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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 28th – Amber Throwing Everyone Under the Bus, Left and Right

Amber is truly going too far now, as she says she had a vision that Jess’ parents want her to keep Amber in the house. Okay, I was starting to find a little sympathy for Amber, but that, is going way too far, using Jess’ family like that to benefit herself. Jameka says Eric wants to take Dick to final 2, and Amber echoes this, saying he doesn’t want to be against a good person, since he isn’t good, but Jess, Amber, and Jameka are. Oh brother.

Zach comes up again to tell them they’re playing the game. Amber starts to use that as a guys against girls thing, and Jameka agrees the women are the targets. Right, that wold be because both you and Amber are women and you’re trying to save yourself. Jameka wants Jess to tell Eric their relationship is over unless he votes the way she wants him to and votes to keep Amber. Really, Ladies, this is going too far, and they are only taking it to this level because Jess is allowing it. Amber takes it entirely too far saying Eric called Jess a whore and piece of shit. I guess now that she has admitted to lying, she figures she may as well go for it.

Downstairs the guys are playing quarters with the rules that Zach has to go upstairs and open up the door asking if something fishy is goin gone Eric has to say he’s ready to ride, now saddle up, Bitch. Dick has to go upstairs, make a jerking off motion, and say thar she blows.

Amber repeats again that Jess’ parents are wondering what this “jerk” did to their daughter. Jerk in this instance would appear to be Eric. She thinks Dani wants to keep her in the house, but her dad doesn’t. She now repeats that if he finds out that anyone threw him under the bus this week, that’s who is getting evicted. Jess adds he hasn’t talked to her at all. Amber keeps going, telling Jess details of when he heard Eric call her a “f’ing whore” and “piece of shit.” Jess says they’re trying to make it guys against the girls, yet the girls have won all of the HoHes but one. Wait, didn’t Dustin and Dick both win? Is she counting Dustin as a girl?

Amber and Jameka talk alone and think they have really opened up Jess’ eyes to the way they think Eric is playing her. They have no idea she is lying and is part of the alliance with Dani and Dick. Amber tells Jameka she has to work Dani really hard, and try to tell her she has to start playing her own game and not her dad’s. If you watch these two lately, I don’t think there’s any way Dick could get Dani to do anything. Amber knows this is going to work, as she says she is a master manipulator. Then why does she pick now to start showing it in the house?

While Jameka tries to force Dani out of her bed to talk to her, Amber drags Jess into the backyard and tells her to lie to Eric about what they were talking about, to tell him Amber just wouldn’t shut up. Well, that’s not so much of a lie, is it? Everyone then joins in playing quarters, that is, everyone but Dani who is still in bed. It doesn’t last long as Eric is called to the DR, and Jess is pulled into the weight room for another chat with Amber and Jameka. Amber tells the other two that she knows how sick people work, because she used to be one. Well, if that’s not an inflencinf statement, I don’t know what is. If she stays this week, her goal will be to get rid of Eric. Well, why would Jess act on that? She knows Eric is her one definite solid vote in the house, and at best with the other two girls would be #3.

Eric comes back to the table and asks where the girls are. Dick says they’re in the workout room planning rules to plant on the guys.

The game reconvenes, and the new rules include girls kissing girls and guys kissing guys. The girls win, and the guys do the smooching. Eric seems to want no part in it, but Dick enjoys it tithe point of licking Eric. The next time the guys lose, they have to first run their fingers through the other guy’s hair before kissing them. Zach gets really upset when Dick licks him.

Before the next round starts, Dick is called into the DR and gets in trouble for kicking around a 2 liter bottle. The girls change their rule to the guys walking around like they’re wearing high heels, and the guys go outside yo to some plotting of their own. It does not good, as they lose and walk around in pretend high heels. They lose yet again, and they have to kiss each other and walk like they’re in high heels. They add another rule about the guys having to go up to one of the girls’ pictures on the walls and say something which … I’m just too much lady to repeat.

The guys finally win a round and make a rule that the girls have to put panties on their heads. Don’t worry; they stipulate it has to be a clean pair. Dani gets up in the meantime, and is told by Zach that he kissed her dad. She decides that’s disgusting. I guess it all depends on perspective.

After ascertaining that Eric wasn’t sleeping in the HoH last night, Zach says Eric is sleeping in HoH tonight, but Amber decides she wants ladies night up there, and Jess approves. Eric isn’t very happy about it. The guys win again and wave their arms around says, “That’s that,” making fun of Amber. She gets all pissy and says she doesn’t make fun of their sayings. At least the girls win the next round, and make up a rule that the guys have to take their shirts off and wear bikini tops. It’s too late, though, as while they girls were busy plotting against Eric and making rules, the guys drank all the beer.

Right after the game, Jess confronts Eric about calling her a whore. He explains it was probably during the game because of a rule, but she says it wasn’t. He still maintains he didn’t do it, but apologizes nonetheless. She also wants to know if he always gets angry like that when he drinks and complains that he was pissy every time the guys were losing. Eric thinks maybe they just need to be on the same team next time so that they don’t end up fighting, but Jess doesn’t like that idea because Eric isn’t any good. Okay. Beer makes Eric angry and Jess honest. Eric starts playing with her hair, so Zach then sits down next to him and starts doing the same to Eric.

Zach then tells Dick he wants to put up Jess and Jameka and backdoor Eric next week, and Dick agrees. I guess Zach better step it up then and make sure he finally wins an HoH if that’s what he wants, as Dick made an agreement not to do that to Eric. Zach explains he doesn’t need to win; he only needs the money from 2nd place to do what he needs to do. He would like to be in final two with either Dick or Dani, and Dick promises to keep Zach unless he hears that he’s been throwing him under the bus this week. Well, Zach already has, so let’s see how this turns out. Dick really wants Amber out, as he wants to break up her pair with Jameka.


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