Nick out instead of Zach was because she knew Zach would never vote her out.

Downstairs, Jameka is theorizing that Zach’s real plan is to backdoor Eric this week. Why does Jameka always think that the targets are someone else? They both want to get Dick or Daniele out though, so they’re hoping that Eric wins the veto and takes Jessica off the block. Eric comes in, and Jessica tells him that he needs to go after the veto this week just like he did last week. Jameka can’t understand why Zach would prefer to go with Dick and Daniele rather than the three of them. Jessica is annoyed that Zach didn’t look her in the eye when he gave his speech during the nomination ceremony.

Eric and Jessica talk quickly, and Eric says that if he wins the veto he’ll take Jessica off the block. He adds that they should still vote Jameka out though, even when Dick or Daniele go up. Jessica looks at him wide-eyed and says no way. She won’t miss another chance to get one of them out. They both lay down in bed, to sleep or just mope.