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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 30th (2nd 1/2 of Day) – Dick and Eric Hurting After the HoH Comp

Dick, Jameka, and Jess wonder in the small bedroom if one of the rooms will get closed this week. Dick hopes it won’t happen at all, saying he really likes have a bedroom all to himself. He talks about the comp and figures he ran about 10 miles in the comp. Jess says she thinks the PoV will be more Q&A this week, and Dick says he hopes so, as he’s beat. Jess and Jameka talk alone and think they’re f’ed this week with Zach winning HoH.

Eric is still complaining about the comp. Didi he throw it or not. He’s going on and on so much, I’m beginning to think he’s forcing the issue. He asks what happened to good old fashioned the last one sitting in the chair wins comps? He doesn’t think this was fair, and Dick reminds him of the treadmill comp in season five. Dick wishes he hadn’t been in a lane next to Zach, as every time he sped up, so did Zach, so he could never get ahead. Eric apologizes for his “sucktitude.”

Dick tells Dani that Zach wanted him to promise that if he won PoV to to use it so that he could put Eric up. What he thinks he’ll do is say he will use it, then back out of that and not use it. Yet, Eric joins in, and it’s back to being mopey about the comp. They say t heir hands were shaking and cramping up really badly, and Dani knows the thumb thing was a huge mistake.

Dani says she hopes that in Zach’s HoH room, there’s a picture of him from when he was fat and had blue hair. Blue hair? Never hear that one before. He’s too tall to be one of those little blue hairs behind the wheel of a car. Dani and Eric talk about Zach being in love with Nick as much as Dani is, so they hope he gets a letter from Nick too. The joke is how fun the sequester house will be with Dustin, Jen, and Amber. Eric kind of wishes he had let Amber go with a message of “you f’in bitch,” for Jen, since Jen left with words to Amber about Eric’s ex.

Zach gets his HoH room and gets his mom’s first book, “An Angel in Flight.” She’s a writer? When Jameka leaves the HoH room first, Dani tells Zach how he and Jameka are so fake, as it’s obvious they hate each other. Zach claims to not hate anyone, but Dani tells him Jameka definitely doesn’t like him! She tells him, too, that he just shook up the whole house by winning HoH this week. Eric and Jess meanwhile are going back and forth over all the times, which were many, of Zach saying what he would do if he won HoH.

Dani hears from Zach all the things he has noticed about Dick’s style of play, how he treats people, swears at them, etc. She notes you don’t have to tell her about it, she’s his daughter. He admits wanting Jameka to leave this week, and tells Dani he’d never put her up, as she’s his biggest ally. He says he’s just looking for safety next week from her and Dick, and doesn’t want to put them up. He knows he can’t trust them, but he is still looking for that little bit of safety. He wonders if Dani is going to run back and tell Dick everything he is saying, but she swears she won’t. Are you kidding? Not unless it benefits her will she do that.

Zach says it sucks to not be able to conduct his life properly when he’s a grown man, and tells Dani it upsets him that Dick will never let him have the floor. Dani understands all that, but says he needs to be really careful of what he does this week, as it could end up affecting him next week when he can’t be HoH again and people are trying to figure out who to get rid of. He wants the three of them, meaning including Dick, to sit down and figure their best course of action.

The plan right now is for Zach to put up Jess and Jameka, and if one comes off, then put up Eric. However, Dani asks him what he would do if Eric won PoV and took off Jess. He figures he’d then have to put up either Dick or Dani, and she says that’s why he needs to proceed carefully. Dani says because everyone is playing for PoV, that’s why you can’t backdoor anyone. Whoever you put up should be who you want to go home. He wants to know who is lying to him because of the things Dick called him out on earlier in the day. He admits to Dani they were true, but that he had only told them to Jess and Eric.

Eric and Jess are talking during all of this, and he tells her he feels he let her down. She doesn’t feel that way, though, and says she knows he was hurt. He is surprised, though, that he got that short burst of energy towards the end and nearly caught up to Dani. I’m back to thinking he threw this comp, as it seems a little too little, a little too late for that energy. Eric thinks Jameka is going up, and Jess is sure she is going up because of his comment to her about reaping what you sow. She asks Eric why he gave her the phone call, and he says it was because of her brother, and he knew she wanted to either hear from him or from her mom for an update at least. He considered Jameka, since she has had no HoHes, meaning no letters from home, but he’s forgetting she got a birthday card from home.

Zach tells Dani the same thing that he told Dick the other day, that he’d be happy to go to final 2 with them, and that he doesn’t need anything more than second place. He doesn’t trust Eric, and Jess promised him safety, then put him up, so she failed him. Ah-ha. There’s what is behind the reaping what you sow comment. He’s worried if he puts Jess and Eric up together, that whoever stays will come after him the next week.
If they take one of them out, then he wants a guarantee Jameka will be gone the following week. Dani won’t commit to the safety he’s asking for. She calls Eric and Jess the power couple in the game, and Zach says that’s funny, as they say the same thing about Dani and Dick.

Jess and Eric discuss the comp again, and he says he was hoping Zach would fall, but he did pretty good. He couldn’t figure out why Dani kept throwing water on Zach’s lane, as the butter was slicker than the water. He and Jess compliment each other on how good they looked tonight. He thinks she’s looking “cleavy.” She says he still lost even though she wore a boob shirt which usually brings her good luck. Eric wonders if when he takes over Amber’s bed, if they can still cuddle at night. She figures they can. Jameka comes in, and that conversation pretty much stops.


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