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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 30th (1st 1/2 of Day) – You Reap What You Sow

The HGs are woken up this morning with an obvious reference to Jess and Eric making out every night in the HoH bed together. We aren’t supposed to hear it, but we do, a few seconds of Love Shack. But, it’s not that much of a joyful, playful mood from BB as they should out to the HGs to please clean up the house and to leave the lights on all day. Amber and Jameka jump to it cleaning the bathroom, and Dick vacuums, while Dani cleans the kitchen.

Well, now we know why BB was demanding they hop to it and get cleaning, because now they shove them all in the HoH for a lockdown. Dick isn’t happy at all with Zach, telling him to get his stories straight. He wants to to know if he should send Zach home. Dick mentions being thrown under the bus by him, saying they all compared notes last night. Zach is definitely surprised that this is coming back to him and asks Dick if he wants to talk. Instead, Dick announces he’s going to sleep and tells Zach to F off. He lays on the floor trying to go to sleep, while Jess, Jameka, and Erik sleep in the bed. Dani, Zach, and Amber are sitting awake in chairs. Amber joins Dick on the floor, and now it’s just Dani and Zach awake.

The lockdown ends, and everyone leaves, but Eric and Jess asleep in the bed, and Dick on the floor, still asleep. Amber and Jameka go back to cleaning. Jess is supposed to be out of the HoH room by now, but isn’t. Amber shows Zach how to empty the vacuum cleaner. Does he not vacuum at home? She then goes to her bed to cry and sniffle, and Jess walks in, finally moving her stuff from the HoH back in, and tells Amber she tried everything she could to keep her, and that she’s sorry it didn’t work.

Zach talks to Jess and says if he goes, he goes, if he stays, he stays. Wow, how prophetic. He knows Dick has said things that aren’t true (like what? Dick is the most honest person there!), and he thinks Eric will end up keeping him. He’s enjoyed hanging out with everyone, and his speech is ready for tonight, but he’s worried about clamming up. Jess mentions that for both of her HoHes, the person voted out became part of the jury. Zach says he won’t hold it against her that she put him up, but he will weigh everything together.

Amber is out of the shower, and wearing just a towel, has a problem with it, and adjusts it twice, exposing her naked body to the world … twice. Apparently the live feed people took pity on us, as they only give us another hour of this, just people milling around, not really talking, then go to trivia until after the live show.

Looking at the bowls of tea, Dani and Zach are doing the best, and are barefoot, and Eric and Dick are lagging behind. Eric is guessing this will all last about four hours, but Dani counters it will be forever. Eric slips and falls a few times, and the guy has to be throwing a comp yet again. It appears Zach has realized he can’t throw them anymore, as he appears in the lead by a smidgen. Soon, Eric seems to not even be trying while the others run back and forth, he seems to be walking casually.

There is some goo that sprays down on them while they run back and forth sporadically to make it more difficult. Dick question why he didn’t get his share of goo one of the times, and Zach calls out, “Butter failure on lane one!” Dani talks about Julie asking what 153 means, then says it would suck to start her period now. Dick suggests she could use Zach’s water then, as it’s red. This causes Eric to ask if there isn’t some type of trigger or sign that it’s starting. Dick takes advantage of the butter failure on lane one to get caught up, and becomes tied with Dani for 2nd.

Again, there’s a butter failure on lane one, and Dick takes over 2nd place, and they shot his and only his lane, and replies thank you, as he needed his nuts buttered. Jameka notices that while Dani is keeping her liquid in her cup with her thumb over it, it’s taking up space in her cup, which could be why she’s falling to 3rd place now. She whispers this to Dani, and she fixes the problem.

Zach and Dick now appear tied in first place, while Dani is comfortably in 3rd, and Eric isn’t really even in the picture. Dani asks for a hair tie, then stops to take care of this, making her and Eric pretty close for a tie of 3rd place. Geez, deal with your hair in your face, or come to a comp with it already tied up! Jess is telling Jameka she is worried, as one of the last things she heard Zach say was, “You reap what you sow.”

We get the blue vortex for awhile, and when we come back, they have three cups each that they’re using, as apparently BB has taken pity on us and realized this is pretty boring to watch. However, it seems Zach may only have two cups? Or maybe it’s just hard to tell because with only 3 oz., it gets poured in there so quickly. Dani starts crying and says something about getting cramps, so she is starting her period. Zach is still in the lead, with Dick close behind, and Dani at 3rd, and Eric … whatever. Jameka and Jess are being very cryptic talking about no hot water and phone calls, so maybe there are rewards and penalties in this we haven’t heard about.

Zach’s tea is very close to the top of his bowl, and he sticks his fingers in the holes trying to pry the ball out. He goes back for more tea, and now Dick has his fingers in his bowl trying to get his ball out. He’s not as close to the top, but I think he realizes Zach is so close to winning, he needed to try something. Zach’s ball can be seen floating out the hole, but he still can’t reach it. Eventually he grabs it and wins the comp. Most likely because of all the butter spray on them, Zach strips immediately down to his swim trunks. Jess mentions that they are getting cold showers for 8 days, so that must have been some penalty or possibly a trade for getting additional tea cups.

It’s pointed out how impressive it is that Zach went from on the block to HoH, but Dani can’t let that go, saying she did it too! Whatever. Zach says he can’t do the question things, but he can do the physical challenges. Well, doofus. You’re only HoH for one week, you just made yourself a target. Don’t admit to that!

Dani and Dick don’t seem to be quite as nervous as Jameka and Jess. Zach mentioned several scenarios for if he won HoH this week, but combined with his comment of “You reap what you sew,” it would seem Jess is a target of his right now. Being that he was in her back pocket for the weeks previous, until she put him on the block, she should be very, very worried.

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