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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 29th – A Day About Nothing

You know how Seinfeld was a show about nothing? Well today was the Big Brother version.

Once again, Eric and Jessica have spent the entire night talking and kissing and giggling, so the morning hours are full of sleepy hamsters dozing in their beds. Dick gets up, walks around, goes outside for a smoke or two, and heads back to bed. It’s about 11:00 before BB gives them the wakeup call.

A few people get up and aimlessly head for the bathroom. 45 minutes later there’s a reminder from BB that it’s time to get up for the day. Aw, BB is going easy on them today. It must be because he loves Amber so much. Eric and Jessica get up, take something for their hangovers, and join Zach in the kitchen. Zach is still going on about the Meow music and doing the “pet the cat” moves, just like he was yesterday. These people need to get out more. Oh, wait … never mind.

Amber and Jameka have a little huddle, comparing Eric’s relationship with Jessica to Booger playing Erica. Only they say it was Will playing Erica. Which is somehow disturbing to me, but not as disturbing as actually seeing Booger playing Erica last season, so I’m really not sure what my point is here. Let’s move on.

Amber shuffles around and ends up on the bathroom scale. The camera person apparently either doesn’t like Amber or just has a sense of humour, because we get a shot of the reading – about 158 pounds. Not going to go there. She goes outside and once again meets up with Jameka. Amber tells Jameka about her conversation with Daniele a few hours ago, and how Daniele admitted that she thought things were over with her boyfriend and was ready to commit to Nick. Amber translates this into, “Daniele loves and trusts me, and depends on me for someone to talk to, so she’s going to vote to keep me in the house.” Jameka thinks that they just need to pray, and ask god to let them win a bunch of vetoes. So much material here to work with, it’s hard to really know where to start.

After something to eat, Amber is busily attacking the microwave. No, she hasn’t finally snapped – she’s cleaning it. She says that she thinks she would be prettier if she had eyebrows. Well yes, that would be a good start Amber. Lose the tweezers. Jameka wants to know why she just doesn’t let them grow in then, and Amber says it’s because her boyfriend doesn’t like them. He doesn’t like eyebrows? What guy doesn’t like eyebrows? Please someone, make this hurt in my head go away.

Now Amber’s talking about some doctor who offered to do some liposuction work on her for the low, low price of only $900. Jameka is amazed and wonders why the price is so cheap. We know the answer though, don’t we? Say it with me: because he loves Amber so much! Seriously. It’s not because he’s a hack who sees easy money in the form of a Top Model wannabe.

After a brief but totally welcomed trivia break, we see Dick in the round bedroom. He’s found a glass with something in it on the dresser, and the glass is cracked so whatever liquid was in there has been seeping out. As a result, there are ants all over the place. He’s finding them on the dresser, in the drawers, under piles of clothes, etc. And he’s not happy about it. Dick swears at the ants and at Jen, who I assume is the glass-leaver. He says that he felt itchy all night, like something was crawling over him, and this must be why. Ick.

That’s about the height of excitement for a while. Daniele ends up back in the gym working out with Zach, so we know that she’s bored too. She jokes about being buff when she sees Nick again. Jessica gets her HoH camera, so she runs around taking pictures for a while. This excitement is enough to get Eric back out of bed, and he’s making weird suggestions for funny shots.

There’s a bit of talk about Jen and whether or not she went to sequester. I had read that she did, but maybe they’re trying to keep it a mystery or something. Either way, no one will tell the hamsters if she’s there or not. Which is kind of funny. I’ll bet Jen would love that.

Daniele and Amber sit out in the sun for a while. Jessica’s picture taking is done, so the rest of the group sits in the kitchen talking about nothing. Daniele comes in because “it’s soooo hooooot out!” and the rest of them express concern over Amber staying out in the sun. But not so much concern that anyone goes out there to see if she’s wearing sunscreen, or to lecture her on the dangers of UV rays. (“What’s a YouVee?”)

Zach comes out from the DR and announces that dinner will arrive at 6pm. Another dinner brought in? I guess BB is making up for the lack of other interesting stuff to do in the house. Like why have there been no arts and crafts things this season? Even the all stars got beads and toy airplanes and stuff. I’d kinda like to see Amber making something out of clay or playdoh, or trying to piece together some jewelry.

Speaking of Amber, she’s talking to god outside, which explains why she’s not worried about sunburn. Because god would never let a good person like her suffer skin damage. She’s telling him all of the things that she wants to do with the money she’ll win when she wins the game, and what she wants to do with her life. It’s the usual stuff – modeling, becoming an inspirational speaker, being a nurse. This time she mentions giving money to charity as well. Why Amber, are you trying to bribe god? I’ll almost miss her when she gets evicted this week. At least she gives me something to laugh about.