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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 29th – A Day About Nothing

While Jameka cleans out the fridge, Eric goes from room to room trying to memorize things. He sits in the living room staring at things around him, and a couple of people ask him what’s on TV. Hee. Zach talks about Battle Bots. Daniele goes to work out. Dick does laundry. It’s a typical late-season afternoon in the Big Brother house.

Eric and Zach have a conversation in the hot tub. Eric is saying that he really wants to keep Zach this week, and drones on about getting to the final four and looking at the best game moves that will get him there. Zach says that he’s looking at it from the standpoint of who can he win against, and he doesn’t think he could beat Jameka or Amber. See, this is the inherent problem with reality shows that leave the final vote to a jury. It becomes less about who actually excels at the game, and more about who was a member of the biggest alliance when the jury seats started filling up. There’s no reason on earth, from a game view, that Amber or Jameka should be considered threats to win.

Eric makes sure to point out that there’s no way that he, himself, could win the game now considering the people sitting in the jury house so far. Zach offers that he won’t put Eric up if he wins HoH, if Eric will promise the same thing. Eric doesn’t really confirm anything, but says that his target next week will be Jameka. Zach agrees that she needs to go. Eric asks Zach to go talk to Jessica so that she doesn’t feel threatened if he stays this week. He says that he cares about Jessica and would never speak badly of her, but that she feels that she’s made a mistake this week and wonders if Zach will hold it against her. Zach says something about not understanding why the backdoor plan wasn’t used this week, but not holding a grudge over it.

Dick comes outside and tells Zach and Eric that Jameka has been cleaning in the kitchen the entire time and heard all of their conversation because they’re so loud. Back inside, Daniele and Amber are talking about working at Hooters. Daniele mentions that a lot of the girls get boob jobs, and Amber launches into her story about how she wouldn’t let her boyfriend see or touch her boobs for the longest time, and then when he finally got to them he loved them sooooo much that he won’t let her have any work done on them. You know, I recapped that story the first time she told it, and this time it’s still just as disturbing.

While Amber and Daniele share waitressing stories, Jameka goes up to visit Jessica in the HoH room. She wants to know if Jessica has talked to Eric yet, which she says she hasn’t. Jameka reminds Jessica that Eric has a theatre background, so watch what he says. Trust me Jameka, when you go home and watch the show yourself, you’ll see exactly how bad Eric’s mad acting skillz are. She goes on about how Eric shouldn’t be completely trusted because he must have a deal with Dick to get to the finals together.

BB calls a lockdown that is meant to last “until further notice.” Everyone seems to know that it’s going to be until midnight, which can’t bode well for Dick’s smoking. Dinner arrives, and they get lobster and steak, and something that looks like mozzarella sticks, salad, fries, and baked potato. This is courtesy of a place called Rainbow. Or The Rainbow. Or something with the word Rainbow in the name. All I know is that they have a ginormous amount of food there.

Everyone eats and chats. The most interesting thing that happens during dinner is that the BB voice comes on with, “I said …” and then abruptly gets cut off. Everyone gets a good laugh out of this. Dessert is a choice between chocolate cake and cheesecake. Mmmm. After dinner, there is much complaining of having eaten too much. Someone mentions the two-finger diet while Daniele heads off to the bathroom.

Right after dinner, Daniele is back in the gym working off the meal. Jameka is peeved at Amber, who threw away some of her fries and cheese sticks. Zach joins Daniele in the gym and tells her that he doesn’t know why he ate his steak because normally he doesn’t like it. But it was there, so he ate it. I know what that’s like Zach. It just happens. My jalapeno-jack popcorn was just there a few minutes ago, but sadly I had to eat it.

Dick is laying in his bed, looking rather ill. Amber and Jameka are whispering again, talking about thinking good thoughts and keeping the faith. They think Daniele will be the swing vote this week, and Amber really needs to talk with her again to secure her vote. Amber says that she’s had a vision of the vote being a tie, and Jessica evicting Zach. Then she says that she knows that god has put her in the house for something bigger than the game – it must be for modeling or something like that. She really and truly believes this, which straddles the line between very funny and extremely sad.

Zach and Eric argue about some guys’ name who is an Ultimate Fighter. They talk about wanting to watch a movie in the house, and Zach mentions that he has over 600 DVDs at home. He likes to buy them through eBay because he gets good deals on them. I’m finding more and more things that I have in common with Zach as the season goes on. Except I’m like that with CDs rather than DVDs.

Eric, Jessica, and Zach head upstairs to the HoH room so that Zach can cut Eric’s hair. I wonder if he’ll get to wear the Jameka-dryer like Dick did last night? Gawd, that was hilarious. After the haircut, Eric decides to shave his chest. Great, just what I want to watch. He mentions that normally he just trims this hair with scissors. We so did not need to know that.

Dick is sitting in the kitchen with Daniele, and they’re kind of arguing but not really. Dick asks a question, and Daniele answers it like she’s being forced to tap into some kind of special energy source just to muster up a response. She says that she hopes this is a double eviction week. A couple of snotty comments later, Dick is up and leaving, telling Daniele to have a good night. Dick goes back to his bed, muttering about being done with her and about being sick of her attitude.