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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, Sept. 1 PoV through Dinner

We lost our feeds just after midnight this morning, and it seems Dick was the only one that was clued in that PoV would be happening at this time. Pretty smart of him not to share the info and let the others flounder and be surprised.

By the time we get our feeds back after 3 AM, Dick’s secrecy seems to have paid off, as Daniele is the winner, ensuring that the noms won’t be changed and Jameka will be headed out the door. Jess doesn’t seem very happy with this. She knew Jameka was the target, and while she’s still on the block, she should know she is safe. Unless she was hoping for Eric to win and take her off, keeping both them safe and forcing Zach into putting Dick or Daniele up.

Jameka and Jess whisper in the bedroom together, very upset, and talk about how they know Dani has plans with this PoV to backdoor Eric. They think they are now expected to make deals with people to stay. Jess, shut your mom, comfort Jameka, and just let her leave quietly. You’ll be back in business if you do. Instead, Jesse is again upset about putting Amber and Zach up instead of Dick and Daniele. If she only knew she and Eric were huge targets for Amber. Jameka compares Dick to a pimp, and Zach his prostitute.

Zach and Dani are talking in the kitchen, and she says Jen’s picture was better in the c ump than it is on the memory wall. I’m guessing this was the comp where the faces are scrambled up and they have to figure out which two HGs it is. Janelle was always really good at this comp, and the rumor is that was supposed to be hosting this. That’s confirmed as Dani says she got the impression that Janelle liked her and hated Eric. Janie’s message for Dick was, “You’re so hot!”

Dick and Dani move their conversation to the workout room, and Zach joins them here as well. He’s been thinking if they get rid of Jess this week, there’s only one person, Eric, standing between them and sending Jameka home next week. Dani and Dick obviously aren’t going to like this, as it destroys their deal with Eric and Jess, making them a target for Eric if he wins PoV. They don’t like this idea, and Zach says they have plenty of time to talk about it.

More information on the PoV comes through, as Dani says that Janelle was even cheering on Zach in the comp at one point, and Eric got upset, asking if Zach was actually well-liked with audiences. Let’s thinking about it Eric. Have we have told you to get him nominated? No. Have we ever told you to nominate Dick or Daniele? No. Have we ever told you to nominate Jessica or Jameka? Not sure about Jameka, but with Jessica we did in week to. So, you should be taking all this information with you, realizing with your help, we have gotten rid of all the people we don’t like.

Eric is whining about not winning again.

With Jameka in the DR and Zach most likely in his HoH room, everyone else ends up in the kitchen eating snacks. Dick complains there are no girls in the house that are his type. Eric points out Dick only have five options, because Kail was married and Dani is his own daughter. Jess is surprised that she isn’t included as being Dick’s type, and he explains she’s his daughter’s age, and he really doesn’t think she wants to screw him.

Jameka joins them now in the kitchen, and they talk about HGs from other seasons. Dick and Jameka agreed that Holly was vapid, but Dick says he was going more for the adjective “brainless.” Jameka laughs about the comp where Jacks spun out of the chair and feel. She also talks about being mad when the DR woke her up to chat, saying she wasn’t going to go until she found out why they wanted to talk to her.

Jess takes this opportunity to sing I Have Nothing, and well, let’s just say I was doubting her voice as an anchor, but I’m even more doubting it as a singer right now.

Dick is finally allowed back in the backyard, which is good, as he was starting to resemble a caged animal. He does his usual late-night talking to himself, saying flirting with Janie was a perfect end to his day. He walks around doing his nightly routine, picking up, washing towels, although he thinks they still stink, even though the washer is working again. He complains about the PoV not having any money options, and says he hasn’t had a chance at any yet. Wait until he finds out about the money Eric has earned. After taking some Tums and having another smoke, he heads to bed, even though he isn’t sure he can sleep. It’s 6:30 AM.

Ten minutes later, Dick is back up and in the backyard with his cigarettes. He talks about Jameka being be at comps, then sees a huge cockroach and kills it. Okay, why does the BB house have cockroaches? Ants, okay, but cockroaches? Dani joins him outside with a glass of something, but complains it’s bad, and goes in the SR for something new to drink, and rejoins her dad, who tells her about the cockroach.

The two discuss their game possibilities, saying that Jameka is horrible at comps, and Zach is better than he has been letting on. Jess is definitely good at comps, so she’d be good to get out this week, and it would mess up Eric’s game, but they could be losing their votes when they’re on the jury. Zach is someone they really don’t want to leave just yet. Dani is leaning towards getting rid of Jess, and Dick is leaning towards getting rid of Jameka. Dani says she really did like Amber, and when she hugged her when she was leaving, Amber whispered to her that whatever she does, she needs to get rid of Eric. Dani says she tried that already, and Amber wouldn’t do it then.

Dick starts talking about how he should have been on season 6 with Janelle, and Dani tries to get him to stop talking about it, knowing they’ll get in trouble for doing it. They talk about every season having America’s Favorite and Dani tells Dick’s he’s the one American Loves to Hate. She wants him to start remembering the events that have happened in the house and what days and times they’re connected to for a possible later comp. They both head off to bed, and while he tells her he loves her, she ignores him once again. It’s a little after 8 AM.

A half hour later, Dick instill awake, claims this is BS, then goes outside with his smokes again. He heads to the washer to switch loads, and folds Dani’s shirts that are in the dryer, talking about how little they are. He’s back in bed by 9 AM, and it appears he finally falls asleep this time.


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