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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 30th (2nd 1/2 of Day) – Dick and Eric Hurting After the HoH Comp

Zach takes a shower to wash off the butter slop and says, “That’s for you, Babe. Hope you’re watching.” Who? He keeps talking about an ex-girlfriend, but no one that’s current. Who is this person he’s dedicating this win to? Jess has her own dedication, thanking Eric for the the phone call. He won a phone call and has given it to Jess, most likely so she can call and ask about her brother in Iraq. Dick and Eric shower as well, and Eric looks definitely bothered. This wasn’t his best case scenario.

After his shower, Zach says his experience surfing paid off in this as he slid up and down the slippery lane. I’d like to see him carry a tea cup next time he’s surfing. Jess talks to Jameka in the big bedroom, and hopes that Dani and Dick are the ones being nominated. She tears up talking about the phone call, but kind of wishes Eric had kept it for himself. Dani tells Zach she’s excited for him, and she thought he had gotten the ball out a few times before he actually did. He wants to talk to Dick about safety for himself for next week. Ah-ha, what will the guy do this week? Normally he follows the HoH around and just promises to vote whichever w ay he wants. Last week threw him as he was on the block. Now what, now that he’s running the show?

Zach, Jameka, and Dani discuss what will happen tomorrow, if there will be a luxury comp for perhaps a movie, or a food comp. Zach doesn’t think he’d be able to compete, figuring he’ll still be sore from tonight. Dick walks through and asks how’s that for an old man? He started to cramp up running back and forth, but just breathed and pushed through it. He doesn’t understand why BB does comps where they could really hurt themselves.

Dani discusses Zach’s possible HoH basket with him, and he tells her and Daniele they can stay with him when the show is over, but notes they’ll have to sleep on his floor. He has one prized possession, a Tony Hawk-signed skateboard. He also mention filming a Doritos commercial. Zach, you’re HoH this week. For once you don’t have to try so damn hard to get people to like you. He says he can’t remember the last time he won anything. Jameka points out he’s in the BB house, but he says that was casting, not winning a random draw or anything. Dani refers to him as Jen for talking like this, and he says one time his brother won a car. Well, buddy, right now you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning half a million.

Jameka must be worried there’s a food comp tomorrow, as she’s eating like she’s in a Jen-style eating frenzy. Eric is in the kitchen as well mentioning his back hurting, although he doesn’t think that’s why he lost the comp. He hasn’t had anyone look at it yet, but probably should. Everyone talks about how one of the last things Amber said before she walked out the door was that anyone could eat her leftover steak that was sitting in the fridge. That’s an odd thing to be worried about.

Eric notices no slop in the SR, and wonder why that is. Dani says they were off slop last week, and they wouldn’t do that two weeks in a row, as they love them being on slop. Everyone starts suggesting maybe they are discontinuing the slop because of Jen breaking the rules with it, and Eric notes he knew she was good for something.

It looks like Jess is going to get the phone call tonight. Everyone asks who she wants it to be from, and she says her brother in Iraq, but she’s not sure if he’ll be available. They ask what if she isn’t able to pick, and she says when she filled out her questionnaire for the show, she wrote down her brothers name then, too, so she figures it will be him, unless he’s not available, then it will probably be her mom. I’m sure the show is trying to get her brother, as that will make for great TV.

Along with the others telling Dani that Julie Chen looked mad when she wouldn’t answer her question about decoding 153, they also talk about the spit reel of Dick’s. Dani says she’s been outside with him when BB has told him to stop spitting, as it ruins their audio. Not only that, it’s not like it’s real grass he’s spitting on. Isn’t it like astroturf?

Eric is being called to the DR, but he keeps ignoring it. He finally says he didn’t come her for a stinking phone call, being mad at himself about losing the comp in fourth place. He finally goes, and comes back a short time later, saying they are kindly allowing him to eat first, and Jess is now called instead. I’m thinking it won’t be her phone call just yet, and probably just talking about it.

Dick wakes up from his nap, and Dani complains to him that this wasn’t her comp at all. She says her short legs didn’t help at all. Dick is being just as hard on himself as Dani and Eric are, and then makes it worse, saying he doesn’t think Amber could have won that competition, while Zach did. Maybe they got rid of the wrong person. Ehh, you have to look past just this week. Dick moves to the kitchen, and he and Eric compare aches and pains. Dani hops in the shower and realizes the hot water is already gone. She yells out, “I hate you Big Brother! You are not my friend!”

Dick bemoans is he was only 14 years younger, and Zach answers age is only a number. Dick knowingly says, “Try it on these legs, MF.” Amen. Zach tells him he wants to talk to him about stuff later, and Dick tells him that he has to understand … but he was whispering, so the rest wasn’t caught. When Zach left, Dick went over and whispered something to Eric. When Zach returns, he mentions the comp again and says he was looking for something today to burn off the calories from the beer. Eric thinks maybe the butter they used was the same butter from the butter-me-up comp.

Jess is back from the DR, and it appears she hasn’t gotten her phone call yet. She tells Zach before the show she was asked by her parents if she would want to know while in the house if something happened to her brother. She said she did, although she knew it would be difficult. I really hope they can get that phone call for her and work it out somehow.


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