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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 1 PoV through Dinner

The first HG is up after 1 PM, and it’s Dick yet again. He heads out to the backyard, and looking outside, says, “WTF?” One of the feeds is showing what looks to be stands, so that must be what he’s talking about, but why wouldn’t he have noticed that all the other times he was up? Zach wakes up a short time later as well, but instead of leaving the safety of HoH, he just turns on the spy cam to see what everyone is up to.

Dick is back in bed before 2 PM, and Zach gets up to do laps in the pool and spend time in the hot tub. Dick joins him a short time later, and says if they get rid of Jess this week, they have to get rid of Eric the following week. I see that as a mistake, as they’re leaving Jameka in. True, she might be bad at comps, but she can still make it to final 2 on nothing, just as Erika did. And they all know Jameka could probably beat them all. Zach likes the idea of Jess going, but Dick is fearful of the backlash from Eric. Dick suggests making a deal with Jameka that if Jess leaves, she has to take Dick or Dani off the block. What? Dick is not thinking clearly today. He needs some sleep.

At 3 PM, The HGs are woken up for the day. 3 PM? I guess that makes sense, if they finished their comp at 3 AM. Eric talks to Dani, congratulating her on her POV win, talking about an easy week for her with Jameka going (sounds like he’s fishing for info), and talks about the morphing faces, so apparently that was the comp that it was. Eric also talks about his streak of losing comps, but that seems like he’s t raying to convince someone that he isn’t that good, so should just stay.

Eric moves on to talking to Jameka, and says they have the rest of the day today and all day tomorrow before they need to convince Zach to change his noms. She and Jess decide to stay all day in bed, and when Eric mentions going out to work on Zach a little, Jameka tells him to tell Zach all the things Dick and Dani have said about him behind his back. Eric tells her, though, that they have all said things like that behind Zach’s back.

Eric goes outside and offers the other three waffles as he’s making them, and Dani and Zach decide to split one. The biggest and smallest split one waffle? Dani talks about the PoV comp again and says how great it was, especially meeting Janelle. She still wants to know why Janie said she liked her, especially the bandana and the 153. They mention only two more PoV comps in the game and wonder who they’ll get as guest-hosts, thinking Will and Boogie would be great. Dick would like Erika to guest host, but Zach thinks that would be bias since Dick has met her a few times. Imagine if they knew about Jen and Chill Town.

Jess mentions to Jameka that what sucks is that they’re the only two to not compete in the HoH, and now they’re nominated. Jameka says she hopes she finally gets an HoH when it counts. Dick and Eric are in the hot tub together, and they talk about Kail playing the worst game, and Dustin’s eviction being hilarious, and Jen’s well-deserved. Eric must know his alliance’s ass is on the line as he then starts talking bout how it’s Jameka’s time to go now.

Eric leads off a discussion talking about what he wants as America’s choice. Dick would like a blender and alcohol (send me an invite to that party, please), and Eric would like a moonbounce. They talk about all the cool things the All-Stars had, and they wonder where Neil Patrick Harris is these days. Eric doesn’t think he’ll shower until they have hot water again, asking who he’s trying to impress. Dick says there isn’t any p**** around here, so why does he care. Eric says for him it’s the 100 cameras around and asks if Dick knows of a hotel close to the wear party. A little sexually frustrated, huh Eric? They are wondering what they will do every day, as it’s getting boring, and ask for board games Dick wants a case of Corona and promises not to go in the pool with his mic on if he gets it.

Dani tells Jameka that Zach is afraid of her, and she wonders if she comes off negative to people. Dani tells her Zach is just paranoid about everything. With others joining them now, they talk about eating tonight as as family, and laugh that they are a very dysfunctional family. Daniele says it’s like her own family, but without hitting. Ooh that’s not good. Dick doesn’t seem to notice that comment, but now I want answers. Who is the hitter and who is the hittee? Is this present day or a long time ago?

Zach is joined in the workout room by Dani, and he thinks it’s interesting no one is really talking to her about what she will do with the PoV. Jameka is whispering to Eric in the kitchen wondering if he knows if Dani and Dick are voting to please Zach, and he tells her not to stress out. Jameka doesn’t think it’s fair that Dani got a letter from Nick. Because she made a friend in the-house? But if everyone gave you the win in final 2 and $500,000, because they liked you, that would be fair, right?

Jameka apparently is smoking something really good. She wants to get Dani to use PoV, then talk to Zach into putting up Dick. Eric says they’ll have t out and out lie, like tell Zach Dick has been threatening to kill Zach’s family. C’mon! Number one, totally unbelievable, number two, anybody that creates a lie like that could not possibly be one of Amber’s “good people.” And Eric can’t be considering it, as if they convince Dani to use the PoV, there is no guarantee that Eric would not go up.

Eric and Jess take showers in the side by side stalls, and Dick comes through and pushes the separating curtain to the side, so that they can see each other. She complains about shaving her legs in the cold water, and he gets warm water from the kitchen to shave his face. I wonder if they’ll start bathing in the kitchen like they did last year.

Dick didn’t cook dinner tonight, but Eric and Zach did, and he thanks them. They all sit down to eat and talk about the flies getting ridiculous. Ants, cockroaches, and flies? Jess gets called to the DR just as she sits down to eat. The chat is at first about movies, then Dick brings up what is going on in Darfur, but Zach doesn’t know where that is. He tries to change the topic back to movies, but it doesn’t go well. Neil Patrick Harris’ name comes up again, and Jameka mentions she can’t believe he’s gay. Zach doesn’t know who he is. What does he know? Eric talks about the possibility of Jen being eaten by sharks in the jury house, and Jameka starts to do the dishes while everyone is still eating.

Things seem to be pretty amicable during dinner, and they really weren’t too bad between the PoV comp until now. This week is just going too smoothly, though. There has to be something ready to bubble over. We’ll wait and see.

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