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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 29th – A Day About Nothing

Feeds switch to Amber, who is crying (shocker!) because Zach said something to her about her daughter. I don’t know what the offending comment was, but Jameka is trying to console her by saying, “who would want to have sex with him anyway?” From what I can tell, Zach said something about her daughter starting third grade this year, and that’s what set Amber off. She’s really, really upset about this. She says that she’s so tired of people using her good heart against her. Good grief, I’m sure Zach didn’t intentionally zing her. She must not have had her happy pills yet today. To prove my point, she’s suddenly off the Zach comments and telling Jameka that she thinks Daniele and Dick’s latest argument was because Daniele wants to keep her in the house, but Dick won’t agree to it. But now she’s sure that god won’t allow her to be evicted instead of Zach because of what he just said to her. She says, “Sorry Zach, you’re going home.”

Amber thinks that next week she’ll be in an alliance with Jameka and Jessica, and that Jessica is going to have to keep up the appearance of still liking Eric so that they can influence his vote. Then Daniele will go after Eric, because she’ll know that the other girls will vote him out for her. So I guess Amber has had a vision that Daniele will win HoH on Thursday night, which doesn’t bode well for Daniele’s chances at all.

Daniele is in the kitchen attempting to make peanut butter cookies, which she’s never made before. Really? They’re like the easiest cookies to make in the world. Zach is keeping her company in the kitchen, making small talk. Dick is still in his room, folding his clothes and muttering that he can’t escape Daniele in this house. Jessica and Eric are taking a nap in the HoH room. Amber is still filling Jameka’s head with her visions of how the game will end with her winning and becoming a motivational supermodel speaker who is also a nurse and gives all kinds of money to charity, because that’s what god wants her to do.

Amber tries to prove to Jameka that her visions are correct by saying that they’re on a lockdown because production is setting up a surprise competition for them, and Amber is going to win it. Jameka says, “mmm hmm.” Which I have to admit is exactly what I would say once I stopped laughing.

Daniele’s cookies don’t turn out very well. Dick seems disappointed that she didn’t put fork marks in them. The kitchen crew is bashing Jen, which for them never seems to get old. Amber gets out of bed and decides to go work out, so Jameka goes along with her to encourage her. Amber utters a lot of “I can’t” phrases while Jameka keeps telling that she can. This lasts for quite a while. Jameka tries to help Amber remember things about the house, and she’s talking about something that says “HoH” on it. She says that they’re shaped like dildos. Amber thinks for a moment, and then says that her memory is so bad because of the drugs, and she doesn’t know what a dildo is. Jameka says it’s like a penis. Amber remains confused.

Zach gets his bag and begins to pack his things. He takes a teacup and one of the rats from the last PoV competition and puts them in his bag, and Daniele starts laughing and telling BB that Zach is stealing things. Amber is now packing too, but not stealing anything that I can see. She has a lot of problems trying to get all of her stuff in the bags though, because of all the clothes she got in the shopping spree comp. Jameka is trying to help her, but it’s just not happening.

It’s midnight now, and Dick is anxious to get outside. Daniele is digging in to a bowl of ice cream even though she says she shouldn’t be eating after the huge meal they all had. Eric’s eating too, and talking about how many poops he takes in an average day. Two, if you’re curious. He’s been obsessing over the fact that Janelle and Howie sat in these very chairs at 6am eating ice cream, and says that it doesn’t seem real to him. Janie and Howie are like “characters” not real people like himself and the rest of this season’s hamsters.

Amber is still dealing with the packing crisis. She can’t fit another thing into her bag, and there are still clothes and hair products to pack. Zach comes in and asks them if they can turn out the lights so he can sleep in about an hour. I’m not really sure why I’m bothering to recap this, except to show you that nothing is really going on in the house this evening.

The backyard is finally open, and there’s something set up out there that’s all covered in tarps. The hamsters think it’s a stage, and this leads to a discussion of what musical groups they’d like to see show up for a surprise concert. Eric, Zach, and Daniele sit around the kitchen table wondering what questions Julie will ask them on Thursday’s show.

Eventually it turns to Dick and Eric at the table, discussing what the next HoH comp will be and Zach’s chances of actually winning it. They both like their odds with Jessica and Jameka not being able to play, Amber walking out the door, and Zach seemingly unable to win a competition. Eric really wants one of the boring buzzer competitions, because that’s where he excels. Even though he hasn’t actually won any of them yet.

They discuss how badass their alliance in, and how they’ve dominated the game. They want to put some pressure on Zach to let him know that they know he’s playing both sides. If he ends up winning HoH, they think they can get him to put Jameka on the block to keep their alliance in tact. Dick thinks there will be one more twist before the end of the game, but Eric says that if there is it won’t be anything major that would give anyone too much power.

Eric heads off to the bathroom, so it’s time for the Dick at Night show in the back yard. He has his smokes, talking about Amber’s eviction being long overdue. He goes back inside and seems to be getting ready for bed, but can’t sleep. Daniele is in the kitchen, staring at what I think is the memory wall but could be just nothingness. When Dick comes back out from the round bedroom to work off his sleeplessness, Daniele is gone.

Dick gets down to business designing accessories for the topiary near the front door. It’s wearing Dustin’s crown and a red tank top, and Dick adds some yellow rubber gloves. Then he goes to cut up some produce to add detail, such as orange halves for eyes. He motions at the camera to be quiet. Hee – this is the Dick that I enjoy. When he’s not threatening someone to within an inch of their lives, he’s quite the fun guy.