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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 30th (2nd 1/2 of Day) – Dick and Eric Hurting After the HoH Comp

Jess says this is the first time in the game she has though, “Oh F***!” Eric lets her know many of them have felt it many times in the game, so she’s pretty lucky. Dick walks in and mentions again that he wishes he wouldn’t have been next to Zach in the comp. Even after Zach won, he wanted to still finish the water. Jess says she would have stopped him anyway, and Dick asks if it would have been because it was too pathetic, and she replies no, because he was in pain.

If she has to go to sequester with Dustin, Amber, and Jen, Jess says she will kill herself. Eric says it’s not going to happen. He will make sure she stays, even if she’s up on the block against him. He knows Zach wants to make a big move, and Jameka vs. Jess on the block means Jameka goes home, and it’s just not a big enough move. This week, Eric says they have to do everything they can to let Zach know every bad thing Dani and Dick have said about him, just to be sure he won’t want to align with them. That may be too late.

Zach and Dick are in the hot tub together, which sounds worse than it is, and Zach says his dad has to record his sci-fi shows a different way right now, as the TIVO is busy recording BB. They laugh at Jameka saying she would have done well in tonight’s challenge, as they remember she didn’t even have the stamina for the guitar breaking challenge. Dick is still upset about the un-safetiness of tonight’s challenge. He notes the irony that they won’t let them do cannonballs into the pool, yet make them walk quickly on butter coated lanes. Zach says they told him it was honey, though, and not butter. If there is anything more physical like this, Dick says he will slap Rich and Allison in the face. No surprise here as we get the blue vortex as they assumably tell him to knock it off.

Zach now tells Dick he only wants safety for next week, and he doesn’t want to put up Dick and Daniele. Dick agrees that if he doesn’t put them up this week, and either he or Daniele win HoH next week, they won’t put him up. Well, if Jameka leaves this week, that means that they would have to put up Eric and Jess who they also promised they wouldn’t put up. But if one of them leaves this week, maybe it negates their agreement?

Dick and Jess discuss some strategy, and he yells out to Jameka that he’s actually putting the moves on Eric’s woman. Jess says she’s cool with that as she likes older men, and says Eric doesn’t seem to be there defending her honor anyway. Dick is truthful with Jess, and tells her she is probably going up, but he’s not sure whether Jameka or Eric will be against her. He also admits to the deal he just made to keep Zach safe, but it’s hard to tell if he plans on honoring it. She then shares the info with Eric, and they aren’t very happy about Dick’s deal. They know they have to win PoV this week.

Dani and Dick go over different scenarios, and Dani wants to protect her growing alliance with Zach. She wants him in final 2 with her, as she knows she can beat him. Dick then goes over strategy with Eric and Jess, and they figure out all the different scenarios of who could be up and how to manipulate it to get Jameka out. Eric and Jess then go to bed, and seeing Zach walk by in the hallway, Jess flips him off with both hands and pronounces this to be her PoV speech. They talk about faking a fight, and he thinks it could be about her not wanting to make out with him, but she suggests him not wanting to wax her butt. She has a really great sense of humor sometimes.

Eric and Jess pretend to be sleeping, even though they are not flirting, as Dick walks t through, and checking nit he little bedroom, he finds Jameka and Dani saying they are sleeping, yet talking really loudly. He acts very exasperated and says FSA all over the place! Dick moves outside for his Dick at Nit show and talks again about how exhausted he is after the comp, and suggests tomorrow’s comp be a wheelchair race. He is embarrassed that Chicken George is only three years older than him, and wonders why the DR won’t give him a direct answer about Jen being in sequester.

Dick spends a little more time talking to himself, then goes to bed and talks to himself more before going to bed. It should prove to be an interesting day tomorrow, to see if they do a food comp, luxury comp, or nothing. It has to be Jess and Jameka going up. They’re the ones that Zach has the biggest vendettas with this week, and Dani’s right, that he should put up whoever he wants out, and not worry about trying to backdoor. No time for that this week.

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