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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 28th – Amber Throwing Everyone Under the Bus, Left and Right

Dick confirms with Jess that she hasn’t even kissed Eric yet, and she lies and says she hasn’t. He and Zach give her a hard time, and she says even if there weren’t TV cameras there, it would still take a couple months.

Amber finally gets to Dani and asks for her vote. She explains she just can’t ask Dick or Eric. She swears she really likes Dani and that she would never vote her out. While they discuss their dogs, Eric goes up to the HoH and tells Jess he doesn’t know why Zach is worried about where he is sleeping. He also says he cares about Jess very much, and he would never do anything to hurt her. Eric admits he hasn’t kissed a girl in like five years, so it’s a really big deal for him. He must mean other than his on again off again girlfriend.

Eric and Amber talk about him calling her a bitch and she says she still wants Zach to leave and Amber to stay. They says if Zach does stay, they’ll tell him to promise not to put them up. Yeah, that’ll be different than what everyone else is saying. Jess says Amber told her Dick is done with them after this week and that Dick and Eric have a a side deal, which Eric of course denies. Eric tries to explain that Amber does not like Jess, but Jess says she still doesn’t trust Dani and Dick, no matter what.

Jameka joins Eric and Amber in HoH, and she’s apparently a little green … with envy. She bashes Power of 10, saying they can change the answer to make you use after you already lock in your answer. Huh? Then they talk about Nick being there, and say her relationship with Kris was over, and that was apparent the moment she got the card from Nick with her 2nd HoH. Jameka wonders why Amber’s boyfriend wasn’t the one supporting her on the show.

Zach interrupts to tell those in HoH that Dick just fell in the pool fully dressed. Dick then comes in and backs that up, and says his boots are now probably ruined as they are totally drenched. He’s now walking Aaron din his bathrobe. The talk changes back to being about Power of 10, and Dick says he wool Dave punched Amber in the face had she won $100,000. Well, that’s hardly necessary. They discuss her not knowing the words tripod and scrutinize, but think it’s funny that Drew Carry asked her I the house was getting to her. Jess admits her own vocabulary has grown on the show, and the guys in the room teach her what impervious means, and Zach discusses SAT words. Everyone thinks Amber looked better on the show.

Everyone else leaves the HoH, and this has Eric now trying to placate Jess again, although he has no idea Amber was saying that he was manipulating Jess. She starts to hint around to what Amber was saying, an Derek became angry, asking why he would vote for Amber. He finally finds the full truth and he gets really angry for Amber and Jameka pretending to be his friend, then spreading this stuff to Jess. His quote, “Good person, my ass!” He oversteps his bounds and accuses Jess of making backup final 3 deals and this really upsets her, so he begins to back down.

Eric makes it all personal once again, tells Jess he has been single for a year, and she is he first person he has had feelings for inside or outside the BB house. He wonders if this is real or just a thing in the house for Jess, but she assures him it’s real of her as well. He again seems to wish he could tell Jess the truth about his role in the game and makes several hints. She admits to lying one time today, and he pretty much tells her he knew, as she isn’t a good liar, but that he will help her with that. Despite Amber’s wishes, Eric will now be spending the night in HoH, despite the fact it’s already 4:30 AM.

Eric goes downstairs to get his stuff, then tells Jesse that Amber was also making deals with Dick and Dani, telling them she wants to stay in the house with them. He sees Amber awake and talking to Dani, and he locks the HoH door so that she won’t come up and cause more damage. Jess still isn’t completely onboard with taking Amber out, because she knows Zach has talked about putting her up.

For the first time, Dani admits to her feelings for Nick and that it’s probably over with Kris. She will all her friend Lindsay when they’re out of the house to check on he situation. She doesn’t think Kris is her type, though, but thinks Nick is. Well, this is progress. Apparently making snickerdoodle cookies at 5 AM brings out the honesty in Dani. She admits to having many fights with him recently. She doesn’t want to move out of the area, though, as she wants to be there for her grandmother that raised her and that has had two liver transplants.

Jess and Eric have totally made it past their disagreements and are making out again in the HoH bed. This time, it seems much more natural. They talk about how much they enjoy this and make several jokes. They laugh they should keep Amber because she cleans, then remember Dick saying he will clean the toilets when Amber leaves. He admits to Jess that he did the mustard and the hinky votes. She asks if he was ever in an alliance with Jen, and he says no, but he did try to make her think he was there of her when she was HoH. She tells Eric about an embarrassing moment of hers, and that’s working at a radio station, accidental singing with a record over the air, and Eric shares one of his own, of farting and/or pooping in his underwear, taking them off and shoving them in his pocket, then having a friend see him and mention “nice underwear.” They also compare notes on how much each other can drink, and it seems Jess might be winning this prize.

Finally, these two go to bed. Yes, finally. This has been one very long day in BB, and I will offer that as my excuse why it’s late Thursday/early Friday and I’m finishing Tuesday’s recap. These two keep Janie/Kaysar hours.

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