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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 31st – Waiting 'Til Midnight

Let me just say that I love Zach as HoH. He’s playing for himself, trying to put himself in the best position to make it as far as he can in the game, and he doesn’t BS anyone about it. He doesn’t give a flying crap if anyone thinks he’s a “good person” or not. He just wants to get some money out of this experience. Bravo.

Big Brother issues the wake up call just after 10am today, and sends everyone up to the HoH room. Nope, it’s not Thursday, it’s Friday morning and no one seems happy to be bunking together this morning. Jameka, Dick, and Zach are trying to sleep in the bed, while Daniele, Eric, and Jessica are passed out on the floor. Almost an hour later with no conversation, the lockdown is over and everyone scatters to their own beds. Zach is awake now though, and listens to his CD in the HoH room.

Dick and Jessica give up on the idea of sleeping and head outside. They talk about how Amber would have been brutal in that HoH comp last night, so maybe they evicted the wrong person. Poor Jessica just can’t let go of the fact that she thinks she made a mistake in putting Amber on the block. Strategically, she probably did. But I’m sure there are lots of people watching who are happy with the way things worked out.

Jessica says that she’s nervous because she thinks she’ll be nominated. Dick agrees with her that she’ll likely go up, but he isn’t sure who she’ll be up against. They both hope that it’s Jameka, and this leads to discussion over how Jameka hasn’t done anything in the game except save Jen from the block and give up her chances at competing. Yet she’s still a threat to win the game.

Jessica gets called to the DR, and we hear them tell her that her phone call will be coming in about 45 minutes. She’s excited, and for some reason she goes to primp for her phone call. Why she needs makeup on to talk on the phone I don’t know, unless she realizes that it’ll be televised and wants to look her best.

Dick eats some cereal and heads into the bathroom. He asks Jessica if she’s excited, and she says that she is. She adds that it was nice of Eric to give her the phone call, and that he never even thought to keep it for himself – he just didn’t know whether to give it to Jessica or Jameka. Dick is surprised that Eric would consider giving it to Jameka, and seems to clue in that there’s something going on there.

He goes outside to smoke, talking to himself about this new revelation and saying that it makes no sense at all unless they’re all “in bed” together. Jessica gets called to the DR again for her phone call, and we get the Vortex of Doom while she’s in there. No idea why. 15 minutes later, we’re in the backyard listening to Dick and Zach figure out who to nominate. Zach is saying that he might have to put Daniele or Dick on the block if he puts up two of Jessica, Eric, and Jameka, and one of them wins the veto and removes another. He says it’s a risk, but there’s no way around it.

Zach seems to be leaning towards putting Jessica and Jameka on the block. Dick agrees with this plan and points out that Jameka has done nothing in the game, yet continues to be someone that no one wants to go against in the final two. Zach wants her gone, and Dick says that’s a good idea, because if she did end up winning HoH once she’s allowed to play again, it would be the two of them up on the block together. That’s a good point.

Zach continues to stress, asking if the votes for Jameka are there 100%, because that’s who he wants out of the house this week. Dick guarantees that she’ll go. Zach is a little scared about putting his trust in anyone at this point, but he really doesn’t have a choice.

Jessica comes out of the DR, phone call complete. She talked to her brother and his best friend (why the best friend? I really don’t know) for three minutes. Come on BB, couldn’t you have sprung for five? She’s crying, but happy. Her brother arrived home from Iraq very recently, so the timing was very good. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that CBS planned this out to the day.

Now it’s Zach and Daniele in the backyard, and they’re having basically the same conversation that Zach had with Dick. He wants Jameka out and wants to be sure that they’re both on his side with this, and that they’ll keep him safe next week. Daniele says that Eric is scared, and Zach says that Eric told him that if Jessica goes up he’ll do everything in his power to ensure she comes off the block.

Daniele tells Zach that if Jessica and Eric are both in the house next week, his chances of staying are not good. She tells him that he has to promise not to tell anyone else that she shared this with him. He doesn’t seem to see it though. He knows that Jameka doesn’t like him, so he figures that she’s the best one to get out of the house. Daniele insists that none of them are safe if Jessica and Eric stay. Zach offers to let Daniele sleep upstairs in the HoH room with him if she wants to, and promises that it’s nothing “hinky.”

Dick comes out to join the discussion. Zach wants to know if Eric was the one who told Dick that he had suggested that Jessica put one of them on the block last week, and Dick admits that he did. Zach is really thinking now, and says that maybe it would work out better if he put Eric and Jessica on the block together. Daniele isn’t sure, and says that if they both end up staying then there will be problems next week. Dick is all for it though.